• RPV Condemns Bigoted Remarks By Tom Perriello


    Over the past weekend former Democrat congressman and former gubernatorial candidate, Tom Perriello, made several disturbing statements directed toward Evangelical Christians in general and Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University, specifically. The statements are reproduced below:

    It is never acceptable to slander and smear a religious group. We demand that Tom Perriello immediately apologize to Jerry Falwell Jr. and Evangelical Christians. In addition, we encourage Governor Terry McAuliffe, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, Attorney General Mark Herring, and both of Virginia’s US Senators to

    unequivocally denounce Tom Perriello’s statements and call them what they are: bigotry.

    If similar words were used by members of any political party against members of any other faith group – such as Catholics or Muslims – such denunciations would have already happened. There is no reason that Democrat leaders should falter now in their moral obligation to defend ALL of Virginia’s religions and religious leaders – regardless of their political affiliation.

    Virginia Republicans are already speaking out:

    “At a time when the nation and our Commonwealth needs adult, serious and thoughtful leadership, Tom Perriello once again proves he has none. Tom’s wholesale attack on Christians is just the latest indication that he is not prepared for leadership and he will say anything to stoke his ultra-left base. He should be denounced by all Christians and non-Christians alike for his hate filled comments. Christians are loving and peaceful people and this wholesale attack on them should never be forgotten.” – Senator Steve Newman, Virginia President Pro Temp

    “As a graduate of Liberty University and past constituent of the one-term Congressman, I found the recently published comments by Tom Perriello to be outrageous. Not only do his statements defame Jerry Falwell, they insult Evangelical Christians and many of the Southside Virginians he represented in Washington. While illustrative of the angry far left, this discourse is beneath the dignity of Virginians from any party who should reject such efforts to further divide our country.” – Delegate Les Adams, 16th House District
    “Tom Perriello’s unprovoked attacks on the faith of millions of Virginians is truly beyond common decency. If he has any fiber of human decency left, Mr. Perriello will unequivocally apologize. I urge our statewide elected officials to join our call to condemn these anti-Christian comments.” – Delegate Terry Kilgore, 1st House District
    “Implying that a leader like Jerry Falwell, Jr. is under the control of Satan is disgusting and repugnant. Jerry Falwell Jr. is a caring and compassionate father and husband, whose stewardship of Liberty has strengthened its status as an innovative, world-class institution of higher learning. His leadership has opened the doors of education to hundreds of thousands of Christians across the country. It is shameful that Tom Perriello slandered Jerry in such gross terms. The silence by Democrat leaders regarding this incident – and Mr. Periello’s failure to apologize – speaks volumes about their views on evangelical christians and people of faith.” – Delegate Kathy Byron, 22nd House District

  • Whitbeck Applauds Gillespie’s Plan to Keep Virginia Safe

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “Our GOP ticket is working together on genuine policy reforms that will enhance the lives of the citizens of the Commonwealth. I applaud Ed Gillespie’s proposal to ensure a safer Virginia through his focus on first responders, cybersecurity, and gang prevention.”

    “Our Republican nominees are uniquely qualified to tackle the issue of public safety. Attorney General Nominee John Adams was endorsed by 47 Sheriffs from all across the Commonwealth just this week. Senator Jill Vogel has been leading from the front in the state legislature on public safety issues ranging from the law enforcement compensation crisis to the opioid epidemic. I look forward to working with them to implement their agenda for a safer, more prosperous Virginia.”

    For more information regarding Ed Gillespie’s policy initiative, please visit his website.


  • Whitbeck: Ed Gillespie Dominates in Gubernatorial Debate


    Whitbeck: Ed Gillespie Dominates in Gubernatorial Debate

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “Congratulations to our Ed Gillespie on his resounding win in today’s Gubernatorial debate. The contrast was clear. From Ed’s concrete plans to make life better for our military, veterans, and their families, to his policy proposals for economic growth, Ed proved he is the leadership we need in the Governor’s mansion. The Commonwealth looks forward to his leadership and plans to get our economy back on track.”


  • Whitbeck: Kaine Distraction Demonstrates Northam’s Debate Discomfort

    Whitbeck: Kaine Distraction Demonstrates Northam’s Debate Discomfort

    — Kaine’s health care event set for same time as Va. Governor debate —

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “We knew the last thing Ralph Northam wanted was to be on a debate stage with Ed Gillespie. Ed proposed 10 debates with Ralph, but so far he’s only agreed to three. Yesterday we found out that Ralph is even more scared than we realized – and Tim Kaine is riding to the rescue.”

    “The tactic here is blatant – Kaine is attempting to keep as many Democrats and media away from the event as possible, while attempting to put Virginia-specific issues on the back burner. Democrats are terrified to talk about Virginia issues, and for good reason.”


  • RPV Statement on Independence Day

    Chairman John Whitbeck and RPV Staff released the following message celebrating Independence Day:

    “As we celebrate our country’s independence with friends and family, on this day more than two centuries ago, a group of patriots courageously declared America a free nation. While we honor their sacrifice and vision and celebrate our freedom, let’s not forget our servicemen and women and our veterans who are willing to, and have made, the ultimate sacrifice to protect us.”

    “Please be safe as we keep the spirit of our Founding Fathers alive, and enjoy this opportunity to celebrate our national pride. God bless America!”


  • Whitbeck: Gov. Should Apologize


    Chairman Whitbeck condemns Terry McAuliffe’s Shameful Statement
    Urges the Govenor to Engage in Self Reflection on his own actions.

    “Wednesday, Governor Terry McAuliffe shamefully politicized the aftermath of yesterday’s Congressional shooting by immediately pushing for gun control. Tragedies are not the time for cheap politics and it speaks volumes of the Governor’s character that he has not learned that lesson over his past 4 years in office. Simply put, the Governor’s statement was completely tasteless and, at the very least, he should apologize to victims of the shooting for his tone-deaf political stunt.”


  • UPDATED: RPV Events Cancelled

    UPDATED: RPV Events Cancelled

    In light of the tragic shooting today in Alexandia, our GOP ticket is cancelling the balance of their tour around the Commonwealth. Today’s Fairfax stop will proceed, but will instead be a prayer event for the victims of today’s shooting.


    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “Today is a day for prayer, not politics.”



  • President Trump was Right. The Media Were Wrong.

    President Trump was Right. The Media Were Wrong.
    — Today’s testimony makes it clear POTUS was never under investigation —

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many leftist narratives blow up at one time. Despite media leaks to the contrary, President Trump was never under investigation. Despite media leaks to the contrary, President Trump’s campaign was never found to be colluding with Russia.”

    “In fact, the only thing that didn’t leak was the one thing that was true: President Trump had been told by James Comey that he wasn’t under investigation. Despite what Tom Perriello, Ralph Northam, Mark Warner, and Tim Kaine want to think, there’s no “there” there. It’s time for this witch hunt to end.”


  • Whitbeck: Withdrawal from Paris Accord Puts America and American Jobs First

    — Terry McAuliffe’s Cap and Trade scheme is job-killing liberal virtue signalling —

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “President Trump’s executive decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord is in the best interest of our taxpayers and delivers on his promise to put America first. Today’s action ends the lingering threat to 140,000 energy jobs in the Commonwealth.”

    “In Virginia, Ralph Northam, Terry McAuliffe, and Tom Perriello have made it clear they intend to take the opposite approach, creating rules and regulations that hobble job creation, kill jobs, and make life more expensive for working families.”

    “Virginians want jobs not lectures; especially from politicians who put the interests of left wing billionaires ahead of the concerns of working Virginians. To date not one Democrat has been able to say just how much any of these schemes would help the problem they’re supposed to fix. President Obama’s Clean Power Plan would have reduced sea level rise by 0.2 mm. We have yet to see a number from Terry McAuliffe.”

    “The negative repercussions of the Paris Climate Accord would wreak havoc on our economy to the tune of $3 trillion and cause to our nation to lose upwards of 3.1 million manufacturing jobs. Virginians cannot afford to bear the burden of a bad deal that only hurts hardworking people across our country. President Trump remains committed to job growth, reinvigorating our economy, and maintaining our status as a leader on the world stage.”


  • RPV Statement on Wannabe Presidential Candidate Terry McAuliffe’s Fake Pardon

    The Republican Party of Virginia issued the following statement:

    “The individual who received the pardon, committed a crime when she was caught entering this country illegally over a decade ago and decided to stay. She then broke the law by driving a vehicle without a license. Why should this illegal immigrant get to stay in this country when hundreds of thousands of potential immigrants wait in line legally? We know that Governor McAuliffe, as well as every statewide Democrat Party candidate this year, believes that illegal immigrants should qualify for public benefits like driver’s licenses and not face any consequences for their crimes. We fundamentally disagree, the Republican Party of Virginia believes in the rule of law and that the concerns of the citizens of Virginia should come first, not those of illegal immigrants.

    We know that Terry McAuliffe is auditioning to run for the Democrat nomination for president in 2020 and is trying to check every box with out-of-state liberal interest groups. The least he could do is pretend that he cares about the citizens of Virginia instead of pandering to the illegal immigration lobby.”


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