• Whitbeck: Republicans are Keeping Our Healthcare Promise

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “Today is a tremendous day for our Commonwealth and our country. After years of Democrat obstruction, Republicans have won a tremendous victory and begun the task of repealing and replacing Obamacare with patient-centered, market driven reforms.”

    “Just yesterday we learned that Aetna was pulling out of Virginia’s markets due to Obamacare. Today’s vote is the first step in not only restoring robust competition, but also preserving protections for those with pre-existing conditions, young people, and reforming Medicaid.”

    “Democrats like Mark Warner and Tom Perriello continue their refusal to take responsibility for this disaster they imposed on Virginians. They’re joined by others like Ralph Northam, Terry McAuliffe, and Tim Kaine who — after years of fighting GOP efforts to fix this train wreck — decided to double down on failure.”

    “Voters sent Republicans to Washington for a reason, and now we Republicans are keeping our promises.”

  • RPV Statement President Trump’s First 100 Days

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “Today marks the 100th day of President Trump and Republicans in Congress delivering on their promises to the American people. Voters across the country elected the President due to his pledge to take power out of Washington and give it back to the people, and that is exactly what he’s doing.”

    “Whether it’s cutting regulatory red tape, appointing a constitutional conservative to the Supreme Court, or working with Congress to cut taxes and enact healthcare reform, this administration is working at an historic pace to make the American Dream attainable once again. With President Trump at the helm, Republicans at all levels will continue to push an agenda that benefits the people of Virginia and Americans across our country.

  • RPV Statement on Democrat Gubernatorial Debate

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement in advance of the first Democrat debate:

    “Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam go into this debate on the far left fringe of Virginia’s political spectrum. Both support a job-killing $15/ hr minimum wage, both oppose offshore drilling that would create good, blue collar jobs. Both have proposed massive new government spending without saying how’d they’d pay for it.”

    “If this Race to the Left continues tonight, there’s no telling just how crazy the left-wing proposals will get. We look forward to reminding Virginia voters of just how far left this primary went when the eventual winner of this race begins his rapid move back from the loony left in June.”

  • BREAKING: White House to Announce “Biggest Tax Cut in History”

    The Trump Administration is preparing to announce “the biggest tax cut in U.S. history” today at 1:30 p.m.

    We will carry the announcement live here when it happens:

    From the Wall Street Journal:

    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday morning that the administration wants permanent policy changes, but that temporary cuts could be considered, too.


    “This is going to be the biggest tax cut and the largest tax reform in the history of our country,” he said at a conference in Washington sponsored by The Hill newspaper.

    Business Insider reports that the key provisions in the proposal are:

    • Corporate tax rate of 15%: Such a rate would deliver on Trump’s campaign promise; the current federal statutory rate is 35%.
    • Allows pass-through rate for business owners: Instead of self-owned businesses being taxed at the personal income rate, business owners would have incomes from operations taxed at the 15% rate. So if you own your own business, income from that business would be taxed at the corporate rate. According to The Times, that could apply to the Trump Organization.
    • No border-adjustment tax: The tax on imports was favored by House GOP leaders such as Speaker Paul Ryan and Kevin Brady, the chair of the Ways and Means Committee. Mnuchin said the White House talked to Ryan and Brady but thought the tax did not “work in its current form.”
    • A slight adjustment to individual tax rates: Mnuchin said the top income-tax rate would be in the “mid-30s,” down from its current 39.6% level. According to a rport from Bllomberg, White House officals said there will be three tax brackets with rates of 35%, 25%, and 10%.
    • A change in tax exemptions for the middle class: According to The Times, the plan will propose an increase in the standard deduction for individuals.
    • No infrastructure spending: Reports on Tuesday said Trump was considering including infrastructure spending in the plan to try to win over Democrats. Mnuchin denied the report in the speech, saying the proposal would be “just a tax plan.”
  • BREAKING: PWC, Manassas, Manassas Park Democrat Activists Distribute Illegal Sample Ballots

    In a special election in Prince William County, Manassas City, and Manassas Park City local Democrat Party activists are handing out illegal ballots with intent to fool voters! The “sample” ballots have an official seal on them with a disclaimer from the local electoral board and a marking for the Democrat candidate. The problem is all three of these issues run directly counter to our state’s election law!Illegal

    Even more ironic, the special election is for the Clerk of Court position which oversees the areas courts. Local Democrat Party activists are breaking election laws in an attempt to insert someone to oversee the court system!

    We will not let the Democrats get away with this travesty! RPV has notified the authorities and is fully prepared to take legal action to ensure this election is not rigged against our candidate.

    Make sure to let the local Dem candidate know that we are on to her supporters illegal dirty tricks. Call her campaign at 571-529-9379!

  • Whitbeck: ‘Radical Centrist’ Warner Aligns With Radical Left Against Judge Gorsuch

    — Despite bipartisan support, Warner joins other Democrats in opposition —

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “Judge Gorsuch is a supremely qualified, mainstream jurist with impeccable credentials. A majority of the U.S. Senate, Republicans and Democrats alike, support his confirmation. The fact that both Mark Warner and Tim Kaine have been forced to fabricate answers about ‘evasiveness’ is telling. Both of these Democrats are choosing their partisan base over Virginians.”

    “Mark Warner has often billed himself as a radical centrist, but he finds Judge Gorsuch isn’t qualified for the court, then no Republican appointee would be qualified. I look forward to Majority Leader McConnell exercising the Reid precedent and confirming Judge Gorusch over this unprecedented, partisan filibuster. ”


  • John Adams: It’s Time to Restore the Rule of Law to the Attorney General’s Office

    John Adams, the Republican nominee for Attorney General, delivered this week’s Virginia GOP address:

    Remarks as prepared for delivery:

    “Good morning, it is a great privilege to have the opportunity to speak with you this week. Yesterday was an incredibly special day for me, my family, and my supporters all across the Commonwealth. While we were traveling in Norfolk, and then between campaign events, I was notified that we had secured the republican nomination for Attorney General of Virginia.”

    “It was special for me for a few separate reasons. First, I’m not a politician. I have never sought any public office, but I have spent much of my life in public service. After growing up here in Chesterfield County and graduating from Midlothian High School, I attended The Virginia Military Institute. After graduation, I received my commission as a United States Naval officer. I served first at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and then deployed to the Persian Gulf. My second appointment brought me home to Virginia, where I was on a coastal patrol ship based at Little Creek. From there I deployed to Central and South America, where we conducted counter narcotics operations to try and keep drugs out of the United States.”

    “Following my Naval service, I went to law school at the University of Virginia. After graduation, I moved to Arlington where I clerked for two Federal judges, including associate Justice Clarence Thomas on the United States Supreme Court. I then spent time as an associate White House Council for President George W. Bush.”

    “My wife, Lisa, and I then decided to return home to Central Virginia and raise our growing family here. I began serving as an assistant United States Attorney prosecuting cases from violent crime and drugs, to fraud and public corruption. In 2010, I left public service and joined the law firm of McGuireWoods here in Richmond.”

    “I am happy being in private practice, and Lisa and I are raising our four boys very happily here in Chesterfield County.”

    “So after 43 years without being involved in politics, you may wonder why I jumped into the arena. The answer is simple. I am running for Attorney General because I believe that the citizens of Virginia have the right to govern themselves the way they see fit. When the citizens of Virginia, through their elected representatives, pass laws, they deserve to have those laws defended and enforced by their Attorney General.”

    “But time and time again, our current Attorney General has shown that when he has a different political preference than the laws the people have passed, he is willing to use our Attorney General’s office to pursue his own agenda.”

    “But don’t take my word for it. One of the states largest newspapers has referred to Mark Herring as our ‘sometimes Attorney General.’ That is because he simply picks and chooses what laws he will defend when our Commonwealth is challenged in court.”

    “For example, he recently refused to defend our voter ID law, and the state had to hire a private law firm to defend it, expending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to do so. And the law was upheld in both district and appellate court.”

    “On the Second Amendment, at the urging of groups outside of the Commonwealth, he issued an opinion regarding the reciprocity standards as they relate to Virginia’s concealed carry permit holders. The effect of the opinion was the trigger an obscure provision of state law and to arguably eliminate concealed carry reciprocity. Now look folks, I believe we need to enforce our gun laws to keep them out of the hands of criminals and those are mentally ill. But targeting people who obtained a concealed carry permit, arguably some of the most responsible and law-abiding citizens we have, was done simply to pursue a political agenda. Again, don’t take my word for it. During the next legislative session, even Governor McAuliffe supported overruling Herring’s opinion on the issue and reversed him.”

    “And on an issue fundamental to Virginia’s economic growth, Herring has pursued his own agenda as well. Virginia is a Right to Work state. That is our state law. Employers and businesses rely on what the law says in making decisions to locate or expand into Virginia, among other things. But our Attorney General, Mark Herring, filed a brief in the Supreme Court opposing Right to Work laws in a case that arose in another state and had nothing to do with Virginia.”

    “Finally, the Associated Press recently reported that Herring used funds from an asset forfeiture related to a case against a pharmaceutical company to give pay raises to certain lawyers in his office. I know a lot of lawyers in the Attorney General’s office, and they are hard-working public servants who almost certainly deserve a pay raise. But the dangers of allowing a government agency to use asset forfeiture funds to give raises to employees are well known, which is why regulations exist to prevent exactly this behavior.”

    “These back door pay raises came at a time when other state employees were not getting raises, and our Virginia state troopers were desperately seeking a pay increase to aid them in recruiting new troopers.”

    “When I am your Attorney General, I will restore the office to its proper role as a law firm for the Commonwealth. It will be an office that respects the will of the people, and defends the laws the people pass through their elected representatives. It will be an office that provides fair, consistent, and objective legal advice to all government officials throughout the Commonwealth, regardless of whether they are Democrats or Republicans. It will be an office that stands for true equality in the enforcement of our laws, and a robust defense of the rule of law.”

    “In addition, I will draw on my experience as a federal prosecutor in my relationships throughout federal and state government to tackle our heroin and opioid crisis. This crisis is tearing families apart, and this attorney general will fight to stop the influx of heroin and other drugs. And for those already addicted I will work to improve treatment and rehabilitation options.”

    “With rising violent crime rates in our cities, my office will employ every tool available to combat violent crime, and in particular gang violence. I have prosecuted cases before, and I know how to work with law-enforcement to get the job done efficiently, effectively, and justly.”

    “Ladies and gentlemen I was born and raised here in Virginia. Educated here in Virginia from elementary school through law school. I love the Commonwealth of Virginia with all my heart, and I will work hard every day to defend the sovereignty of the Commonwealth of Virginia, your ability to govern yourself the way you see fit, and to keep our families and communities safe.”

    “It is very humbling to be the nominee of the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln and Reagan, the party of freedom, and the party of individual liberty. A party that respects the ability of citizens to govern themselves the way they see fit. I look forward to getting to know all of you across the Commonwealth of Virginia even better in the coming days and weeks. God bless each and everyone of you, and God bless the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

  • Del. Jimmie Massie: Democrats Can’t Legislate Away Mathematical Reality

    — Northam, Perriello $15 min wage proposal defies economic reality, common sense–

    Del. Jimmie Massie, R-Henrico, delivered this week’s Virginia GOP Address.

    Remarks as prepared for delivery:

    “Hi, I’m Delegate Jimmie Massie, and I represent 80,000 Henrico citizens living in the 72nd House of Delegates district.”

    “On March 9th, both of the Democrat candidates for Governor, Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam, came out in favor of a $15 per hour minimum wage for Virginia. This would be a 107% increase from the current $7.25. It’s difficult to think of a policy that could do more harm, more quickly to our economy that this one.

    “Democrats are attempting to mask their major economic policy failures with another policy that is doomed to fail. ”

    “Our national economy hasn’t grown at more than 3 percent per year in the past 11 years. This is the worst economic performance of the past century! As late as 2004, Democrats were complaining that 4 percent annual growth was inadequate and represented a crisis for our nation. Virginia’s economy has performed even worse, it only grew 2 percent in 2015 and less than 1 percent for the prior 4 years, lagging behind the nation as a whole when historically Virginia’s economy always grew faster than the national economy.”

    “Democrats will not concede that the policies of President Obama and Governor McAuliffe have created this problem, but they do recognize that we do have a growth problem. Their solution, though, goes right back to the same worn out playbook they’ve always used.”

    “If economic growth won’t produce wage growth, then they’ll simply mandate it with a law. ”

    “This reminds me of one of the biggest acts of legislative hubris ever. ”

    “This week we marked Pi Day, March 14th, in recognition of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to it’s diameter, 3.14 and so on. Pi is one of those things about the universe that never changes, no matter how much we might want it to. Democrats never change…their economic policies do not work for the economy or in the polling booth , just as Hilary Clinton.”

    “In 1897, the legislature of Indiana entertained a bill that set to declare the value of pi as 3.2. Mathematicians the world over howled at the idea, and the bill died a quick death in the Indiana Senate.”

    “You can’t just legislate mathematical reality out of existence. But that’s just what Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello have promised to do!”

    “In their race to the liberal left, these two candidates have proposed a wage that is more than twice the existing minimum wage. Even Maryland, not known as a bastion of free market economics, would have a lower minimum wage. ”

    “A full 70 percent of our businesses and residents are within an hour of a lower minimum wage. It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out what happens – Virginia businesses and customers will simply vote with their feet and take jobs and economic activity out of the Commonwealth.”

    “Economists across the political spectrum agree that a $15 minimum wage would be a disaster. Vox.com, the center left Brookings Institution, and President Obama’s former chief economic advisor have come out against a $15 minimum wage. ”

    “The reason the policy is damaging is simple, the government cannot mandate that all work is worth $15 per hour. This policy would clobber mom and pop small businesses and make it harder to hire younger, less experienced workers and the poor.”

    “And we haven’t even talked about what this would do to the prices we all pay for goods and services. ”

    “Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello are trapped in a race to the liberal left for their party’s nomination this June. They need support from labor unions and other groups that have supported this horrible economic idea.”

    “Democrats, and Virginians as a whole, would be much better served if these two Democrats paid as much attention to mathematical an economic reality as they do to the special interest groups they’re trying to please.”

    “I’m Delegate Jimmie Massie. On behalf of all Virginia Republicans, thank you for watching, and have a great weekend. “

  • Wagner Campaign Clears RPV Petition Pre-Check

    — Candidate is third gubernatorial campaign to submit, verify petition signatures —

    The Republican Party of Virginia is pleased to announce that state Sen. Frank Wagner, R-Virginia Beach, is the third Republican candidate for Governor to submit signatures for “pre-check” review by the RPV and for submission to the State Board of Elections.

    RPV reviewed the signatures on the petitions submitted and the Wagner Campaign passed the pre-check process with significantly more signatures than required to meet the 10,000 statewide and 400 per Congressional District requirements of Virginia law.

    “All of our 2017 GOP candidates understand the importance of activating grassroots Republicans in this election cycle, and petition efforts like the one completed by Frank Wagner and his team are doing just that,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “Frank Wagner’s team has done a fantastic job gathering the required signatures. Senator Wagner and his team have a lot to be proud of in this effort.”

    On clearing this hurdle, Senator Frank Wagner said, “A big thank you to my staff and volunteers across the Commonwealth for their efforts. I am very grateful.”

    All statewide Virginia GOP candidates have been invited to submit their signatures for preclearance before the deadline at the end of March. Virginia will hold a primary on June 13, 2017.

  • Statement of RPV and Stewart for Governor Campaign on SBE Procedural Failure

    The Republican Party of Virginia and the Corey Stewart for Governor Campaign issued the following statement:

    “We understand the candidates and campaigns were, justifiably, upset that the SBE’s initial guidance regarding ballot placement was not consistent throughout the process. Due to the error, one Republican campaign staffer waited over 68 hours outside the SBE over the weekend. Such incompetence by a government employee is unacceptable and we urge the SBE to investigate how such a basic failing could have occurred in our Commonwealth’s critical ballot access process.”

    “While RPV and the Stewart campaign may differ over the interpretation of state code, we both agree that the State Board’s process needs dramatic improvements, that it should be thoroughly investigated, and that RPV’s portion of the ballot access process has been fair and transparent for all candidates.”

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