• Donald Trump First to Submit Signatures for RPV Pre-check for March 1 Primary

    — Campaign Submits 15,000 Signatures for Pre-Check —

    The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) is pleased to announce that Donald Trump is the first Republican candidate to submit signatures for “pre-check” review by the RPV and are ready for submission to the State Board of Elections, well ahead of the December 10, 2015 deadline.

    TrumpPetitions2RPV reviewed the signatures on the petitions submitted and the Trump Campaign passed the pre-check process indicating there are sufficient signatures to meet the 5,000 statewide and 200 per Congressional District requirements of Virginia law.

    “The pathway to the White House runs through Virginia,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “With our March 1, 2016 primary deadline less than a month away, we are excited that Donald Trump has become the first candidate to have the necessary signatures to qualify for the ballot. We appreciate the campaign’s efforts to get the signatures in quickly and it demonstrates how committed they are to making the ballot here and competing with their strong ground game in Virginia.

    We anticipate that the vast majority, if not all, the candidates will appear on the ballot. Virginia voters will definitely have a say on who the Republican nominee will be.”

    Mr. Trump stated, “I am proud to be the first Republican candidate to complete this important step in qualifying for the ballot well ahead of the deadline. I greatly appreciate the tremendous support we have received from the people in Virginia, where we have a great staff, passionate supporters and volunteers who are ready to Make America Great Again.”

    The Virginia GOP decided over the summer to hold a primary on Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016.


  • Thank you to our Veterans

    As you heard vigorously debated last evening, national defense and a strong America are key tenants of the Republican Party. We all know that our nation’s military and their families make unfathomable sacrifices to make America secure. Elmer Davis, the leading war correspondent of his day, so eloquently said:

    “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”Elmer Davis

    Our great Commonwealth is blessed with nearly 800,000 veterans and on this special day we want to take an extra moment to say thank you for your service, your sacrifices and your bravery.

    We are forever grateful to you and we will continue to fight to ensure you receive the best care possible through the Veterans Administration.

    Thank you for preserving our freedom and liberty.

    Let’s be Republicans First


    John C. Whitbeck, Jr.

  • Out of Touch: Obama Joins Clinton in Rejecting Keystone XL Pipeline

    — More jobs, more energy, and safer transport no match for radical environmentalism —

    Just a short time ago, President Obama announced that his administration was again rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline, a common-sense energy project that would make our nation less dependent on oil from hostile nations.

    Statement of RPV Chairman John Whitbeck:

    “It’s difficult to put into words just how out of touch President Obama and Hillary Clinton are on the issue of the Keystone XL pipeline. Even Governor Terry McAuliffe – who is no friend of energy development – supports pipeline projects to meet our future energy needs. Keep in mind this is the same Governor who took millions from radical environmentalists in 2013. Pipelines like Keystone make that much sense.”

    “Our nation needs energy, our nation needs jobs. Keystone would provide both of those, with the added benefit of taking a huge number of tank cars not unlike those that derailed into the James River last year off the rails. This is just another reason Virginia voters will reject Hillary Clinton in 2016.”

  • From the Chairman: RPV After-Election Memo – Unity, Candidates, Issues Matter

    The media on Wednesday morning headlines said it all:


    In the months leading up to Election Day 2015, Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s team was supremely confident that the Democrats had an overwhelming advantage in the battle for control of the Virginia Senate. The governor’s team aggressively sought and received huge checks from out-of-state donors and liberal special interests, including former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    The Governor and the Virginia Democratic Party told everyone that would listen that Democrats had the best field program in the history of the Commonwealth. Additionally, Democrats were convinced they could nationalize the election and ignore the issues that matter most to Virginia voters.

    Don’t take our word for it. Here are the Democrats in their own words in the Washington Post. From a story on Sept. 25th:

    “The state party has 69 paid field staffers working on five competitive state Senate races, about 14 times as many as it did in 2011, the last time only state lawmakers were on the ballot. That’s 20 more staffers than U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) employed when he ran for reelection last year. Already, party operatives said, the infusion of cash has paid off: The newly hired staffers have called more voters, done more volunteer shifts and held more one-on-one meetings with potential volunteers than Warner’s staffers did in the statewide election.”

    “We want to run elections like we do in the federal cycles, in the gubernatorial elections – we want to run those for all of the races we’re interested in this year,” said Brenner Tobe, who oversees data operations for the state party. “The increase in turnout and the number of people we can bring to the polls this year will be a huge lift for us in thinking toward next year.”

    Michael Bloomberg spent over $2 million dollars and another Democrat donor invested over $1 million in the state Democrat party. Democrats outspent every single targeted Republican Senate candidate on TV, thanks in no small part to McAuliffe and his out-of-state connections.

    Terry McAuliffe threw everything he had in his arsenal and he had big plans on Election Day. Despite holding all three statewide offices and both Senate seats, Virginia Democrats could not take control of the State Senate.

    Quick Analysis: 

    Of course, all the blame for the Democrats’ exercise in futility doesn’t lie with Terry McAuliffe and his out-of-state money.

    • A great deal of it goes to the unprecedented cooperation between Republicans at all levels in Virginia.We came together as a team: national, state and local Republicans came together to begin our combined ground game for 2016 by winning in 2015.
    • The Republican National Committee (RNC) committed staff, expertise, and other resources, while the RPV launched an unprecedented effort to reach out to candidates in key races at the local level.
    • RPV worked hand in hand with the RNC, the Senate Majority and the House Caucus to provide a coordinate and cohesive approach to this critical election.

    Candidates matter to Virginians. The House, Senate, and our local committees recruited candidates from a variety of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. RPV took the extra step of vigorously promoting these candidates and their campaigns. While not every campaign was successful, RPV, our elected officials, and our local committees remain committed to expanding the diversity of our field of future candidates and office holders.

    Issues matter to Virginians. In the all out effort to win the Senate, McAuliffe and the Democrats rolled out a liberal, national McAuliffe/Bloomberg/Clinton agenda that didn’t resonate at a local level.

    Moving Forward: 

    The 2015 election gives Virginia Republicans all the momentum heading into our March 1 primary and the November 2016 election. We are united, coordinated and hungry to build upon the successes of last evening.

    Our work with the RNC is proof positive that our data and field program is ready, and while we will continue to improve and expand these programs, we have the blueprint to success in 2016 and beyond.

    The 2015 election is a cautionary tale for the Hillary Clinton and statewide Democrats.

    “The 2015 elections were Terry McAuliffe’s most over-hyped failure since GreenTech Automotive. Despite an enormous spending advantage by Democrats, the voters of the Commonwealth were unwilling to buy what Terry McAuliffe and his liberal allies were selling. Virginia Republicans were ready for this onslaught and we held the State Senate. Through a coordinated, unified effort throughout the Commonwealth and with the RNC, we are ready for 2016 and beyond.” Chairman John Whitbeck

     Let’s Be Republican First!


    John Whitbeck

  • VA Gop Holds State Senate And Maintains Overwhelming Majority In House

    — Voters repudiate Governor McAuliffe, Michael Bloomberg and $17 Tolls —

    November 3, 2015 – Richmond, VA – Despite an onslaught from out-of state liberal groups and allies of Hillary Clinton and Gov. McAuliffe, the voters of Virginia have turned to the Republican Party of Virginia to lead the Commonwealth as the GOP retained the majority in the State Senate and an overwhelming majority in the House of Delegates.

    “Tonight’s results reflect a major turning point for Virginia Republicans,” said Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Chairman John Whitbeck. “After years of struggling with infighting, the Party is once again united behind the common goal of electing Republicans at every level of government.”

    Whitbeck continued, “Virginia voters have sent a clear message that all the outside money in the world can’t save a Democratic Party that’s wrong on the issues. Unlike Democrats, our candidates campaigned on the issues Virginia voters care most about: transportation, jobs and the economy.

    In one of the most watched Senate races of the night, voters in Senate District 10 turned back over a million dollars of outside money from Michael Bloomberg and others to elect Glen Sturtevant over Dan Gecker.

    “You could feel the momentum building for months,” said Whitbeck. “Our efforts began early this year by recruiting tremendous candidates who looked like Virginia and in turn they developed excellent campaigns that built a strong grassroots effort. This election is a clear repudiation of Governor McAuliffe and his out-of-state supporters like Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton.”

    Virginia’s State Senate remains firm at 21-19 and the House of Delegates majority remains overwhelming.

    “With today’s election result, it is clear that Republicans in Virginia have all the momentum and this bodes extremely well for 2016 and beyond. Congratulations to all our victorious candidates, the House and Senate leadership and most importantly to all our voters across the Commonwealth today.”

    “The Republican Party of Virginia comeback in the Commonwealth of Virginia is underway.”


  • Election Day Legal Hotline

    (804) 292-2014

    We have an election day legal hotline for reporting any potential issues that may come up. Please call the hotline starting anytime Tuesday.

  • McPike Attack on Parrish Goes Too Far

    A Jeremy McPike (D) mailer unbelievably attacks Hal Parrish (R) on women’s health issues and cancer screenings, disregarding the very unfortunate fact that Hal’s amazing wife is a breast cancer survivor.

    On the Mailer:

    “Democrat Jeremy McPike’s claim that Hal Parrish, whose wife has gone though the pain of breast cancer, is opposed to life-saving cancer screenings is beyond the pale. The Parrish family intimately understands the importance of cancer screenings, and to suggest in any way that Hal Parrish is “unsafe for women” is more than wrong. It’s offensive and disqualifying.

    The McPike campaign should apologize immediately to the Parrish family, and to the entire community as well.”

    Chairman John Whitbeck



  • Statement of RPV Chairman John Whitbeck on Governor McAuliffe’s “Ask the Governor” Appearance

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement in regard to Governor McAuliffe’s intemperate remarks regarding Sen. Bill Stanley during “Ask the Governor” today on WRVA-AM.

    “Terry McAuliffe is desperate to talk about anything other than his massively unpopular plan to put $17 tolls on I-66. His terrible idea to charge Northern Virginians for the privilege of sitting in traffic with no new lanes is so bad that for the second day in a row, he’s lashed out in public.

    The Governor’s remarks today show are a clear indication that he can read the writing on the wall: his entire left-wing agenda is about to fall apart. But nothing, not even the governor’s impending lame-duck status, excuses the way he, Michael Bloomberg, and other left wing organizations have exploited this tragedy.

    Terry McAuliffe is living down to everyone’s expectations, and no one in Virginia is surprised.”

  • Chairman Whitbeck On Governor McAuliffe’s appearance on WTOP today:

    If you missed Ask the Governor on WTOP today, you missed quite a show.

    Time and time again, Governor McAuliffe was asked just what people who pay his $17 toll on I-66 inside the Beltway will get in exchange for their money. Time and time again, he couldn’t answer the question.

    Instead, he came across with a slightly unhinged-sounding rant about how Republicans could have the audacity to oppose his liberal policies.

    When asked point blank where the money from tolls would be spent, McAuliffe admitted that more lanes weren’t in the cards unless his first plan failed — and then refused to elaborate on just what those plans were. (Hint: Governor McAuliffe may deny it, but his plan has a lot to do with making Alexandria a much nicer place to ride a bike.)

    “Governor McAuliffe had an absolute meltdown live on the radio this morning and demonstrated a temperament completely unbecoming of the Governor of Virginia. He levied a series of insulting personal attacks against the Speaker, House leaders, legislators and Republican candidates that demonstrates he lacks the self control Virginians expect and deserve of their Governor.

    The Governor should apologize for not only his comments, but for embarrassing the Commonwealth of Virginia today with a frat-boy like temper tantrum.” Chairman John Whitbeck

    Listen to one of the Governor's Rants:


  • Virginia Republicans React to Hillary Clinton’s Dismissive Comments on the Plight of our Veterans

    October 28, 2015 – Richmond – Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton told an interviewer that problems at VA Hospitals around the country – including wait times for care as long as 30 days in Virginia, and more than 100 days elsewhere – were “not as widespread as it has been made out to be.”

    As of this morning Clinton has yet to apologize for the remarks. Below are statements from two veteran members of the General Assembly and RPV Chairman John Whitbeck.

    Del. Scott Taylor, R-Virginia Beach
    “Hillary Clinton’s statement about our veterans’ care is beyond disrespectful and deceitful, it’s disqualifying. When 300,000 men and women who served our country may have died due to bureaucratic ineptitude, it’s a national tragedy, not a partisan talking point. Her comments make it clear that she’s not qualified to be honored with the title of commander in chief.”

    Del. Rich Anderson, R-Woodbridge
    “Recently, Hillary Clinton incorrectly said that ongoing failures at the federal Veterans Administration (VA) are not that bad. After the documented deaths of thousands of our comrades in arms from bureaucratic incompetence, neglect, and falsification of records, this incorrect assertion reflects a grave misunderstanding of America’s military and her veterans.”

    “As a retired 30-year Air Force colonel and chair of the General Assembly Military and Veterans Caucus, I have crisscrossed Virginia to meet with military veterans and Veteran Service Organizations who serve the Commonwealth’s 800,000 veterans. Universally, Virginia veterans express to me-repeatedly and emphatically-that the ongoing failures of the VA represent an appalling neglect of the nation’s warriors that has intensified since 2009. Recently, I moderated a roundtable discussion in Northern Virginia with 50 VA patients who had served in combat in four major wars, and their fury over continuing VA failures was loud, clear, and intense.”

    “Ms. Clinton’s wholesale misunderstanding of defense matters and veteran needs calls into question her capacity to serve as Commander in Chief. One only need look to her statement about VA failures as proof.”

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck
    “When Americans put on the uniform of our country, they take an oath to defend all that we hold dear. That oath isn’t a one-way street. Our country pledges to take care of them in return. As Lincoln said, our pledge is ‘to care for him who shall have borne the battle.’
    The fact that Hillary Clinton can dismiss the massive problems at the VA – which is nothing less than a national disgrace – as a mere partisan talking point demonstrates just how little she understands the problems facing our nation. If Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand the seriousness of this problem and implications this broken promise to our veterans, she’s not qualified to be commander in chief.”
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