• RPV Statement on Tim Kaine Meeting with Judge Gorsuch

    Statement of RPV Chairman John Whitbeck:

    “Now that both of Virginia’s U.S. Senators have met with Judge Neil Gorsuch, it’s time for Mark Warner and Tim Kaine to say whether or not they’ll continue to participate in Democrat obstructionism and filibuster the President’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

    “We understand that both Tim Kaine and Mark Warner are under intense pressure from their far-left base to oppose any and all nominations President Trump has put forward. But continuing to obstruct Judge Gorsuch is simply a bridge too far. Regardless of whether or not Warner and Kaine decide to vote against confirming this highly-qualified nominee, he deserves an up or down vote.”

  • Whitbeck: President Trump Lays Out a Bold Agenda for Americans

    — Mark Warner and Tim Kaine should work with, not against, the President —

    Statement of RPV Chairman John Whitbeck:

    “Tonight, President Donald J. Trump outlined an optimistic and bold vision for our country that crosses party lines. President Trump has been fulling the promises he made to the American people at a record-setting pace, including bringing back American jobs and nominating a mainstream conservative to the Supreme Court.”

    “This evening, he expanded on his plans to pass an aggressive agenda that will solve real problems for real people, make sure every American who needs a good job gets one, and put our nation’s security first. It is my sincere hope the Democrats – including Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine – will join with President Trump to help fix the problems of this country and Make America Great Again.”

  • Reeves Campaign Clears RPV Petition Pre-Check

    The Republican Party of Virginia is pleased to announce that Bryce Reeves is the first Republican candidate for Lt. Governor to submit signatures for “pre-check” review by the RPV and for submission to the State Board of Elections.

    RPV reviewed the signatures on the petitions submitted and the Reeves Campaign passed the pre-check process with significantly more signatures than required to meet the 10,000 statewide and 400 per Congressional District requirements of Virginia law.

    “All of our GOP candidates understand the importance of grassroots engagement this year, and petition efforts like these are laying the groundwork for victory in November,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “Bryce Reeves’ grassroots team and volunteers have done an excellent job, and I’m pleased to say that they’ve met the standards to get on the Virginia ballot. The Senator’s entire team should be very pleased with their effort,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck.

    “Today is a monumental day as we are the first Lt. Governor candidate to turn in our petitions for pre-check,” said Senator Reeves. “Words cannot express Anne and I’s sincere appreciation for the work that each of our team members and volunteers put forward. It’s a big day for Team Reeves. One team, one goal.”

    All statewide Virginia GOP candidates have been invited to submit their signatures for pre-clearance before the deadline at the end of March. Virginia will hold a primary on June 13, 2017.

  • Shifting With the Breeze: Ralph Northam’s Values

    Statement of RPV Chairman John Whitbeck:

    “This weekend’s New York Times story shines a light on to just who Ralph Northam is, and the picture it reveals isn’t flattering at all.”

    “Before he ran for office, Northam voted for President George W. Bush twice. Now, in an effort to reach out the far-left base of the Democrat party, Northam has not only tacked hard left on issues like abortion and gun control, but also tapped the only member of the House of Delegates to endorse self-describe socialist Bernie Sanders to serve as the chair of his campaign.”

    “Ralph Northam knows this Democrat primary is slipping through his fingers, and he’s casting about for anything to endear himself to the raft of far-left Democrat primary voters he could once safely ignore. In so doing, Ralph Northam is proving himself to be the very worst kind of politician — one moored not to principles, but to power. He stands for nothing but election.”

  • Whitbeck: Veto of SB 1105 is Inexplicable

    Statement of RPV Chairman John Whitbeck:

    “The premise of Senate Bill 1105 is simple: if a Virginia locality has more registered voters than than the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center finds it has voting age-residents, the local registrar should investigate and find out what the problem is.”

    “Governor McAuliffe’s veto of this common-sense bill is not only misguided – it is also another example of the Governor’s staff searching for a reason to kill a bill he doesn’t like for ideological reasons.

    “The Governor’s veto message talks about ‘investigating voters’ and ‘constitutional questions.’ To call this poor excuse of a reason spin is unfair to spin. It’s nonsense, a series of words strung together in the vain hope that the public won’t take the time to check to see if it has any relationship to the underlying bill. It doesn’t.”

    “SB 1105 can be boiled down to this: More voters than people? Please check that out. Governor McAuliffe’s veto message can be rendered in equally stark terms – ‘Terry McAuliffe loves voter fraud, and doesn’t want to do anything to stop it.'”

  • Whitbeck: Speaker Howell Created the Modern Speaker’s Office

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “It’s easy to forget that Speaker Howell is only the second Republican Speaker the Commonwealth has ever known. His leadership has created the model for those who will hold the gavel after him. Mr. Speaker ensured that the people’s business was done in a timely, efficient fashion, and with a sense of humor to boot.”

    “Under Bill Howell’s leadership, the House of Delegates held the line against Obamacare and resisted Terry McAuliffe’s liberal policies. Thank you, Mr. Speaker, for your service to Virginia, and best wishes for a long and happy retirement!”

  • Del. Todd Pillion: GOP is Committed to Combating Heroin Addiction and Opioid Abuse

    Remarks as prepared for delivery:

    “Hi, I’m Delegate Todd Pillion and I represent the 4th District in the Virginia House of Delegates. It is an honor to serve in the Virginia General Assembly as we work on behalf of the Commonwealth and her citizens. I am proud to represent the counties of Dickenson, Russell, Washington, and Wise which make up the heart of Southwest Virginia.”

    “We just wrapped up our fifth week of session, which means we are almost done with our 45-day session. As this session winds down, I want to share with you a few of our accomplishments this year.”

    “Our legislative priorities focused on important issues facing Virginians. We passed bills that encourage and incentivize economic growth, reform the regulatory process to protect small businesses, and most importantly foster private-sector job creation.

    “We passed legislation to improve our educational system by increasing accountability, promoting school choice, and holding down the cost of tuition at Virginia’s colleges and universities. Republicans also remained committed to meaningful healthcare reform by increasing access to quality care and controlling skyrocketing costs.”

    “We took major steps this year to combat the ongoing opioid and heroin addiction. On average, nearly three people die every day from a drug overdose. In 2014, more people died from opioid overdoses than fatal car accidents. Thousands of Virginians and their families are struggling. It is important that we do everything we can to combat addiction by prevention and intervention. I was proud to sponsor a comprehensive legislative package that will immediately help put a dent in this devastating epidemic. But there is still more to do. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues to fight this problem”

    “We work every day to live up to our principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government. As we finish session, our most important work left is to adopt an amended state budget. Last week the House passed our version of the budget that strategically invests in the core functions of government while protecting precious taxpayer resources. We understand the need to invest in priorities, but we must do so in a fiscally prudent manner.”

    “Our budget is now in conference to work out differences with the Senate. I am confident that our final budget package will reflect the priorities that matter most to you. I encourage you to stay in touch with your elected officials over the last week of session to have your voice heard. Government works best when citizens take part.”

    “I’m Delegate Todd Pillion. For the entire House Republican caucus, thanks for watching and have a great weekend!”

  • President Trump News Conference — Feb. 16, 2017

  • Whitbeck: Perriello Statement Shows Just How Unhinged Democrats Have Become

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “To say this is an offensive statement doesn’t do it justice. Virginia came under attack on 9/11, and many Virginians lost their lives. Countless more lives were disrupted as mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters never returned home. If Tom Perriello truly thinks that a Presidential election that didn’t go his way is the equivalent of a terror attack that killed more than 3,000 people, it raises serious questions about his fitness for office.”

    “We know that Democrats have become unhinged since President Trump took office, but this is beyond the pale. Tom Perriello owes an apology to the survivors of 9/11, the loved ones of those lost that day, and to the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. “

  • Weekly Virginia GOP Address – Feb. 10, 2017

    — House GOP Budget opens door to much needed teacher pay increases  —

    Del. Tag Greason, R-Loudoun, delivered this week’s Virginia GOP Address.

    Remarks as prepared for delivery:

    “Hi, my name is Delegate Tag Greason and I represent the 32nd district in the Virginia House of Delegates, which includes most of eastern Loudoun county. It is a privilege to serve in the House of Delegates as a member of the oldest continually operating legislature in the western hemisphere.

    “As you may know, this year is the year that the General Assembly amends our two-year state budget. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I am proud to say, we have been working hard to finalize our budget proposal.
    This past week, the House unveiled its budget proposal…a conservative, responsible, and structurally balanced budget that invests in the core functions of government, while protecting precious taxpayer resources. Our budget accomplishes all this, without any tax or fee increases.

    “We all want our children to have a high-quality education. That is why our budget makes significant investments into K-12 education. Our proposed funding exceeds the Governor’s investment by nearly 15 million dollars. We build on our plan from last year to re-establish the lottery proceeds distribution, which will send an additional $218 million back to localities, with no local match requirement. Our K-12 education budget provides localities with much needed flexibility and relief in providing for our children’s education….which could include the option for a much needed teacher pay raise.”

    “We have also made significant investments in higher education. Our budget continues our efforts to make college more affordable and accessible for all Virginia families. We are investing over $20 million more than Governor McAuliffe, to hold down tuition costs at Virginia’s public colleges and universities.”

    “We recognize that Virginia’s economy still lags behind the national average. Virginia needs good paying, private sector jobs, and a thriving economy. That is why our budget restores funds for strategic and targeted investments in economic development, while promoting increased accountability and legislative oversight.”

    “With the uncertainty of healthcare at the federal level, we have put in place several independent measures to strengthen our healthcare safety net here in the Commonwealth. We understand the importance of taking care of our neighbors, and that is why our budget includes nearly $29 million in new funding for substance abuse treatment, increasing eligibility for the GAP program, and creating additional DD waiver slots to address the critical waiting list.”

    “While we may have passed our version of the budget, we still have a long way to go. Now, House and Senate negotiators go in to conference to work out the differences. I encourage you to stay connected with your representatives throughout this process to have your voice heard. Government works best when its citizens are engaged and involved.”

    “I’m Del. Tag Greason. For the entire House GOP caucus, thanks for watching, and have a great weekend.”

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