• RPV Highlights Northern Virginia Republican Candidates for Congress

    Jeff Dove and Thomas Oh are two veteran, minority Republicans running for Congress in Virginia’s 11th and 8th Districts.

    Richmond, VA – Lost in the heated political rhetoric of today are the Republicans of the Washington, D.C. suburbs. Thomas Oh and Jeff Dove, running in Virginia’s Eighth and Eleventh Districts respectively, are two candidates that have served their country on the battlefield, and now hope to serve it in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Jeff Dove –

    “I am honored to serve as the Republican nominee for Congress in the 11th CD. My nomination underlines the fact that in spite of divisive rhetoric from my opponent and the Democrats, the Republican party is a diverse and thriving community. When I served in the US Army, it wasn’t to fight for only Republicans, Democrats or Independents – I fought to protect all Americans and will take that mindset with me into Washington to best serve the people of VA-11 and all Americans.”

    Thomas Oh –

    “My name is Thomas Oh, and I am a recently transitioned Army Veteran in need of your support for United States Congress in Virginia’s 8th District. I am a proud Korean American and my parents immigrated to the United States to seek opportunity, liberty, and freedom.

    I swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic. I fight to preserve the Constitution that allowed the same opportunities that my family was given when they immigrated to this great nation. This oath does not put the President. any office, political party, or corporate interest above the Constitution.

    If you want someone to preserve the Constitution that the founding fathers created, so that we can enjoy the life and opportunities that my family and I was blessed with, I ask you to join my fight to change Congress. Let us finally put the people before politics!”

    John Whitbeck, RPV Chairman –

    “It’s a shame that all of our Republicans don’t get the national attention that the Virginia Democrats do. These guys are two of the best defenders of liberty that I know, and would be miles better than either Don Beyer or Gerry Connolly.”

  • Elizabeth Warren Fundraises for Anti-Semite

    Anti-Semite running in Virginia’s Fifth District recruits Massachusetts Senator to help fundraise.

    Richmond, VA – Senator Elizabeth Warren, well-known for cultural appropriation, sent a fundraising email on behalf of Leslie Cockburn late yesterday afternoon.

    Warren’s support comes well after the Republican Party of Virginia revealed that Leslie Cockburn was a “virulent anti-Semite” for espousing bizarre conspiracy theories regarding the Jewish people and Israel. It was also recently discovered that Cockburn’s work has been used as source material for a number of white nationalist organizations. Notably, at least one of those websites was responsible for promoting and organizing the deadly Charlottesville rally of last August. Cockburn’s history of anti-Semitism has been well-documented since she wrote Dangerous Liaison in the early 1990s.

    It is also worth noting that Cockburn’s co-author, at a debate at Oxford in 2007, said “the Israel lobby in the United States dictates American policy.” Andrew Cockburn also had this to say about the so-called Israel Lobby: “I mean, you know, we’ve had comparisons of the National Rifle Association lobby, very powerful, supremely powerful in Congress, but you can get up and run for office against the National Rifle Association for gun control and no-one tries to demonise you or drive you out of public life. That’s different with the Israel lobby. It’s across, it’s the Congress, it’s the executive branch and it’s in the culture, in the media.”

    “Either Elizabeth Warren didn’t do her homework, or she supports what Cockburn stands for; anti-Semitism.” said RPV Executive Director John Findlay. “Elizabeth Warren should answer whether she agrees with Leslie’s co-author when he said that “the Israel lobby in the United States dictates American policy.” This endorsement by a Massachusetts Democrat exemplifies the truth about Leslie Cockburn – she is an out-of-touch, out-of-state liberal who only wants to go to Congress to push a far-left agenda.”

  • Cockburn’s Book Inspiration for White Supremacists

    Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists look to Leslie Cockburn as source for bigotry and anti-Semitism.

    Richmond, VA – Virginia’s Fifth District includes the city of Charlottesville. As we all know, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and racists descended on that great city in August of last year to spread their filth. Virginia Republicans universally condemned these despicable people at the time, and continue to maintain that they do not represent Virginia values and are not welcome in our Commonwealth.

    The Democrat running to represent Charlottesville in Congress, Leslie Cockburn, has a troubling history of espousing bizarre, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. But now we know for a fact that the same type of people that invaded Charlottesville last year get inspiration from Cockburn and her anti-Semitic writing:

    Leslie Cockburn’s book is used as source material on a number of racist, anti-Semitic websites!

    “It’s a very good book … a very serious book,” said Cockburn in an interview with Rapp News.

    Apparently, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, and racists believe Cockburn’s book is a “very good book” as well. In fact, some of the organizations that referenced Cockburn were also involved in promoting and organizing the August 2017 Charlottesville rally, along with lamenting the “gay agenda” and the “new world order.” Cockburn’s co-author even said that “the Israel lobby in the United States dictates American policy.”

    From the Bull Elephant:

    “The first, Stormfront, is a prominent online gathering place for neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Cockburn’s book is used as source material for a number of stereotypical claims that international “Jewry” are behind the scenes, secretly controlling the government of the United States.”

    “The second is the National-Anarchist Movement, a pseudo-anarchism group that advocates for things like “racial separatism” in the United States.”

    “Here’s another, this time from an outfit calling themselves “Overlords of Chaos.” The charming group of individuals tells us all about the “New World Order” and how everything is unfolding according to the Zionist plot to rule the world. Leslie Cockburn is cited very favorably for this proposition.”


    “Democrats brought us Jim Crow laws, segregation, and Japanese internment during World War II,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “Now they have nominated a candidate for Congress who is the inspiration for Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, and racists, and who is supported by Tim Kaine, every Democrat candidate for Congress, and the DPVA. Leslie Cockburn wants to represent the same city that was rocked by senseless tragedy less than a year ago. Now, it appears as if the people responsible for the horrible violence also look to Leslie Cockburn for talking points to advance their bigoted agenda.”

  • Abigail Spanberger is Not a Moderate

    Extremist Democrat masquerades as moderate.

    Richmond, VA – Enter Abigail Spanberger, the “moderate” candidate brought to you by the likes of Planned Parenthood and EMILY’s List.

    Known for a lack of attention to detail (odd for a “former” CIA employee), Spanberger does not mind plastering her extremism on her mass mailers:

    A prophetic picture showing exactly whom she’ll be beholden to if she gets elected.

    Here’s the problem when you are an extremist posing as a moderate; eventually you get caught. And she did, as we all saw when Spanberger condemned President Trump for calling MS-13 members animals. That begs the question, is Abigail Spanberger that far outside that mainstream that she actually supports and defends MS-13?

    A spokesman for Dave Brat had this to say: “Abigail Spanberger is a radical progressive who supports a failed Obamacare policy, open borders, unrestricted illegal immigration, and rolling back tax cuts. There could not be a stronger contrast between her and Congressman Brat, a hard-working, common-sense Representative of the people of the Seventh District.”

  • Democrats Nominate Scott Taylor Fan

    Meet Elaine Luria, the left wing extremist running against Congressman Scott Taylor.

    Richmond, VA – Like all of us here at the RPV, Elaine Luria is a big fan of Congressman Scott Taylor. After all, she voted for him twice, once in the 2016 GOP primary and once in the general election when he had a Democrat opponent! Now she claims she is running against Scott Taylor because he voted to repeal Obamacare. But if you look at her website, not a single mention of what her plan is to fix healthcare. Raw political ambition is not a reason to run for office.

    When Luria does talk about actual policy, she gets it all wrong. Back in November of last year, Luria became a keyboard warrior and typed out an op-ed about how terrible the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) would be for small businesses. Luria claimed that the TCJA would hurt small business owners and “actual job creators.” Let’s examine that.

    A recent survey by the National Federation of Independent Business shows that optimism among small business owners is at an unprecedented level. The survey found that taxes are now the issue of least concern to small businesses for the first time since 2006. 22% of small business owners surveyed plan to raise wages – the highest percentage since 2006. 66 percent plan to invest funds – the highest percentage since 2006. And 28 percent of small business owners expect higher sales – the highest percentage since 2007.

    How can voters trust someone who doesn’t even understand the bills she would be voting on? Elaine Luria is anti-small business, anti-low taxes, and blinded by her hatred for President Trump. She would be better off dropping out of the race and endorsing Scott Taylor like she did in 2016.

  • Nancy Pelosi’s Clone Nominated in VA10

    Handpicked by DCCC and their ilk, Jennifer Wexton unsurprisingly wins Democrat Primary.

    Richmond, VA – It looks like the party bosses in the Democrat establishment ruling class won this round. Jennifer Wexton was anointed by the DNC a long time ago, and her primary win is no surprise. The good news is, she emerges from the primary substantially weakened and drained of campaign funds.

    As with her mentor Nancy Pelosi, Jennifer Wexton promises to bring San Francisco values to Virginia’s Tenth District. A self-proclaimed “tax and spend liberal,” Jennifer Wexton has promised to do everything she can to repeal historic tax reform that is already saving Americans money and has exceeded all expectations. Like all of the other Democrats running in 2018, Wexton has no platform. She is running on #resist, Trump hatred, and the mistaken belief that European-style socialism is what Americans want.

    Also known for using fake police officers in her comedic ads and insulting combat veterans, Wexton has shown a shocking amount of disrespect for our men and women in uniform.

    If you want a proven leader, and one that consistently puts the people of Virginia first, vote for Barbara Comstock this November.

  • Corey Stewart Wins VA GOP U.S. Senate Primary

    The Republican Party of Virginia congratulates Corey Stewart.

    Richmond, VA – The Republican Party of Virginia congratulates Corey Stewart for his primary win today. Stewart will represent the Republican Party on the ballot this November in the U.S. Senate election. It was a hard fought primary, and any one of the three Republican candidates would be miles better than Tim Kaine. The GOP ticket is set for November, and the RPV plans to finish strong and retire Tim Kaine once and for all.

  • RPV Predicts Results of GOP U.S. Senate Primary

    Tim Kaine expected to launch baseless, unfounded attacks at GOP U.S Senate nominee.

    Richmond, VA – As the polls close tonight, one thing is certain: Tim Kaine, aka Senator Shutdown, will attack our nominee with baseless accusations.

    Senator Shutdown will attack our nominee because he still refuses to explain why he went back on his word and voted to shut down our government. Tim Kaine has yet to answer for putting the comfort of illegal immigrants over the well-being of Virginia families. We wait for his justification of leaving our men and women in uniform and CHIP recipients out to dry. Senator Shutdown will predictably attack our nominee because he does not want to talk about his horrid, failed leadership over the last six years.

    Tim Kaine will undoubtedly try to shut down any debate by throwing ad hominem attacks at our nominee. Here is what Senator Shutdown has (or hasn’t) done over the last six years:

    • He flip-flopped on his condemnation of Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. Interesting that something Kaine so vehemently denounced 14 years ago all of a sudden did not deserve “re-litigation” after he was picked to run as Hillary Clinton’s VP.
    • He left Virginia behind to run for VP. It was Hillary’s turn to be President, so naturally Senator Shutdown did not feel the need to represent his constituents and instead campaigned across the country defending the indefensible as Crooked Hillary’s running mate.
    • Calling the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act “highway robbery,” Tim Kaine knowingly voted against tax relief for small businesses and middle-class Americans. Senator Shutdown is nothing more than your run-of-the-mill tax & spend liberal.
    • In honor of his namesake, Senator Shutdown voted to shut down the federal government in a feeble attempt to #resist President Trump and the American people. Kaine’s vote prioritized illegal immigrants over our military, our CHIP recipients, and the many Virginia families that rely on paychecks from government jobs.
    • Kaine flip-flopped on a litany of issues to secure Hillary’s VP nomination, ranging from offshore drilling to the Second Amendment to taxpayer-funded abortion. (There are many, many more, but we just don’t have the room.)

    “Senator Kaine spends more time whining about Crooked Hillary’s big loss than actually representing Virginia in the U.S. Senate,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “It’s about time that Virginia had a Senator that looked out for the interests of the Commonwealth over the interests of his California or Massachusetts donors. Tim Kaine will come after our nominee with an endless stream of fake news, but I would expect no less from someone with as many skeletons in his closet as he has.”

  • Whitbeck Statement on #VA02

    “I would like to thank Elaine Luria for her very recent support of the Republican Party. She obviously made the right choice when she voted for Congressman Scott Taylor in both the primary and general elections in 2016. What concerns me is her sudden switch to the Democrat Party. I find it strange that a Scott Taylor supporter would run against him so soon after she voted for him. It is my sincere hope that Luria will see the error of her ways and return to the Republican Party.”

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck

  • Riggleman Secures Fifth District Nomination

    Denver Riggleman wins special convention to secure retiring Congressman Tom Garrett’s Republican nomination.

    Nelson County, VA – Today, members of the Fifth District Republican Committee convened to vote on a new Republican nominee to replace retiring Congressman Tom Garrett on the ballot in November. Denver Riggleman secured a majority of the votes, and will now campaign against and defeat Leslie Cockburn.

    “There is no doubt in my mind that Denver Riggleman is the right man for the job this year,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “Denver has amazing leadership skills that will no doubt propel him to victory in November. Republicans must not forget that we are up against a toxic anti-Semite in Leslie Cockburn. A Republican victory in the Fifth District is vital to ensuring that racism and bigotry have no platform in the United States’ Congress.”

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