• Whitbeck Statement on #VA02

    “I would like to thank Elaine Luria for her very recent support of the Republican Party. She obviously made the right choice when she voted for Congressman Scott Taylor in both the primary and general elections in 2016. What concerns me is her sudden switch to the Democrat Party. I find it strange that a Scott Taylor supporter would run against him so soon after she voted for him. It is my sincere hope that Luria will see the error of her ways and return to the Republican Party.”

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck

  • Riggleman Secures Fifth District Nomination

    Denver Riggleman wins special convention to secure retiring Congressman Tom Garrett’s Republican nomination.

    Nelson County, VA – Today, members of the Fifth District Republican Committee convened to vote on a new Republican nominee to replace retiring Congressman Tom Garrett on the ballot in November. Denver Riggleman secured a majority of the votes, and will now campaign against and defeat Leslie Cockburn.

    “There is no doubt in my mind that Denver Riggleman is the right man for the job this year,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “Denver has amazing leadership skills that will no doubt propel him to victory in November. Republicans must not forget that we are up against a toxic anti-Semite in Leslie Cockburn. A Republican victory in the Fifth District is vital to ensuring that racism and bigotry have no platform in the United States’ Congress.”

  • Mother of 9/11 Victim Speaks Out Against VA10 Democrat Dan Helmer

    RPV condemns Dan Helmer for airing sickening ad comparing President Trump to Osama bin Laden in Tenth District Primary.

    Richmond, Virginia – In the crowded Tenth District Democrat primary, some candidates deem it necessary to behave disgustingly in an attempt to gain media attention. Dan Helmer is one of those candidates.

    Recently, Helmer aired an ad in which he compared President Donald Trump to notorious murderer/terrorist Osama bin Laden, who was responsible for taking the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent Americans on September 11, 2001. The tactics Helmer employed were so disgusting that they even drew the ire of Geraldine Davie, mother of Amy O’Doherty, who was tragically killed on that terrible day.

    “As a mother of a 9/11 victim, not a day goes by that I do not remember the legacy of my beautiful daughter,” said Geraldine Davie. “Dan Helmer comparing our President to the man who is responsible for the murder of my child is truly disgusting. I simply do not know how he sleeps at night or looks his family in their faces.”

    “Every Democrat across the country is simply running against President Trump; they have no ideas and no policies,” continued Davie. “All they have is name calling. Helmer obviously has nothing else on Barbara Comstock if this is all he can come up with. He should withdraw his name from the race, and everyone with even an ounce of decency should condemn Mr. Helmer and his horrible ad.”

    The Republican Party of Virginia also vehemently condemned Helmer, calling on him to drop out of the race for VA10 as well.

    “Osama bin Laden killed nearly 3,000 Americans in an attack that the American people will never forget,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “Dan Helmer’s despicable ad comparing the President of the United States to a murderous terrorist is absolutely beyond the pale. We condemn this ad in the harshest of terms, and I call upon all of Virginia’s elected officials to do the same. Dan Helmer owes the President and the victims of 9/11 a public apology. Dan Helmer has dishonored himself and his family, and should withdraw from the race immediately.”

  • Ben Cline Wins Nomination at 6th District Convention in Harrisonburg

    Ben Cline wins convention and will appear on the November ballot for Virginia’s Sixth Congressional District.

    Harrisonburg, VA – Today, Republicans from across Virginia’s Sixth District nominated Ben Cline to run as the Republican candidate to replace retiring Congressman Bob Goodlatte. Cline has served the 24th District in the Virginia House of Delegates for 16 years, and was previously Chief of Staff for retiring Congressman Bob Goodlatte. Cline currently serves on the Commerce and Labor, Courts of Justice, Finance, and Militia, Police and Public Safety Committees in the General Assembly.

    “I am very excited to finally have a nominee in the Sixth,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “I have the utmost confidence in Cline’s ability to run a successful campaign and keep the Sixth District Republican. He has a top-of-the-line grassroots operation that will ensure his victory in November. Cline has one of the most impressive campaigns of any Republican in the United States.”

    “We had a record 2,234 delegates at the convention today,” continued Whitbeck. “Make no mistake, Republicans are excited. Together, our Party can accomplish anything. Make America Great Again!”

  • Top VA Democrat Congressional Candidates Spread #FakeNews

    Cockburn and Spanberger are Defending MS-13. Will Media Hold Them Accountable?

    Richmond, VA – Yesterday, numerous “mainstream” media organizations were forced to eat crow for inaccurate reporting on a Wednesday speech by President Trump. During the Wednesday event, the President referred to MS-13 gang members as “animals.”

    Many news organizations falsely reported that the President’s reference was to all immigrants. Both CNN and the Associated Press ended up changing previous stories.

    Unfortunately, these cases of journalistic malpractice did not stop both 7th District Democrat Candidate Abigail Spanberger and Anti-Semite/5th District Democrat Nominee Leslie Cockburn from repeating the #FakeNews.


    The Republican Party of Virginia publicly pointed out the error to both campaigns on Twitter. Neither campaign has modified there messaging. Given the context of the President’s speech it would appear that both Spanberger and Cockburn are now defending MS-13!

    “The fact that both Spanberger and Cockburn fell for #FakeNews stories is disappointing,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “What is truly shameful is that both candidates would continue posting these lies after retractions have been issued. Given the context, it is clear both candidates are defending MS-13 criminals, this is truly disgraceful.”

    “If the media wants to pretend that MS-13 isn’t a problem in central Virginia, I encourage them to look up Osbin Hernandez-Gonzales and Marvin Joel Rivera-Guevara, both Central Virginia teenagers were murdered by MS-13. The fact that Cockburn and Spanberger would defend these murders is truly beyond the pale.”

  • While in Southwest VA, Will Ralph Northam Answer for His Job Killing Regulations?

    Governor Northam makes rare appearance in SWVA to take credit for 40 jobs created during Trump administration.

    Clintwood, VA – This morning, Ralph Northam plans to take credit for bringing a handful of jobs to Southwest Virginia, while his administration continues to inflict job-killing regulations on the region’s economy. The Obama-era anti-coal policies that Northam has decided to keep in place have cost Americans tens of thousands of jobs in the coal mining industry, devastated Southwest Virginia’s economy, and taken money away from Virginia families through higher electric bills. Instead of championing Virginia, Ralph Northam has sold out to his liberal out-of-state billionaire backers, Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg.

    As you cover the Governor’s “big event” today, consider asking him the same question posed on the yard signs near the venue:

  • Tenth District Democrats Raise Their Hands In Vow To Raise Your Taxes

    Democrats Pledge Their Loyalty to California Left Wing Billionaire, Tom Steyer

    Left Wing Billionaire, Tom Steyer, came to VA-10th District to conduct a forum for the Democrat candidates Monday night. Steyer is the guy from la la land (California) who is running all of those commercials to impeach President Trump. He is committed with tens of millions of dollars of his personal fortune to getting Democrats back in charge of the House of Representatives so they can conduct impeachment and then turn to his radical left-wing agenda.

    The VA-10 candidates performed like trained seals for Steyer who is dangling millions of dollars in support through his left wing SuperPAC.

    Steyer set out his 12 point agenda and asked them to raise their hands to show support.

    The Democrat hand show included the usual left wing agenda but notably included opposing the personal tax cuts and the business tax cuts and taking any corporate money.

    Of course they were all vying to get Tom Steyer’s millions headed their way – money he presumably made NOT from any involvement with a big bad corporation or hedge fund that he’s been associated with?

    Sounds more like hand charades to us.

  • Democrats Nominate Virulent Anti-Semite in the Fifth District

    RPV and Jewish Republican Leaders Condemn Cockburn’s Bigoted Rhetoric. Where do Democrats Stand?

    Richmond, VA – Today, the Democrat Party of Virginia nominated Leslie Cockburn to run against Republican incumbent Tom Garrett in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District. Cockburn has a long history of anti-Semitic rhetoric which can be documented over at least the past 25 years. In the early 1990s, Cockburn co-authored Dangerous Liaison: The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship. Cockburn’s book advocated for the inherently anti-Semitic belief that Israel controls America’s foreign policy.

    In reaction to the nomination of Leslie Cockburn as the Democratic Nominee in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, Holocaust survivor and co-founder of the Virginia Holocaust Museum in Richmond, Jay Ipson released the following statement, “I don’t know to which hate group she was trying to cater with her book, but her [Cockburn’s] claims are wildly inaccurate.”

    “Cockburn and the Democrats want to take away Israel’s ability to defend itself,” Ipson said.

    “In the wake of the tragedy that was Charlottesville, it is unconscionable that the Democrats would nominate an anti-Semite like Cockburn to represent that town and that district in Congress,” said John Findlay, Executive Director of the RPV. “The Republican Party of Virginia calls on the Democratic Party and Senator Tim Kaine to swiftly and unequivocally withdraw their support for Leslie Cockburn.”


    From the New York Times: “Instead, their book, supposedly a history of the secret ties between Israel and the United States, is largely dedicated to Israel-bashing for its own sake. Its first message is that, win or lose, smart or dumb, right or wrong, suave or boorish, Israelis are a menace. The second is that the Israeli-American connection is somewhere behind just about everything that ails us.”

    From Commentary Magazine: “This book is no less than a history of the world since 1948, with the United States of America cast as the chief evildoer, and Israel as the evil genie. As the Cockburns see it, Israel, playing Iago to America’s Othello, has brought out the worst in this stupid, great power. Israel’s leaders, unprincipled, cynical addicts to military force and dirty tricks, manipulate America through American Jews—“women with blue hair and pseudo-athletic men.” These Jews have so corrupted America’s politics with their money that U.S. Presidents, too, have been led to betray our national interests by joining in massive coverups of Israeli misdeeds, including the illegal transfer of U.S. military technology on a scale “much bigger than Pollard.””

    Given the recent revelations out of Greene County, this bigotry appears to be part of a larger pattern of behavior from Cockburn and her associates.

  • Ralph Northam Continues War on Coal

    Governor Northam puts billionaire out-of-state donors’ interests over livelihood of Southwest Virginia.

    Richmond, VA – Governor Northam announced that Virginia will keep onerous coal ash regulations in place despite being given a golden opportunity to roll them back by the EPA.

    According to the EPA, rolling back the Obama-era coal ash regulations would save utilities $100 million nationwide. Unfortunately, Governor Northam’s office released a statement saying the state Department of Environmental Quality would keep the current federal rules in place even if there is a national rollback.

    “When given a choice between lowering Virginians’ electric bills AND helping Southwest Virginia’s livelihood OR following the wishes of his liberal out-of-state campaign donors, Ralph followed the money,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “Sadly, it is not surprising, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer spent millions to get their guy elected and now he is going to do their bidding, even if it hurts Virginia citizens.”

    Steyer and Bloomberg’s organizations were both in the top five donors for Northam’s gubernatorial campaign. The original article can be found here.

  • RPV Statement on Ivan Raiklin

    Recently, Ivan Raiklin accused RPV leadership of telling him to contact another candidate for Senate after he failed to make the ballot. To be very clear, Mr. Raiklin’s statement is false and no such conversation happened. In fact on April 6, more than a week after the conversation is alleged to have occurred, Mr. Raiklin came to do a second check of his signatures and openly disparaged the other Republican U.S. Senate candidates who had qualified for the ballot. He also requested RPV grant him a special exception to get on ballot because he believed he was the only one who could defeat Tim Kaine. His request was denied.

    RPV ran a fair ballot access process and applied our rules equally to all candidates.

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