• Pro-Rape Pedophile Endorses Jennifer Wexton

    The Bull Elephant
    written by Jeanine Martin August 14, 2018

    “Nathan Larson has withdrawn from his race for Congress as an Independent in the 10th district. Larson is a convicted felon who openly admits to being a pedophile. He is pro-pedophilia and pro-incest. Larson also admitted to raping his wife repeatedly. He has a felony conviction for threatening to kill the President. Thanks to Governor McAuliffe restoration of voting rights of felons, Larson is eligible to vote and run from for office.”

    “Following his withdrawal from the 10th district race, Larson endorsed Democrat Jennifer Wexton and explained his objections to Barbara Comstock..”

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  • Jennifer Wexton Calls Women and Latino Democrat Members of Congress Racists

    Jennifer Wexton Inadvertently Slams Democrats While Trying to Attack Comstock

    Richmond, VA – In a recent ThinkProgress article, 10th Congressional District Democrat Nominee , Jennifer Wexton, attacked Congresswoman Barbara Comstock for her efforts to crack down on the growing MS-13 gang threat in Virginia and around the country. Comstock’s legislation has had the bipartisan support of Democrat women and Latino Democrats.

    In the ThinkProgress piece, Wexton stated:

    “For Barbara Comstock, the Latino community is nothing more than MS-13,” she said. “That’s the legislation she’s patroned, that’s the Republican playbook, that’s what we saw in 2017 races, that’s what we’ve seen with their pandering and fear-mongering and race-baiting.”

    The two pieces of legislation Wexton is referring to are HR 3249, the Project Safe Neighborhood Grant Program Authorization Act of 2018, and H.R. 3697, the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act.

    According to the descriptions online, the Project Safe Neighborhood bill establishes the Project Safe Neighborhoods Block Grant Program within the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs to foster and improve existing partnerships to create safer neighborhoods through sustained reductions in crimes committed by criminal street gangs and transnational organized crime groups like MS-13. The bipartisan bill passed the House with unanimous Democrat support on June 6, 2018. This legislation was also supported by numerous law enforcement groups.

    The second bill, the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act, ensures that alien gang members are kept off our streets by barring them from coming to the United States and detaining and removing them if they are criminal gang members or participate in gang activity.

    This legislation was supported by the following Democrats: Rep. Carbajal. Rep. Cuellar, Rep. Murphy (FL). Rep. Lipinski, Rep. Kihuen, Rep. Gottheimer, Rep.O’Halleran, Rep. Peterson. Rep. Rosen* Running for U.S. Senate, Rep. Ruiz, Rep. Sinema* Running for U.S. Senate.

    This all begs the question, why is Jennifer Wexton attacking these popular, bipartisan initiatives that combat MS-13 and have the support of Democrat women and Latino Members of Congress?