• Whitbeck: Gov. Pence Certain Winner in Farmville Debate

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck offered the following statement:

    “For the second debate in a row, the Trump-Pence ticket has won a debate with the same strategy – presenting a clear, focused policy vision that will create real, positive change for American families.”

    “The contrast between Gov. Pence and Sen. Kaine couldn’t be more clear. Tim Kaine, as he has throughout this campaign, flipped and flopped on issues to appease Hillary Clinton and President Obama, putting his aspirations ahead of his beliefs, Virginians, and America. Weathevane Kaine was once again true to form tonight.”

    “The choice is clear. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine represent another four years of the last eight years. Donald Trump and Mike Pence represent a positive direction for our future, and our children’s future. That’s why Virginians are going to choose Donald Trump and Mike Pence in November.”
  • Chairman Whitbeck Statement on John Warner Endorsement

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck offered the following statement:
    “Virginians have a great deal of respect for John Warner and rightfully so. But the former Senator has declined to endorse the top of our ticket for a number of cycles now. He endorsed Mark Warner over Ed Gillespie. The only news here would be if John Warner had endorsed Donald Trump.”

    “Hillary Clinton is utterly desperate to find anyone to reassure Virginians of her trustworthiness. After a 30 year career, that’s truly remarkable. Virginians know the truth. One endorsement from a former Senator won’t undo the failed Russian reset, the Iran nuclear deal, Libya, or her utterly reckless handling of classified information. That horse is already out of the barn, and not even John Warner can close the door.”

  • Whitbeck: Trump Clear Winner of 1st Debate

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck offered the following statement:

    “With Hillary Clinton proving once again she is too dishonest and unethical to be president, Donald Trump won this debate by presenting serious plans for America’s future. Donald Trump is the only candidate qualified to lead our country as commander-in-chief. His policies will put a stop to radical Islamic terrorism. Hillary Clinton’s plans will only expand on more of the failed Clinton-Obama foreign policy track record which have left our country more vulnerable to attacks and our country less respected around the world. With concerns about terrorism growing, Donald Trump is the only choice to lead our nation in this crucial fight.”

  • Statement of RPV Chairman John Whitbeck on Clinton-Kaine VA Tech Call

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck offered the following statement:

    “The Clinton campaign’s effort to politicize the tragedy at Virginia Tech is disgusting. Virginians of all political persuasions came together after Virginia Tech and worked to strengthen our mental health care system and ensure that the failures leading up to that day never occurred again. Legislation closing loopholes in the law passed with unanimous, bipartisan support.”

    “Some things are beyond politics and out of bounds. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine should be ashamed.”

  • Hillary Clinton Declares War on Right to Work

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck offered the following statement:

    “If there was any doubt that Hillary Clinton is overtly hostile to the bedrock principle of the Right to Work, her video comments above should remove it.Virginia’s position as one of the northernmost Right to Work states has been a key to its economic success – so much so that even Tim Kaine supported it, at least until he joined the Democrat ticket.”

    Clinton RTW

    “Virginia Democrats have bent over backward time and time again to promise that they’re not opposed to right to work, that there’s no reason to include it in our Constitution this November. But Hillary Clinton’s comments make it absolutely clear that a Clinton-Kaine administration will do whatever it can to hobble Virginia’s economic growth, either through higher taxes, onerous regulation, or pushing for forced union membership in Virginia.”

    “Virginia can’t afford Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine in the White House.”

  • Democrat Del. Mark Levine Attacks Trump Supporters as ‘Mentally Deficient’

    Appearing on Fox News this weekend, Del. Mark Levine, D-Alexandria, told reporters that Donald Trump is “appealing to people who are mentally deficient, I really do.”


    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck offered the following statement:

    “Democrats have reached a new low in this campaign, and it is extremely sad that it comes from a Virginia Democrat. The contempt the Democrat Party has for hard-working Virginians who just want a better life for themselves and their children surfaces time and time again. First Hillary Clinton said Trump supporters were from the ‘basket of deplorables,’ now Delegate Levine says our Republican nominee is ‘appealing to people who are mentally deficient.’ Millions of Virginians support Donald Trump and Mike Pence. The arrogance and elitism here are simply breathtaking.”

    “Democrat Lt. Governor Ralph Northam and Rep. Don Beyer held a fundraiser with Levine on Sept. 11. Do they share Hillary Clinton and Mark Levine’s contempt for Trump supporters, and agree that these voters are ‘mentally deficient, too? Do they have the decency to separate themselves from this attack, or should Virginia voters count them among those who have nothing but contempt for people who just want to Make America Great Again?”

  • Chairman Whitbeck: Which of These Virginians are Deplorable, Governor?

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck offered the following statement:

    “Countless Virginians from all walks of life support Donald Trump for President. Yet Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine continue to say that those voters are from the ‘basket of deplorables,’ attacking hard-working Virginians for wanting nothing more than to make a change in their lives.

    “Governor McAuliffe, which of these Virginians are deplorable? The coal miners who want their jobs back? The military veterans who want the VA fixed? Active duty service members who want nothing more than the training and equipment they need to defend our country?” 

    “I’m proud to be stand with these great Virginians. They love their families, they love their Commonwealth, and they love their country.  There’s nothing deplorable about wanting to Make America Great Again!”
  • RPV Calls on Jane Dittmar to Condemn Hillary Clinton’s Reckless Secret Email Server

    This week at the Presidential Commander-in-Chief forum, Hillary Clinton brazenly defended her extreme carelessness in handling national security information.

    Democrat candidate for the 5th Congressional District, Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked candidate Jane Dittmar, has shamelessly thrown her weight behind Hillary Clinton, her party’s scandal-plagued nominee for President.

    Jane Dittmar has been outspoken on military matters in her campaigns, but will she have the political courage to publicly condemn Hillary Clinton’s reckless endangerment of our troops with her lackadaisical handling of classified information.

    “It is absolutely inexcusable – and un-American – for a presidential candidate to endanger U.S. troops for her own personal convenience,” said John Whitbeck, Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. “It’s time for Democrats like Jane Dittmar to step up to the plate, condemn Hillary Clinton, and stand up for America’s military.”

  • Chairman Whitbeck: GOP Contempt Filing Unfortunately Necessary to Defend Rule of Law

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “After the Supreme Court’s ruling earlier this year, I and other Republicans had high hopes that Terry McAuliffe would see the error of his ways, follow the Supreme Court’s order and return to the long-established Virginia policy of individual rights restoration for felons. Sadly, we were wrong.”

    “The Governor has decided that he can get around the Supreme Court’s ruling with a simple ‘mail merge’ function, and in the process print his way to a victory for Hillary Clinton. I applaud Speaker Howell, Leader Norment, and all involved in this effort for standing strong in defense of our Virginia Constitution and the rule of law.”

  • Virginia Republicans Choose Primary for 2017 Statewide Nomination Contests

    The State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia on Saturday selected a primary as the method of nomination for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General.

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “This will be the first primary to nominate our state-level candidates since 2005,” said Virginia GOP Chairman John Whitbeck.  “Our 2016 presidential primary was the highest turnout in the history of Virginia for either party.  Enthusiasm for Republican candidates is at an all-time high and we expect this to continue in 2017.”

    “The slate of candidates running state-wide in our Party next year as a whole has never been better.  The primary will allow our candidates to expand our party’s outreach as they campaign, as well as build our ground-game and test out our general election strategy.  I expect our Party will be united and ready to win in 2017.”

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