• Cheerleading to Zero Growth!!??

    Last year under Governor McAuliffe, Virginia ranked 48th out of 50 states in economic growth.  The Virginia economy grew at 0.0%.

    With Virginians hurting so badly under his watch it takes a lot of nerve for the Governor to go on national TV and declare our economy “booming”.  In fact, even the jobs being added in Virginia’s economy are paying far less than the jobs that have been lost – leading to even more economic stagnation.

    But the Governor in charge of the nation’s 3rd worst economy for growth boasts that President Obama’s policies are working. In fact he is doubling down. He said this in February as well:

    “She (Clinton) should embrace the Obama economic policies that have moved the country forward, absolutely,” adding, “Go through the numbers, look where we are today. Things are booming.”

    But unfortunately, as is a recurrent theme, the facts and even Terry McAuliffe’s own administration never seem to be on the same page. His own Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Maurice Jones, is quoted as saying: “Virginia’s economy, because of the incredible dependence on the public sector, particularly the federal defense piece, is not growing at the same rate as other states. This is not new.”

    Let me do something that our Governor can’t seem to: tell you all the truth about Virginia’s economy.  Terry McAuliffe would rather be a cheerleader for President Obama’s disastrous policies in order to help his dear friend Hillary Clinton rather than stand up for Virginia’s economy.  While Virginians are hurting, instead of fighting for Virginians and acting in our best interest as Governor, Terry’s default is to serve as a hyperbolic, partisan mouthpiece for The Clintons and an over the top cheerleader for the very policies that have cratered Virginia’s economy.

    Help us speak up for millions of Virginians who’ve been hurt by The Obama/Clinton agenda and stand up for pro-growth economic policies by supporting the Republican Party of Virginia by donating now!

    Together we can turn this mess around!

    Pete Snyder
    Entrepreneur and RPV Finance Chairman


    Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck released the following statement on the Democratic Party of Virginia’s spurious lawsuit challenging Virginia’s photo ID law.

    “After watching Republicans unify Tuesday night and in the midst of a disastrous campaign launch by Hillary Clinton, Democrats are desperate to energize their base ahead of this year’s legislative elections and the 2016 presidential contest. Today’s lawsuit is nothing more than a costly fundraising pitch to the liberal base.”

    “Virginia’s photo ID law is a commonsense measure supported by more than three quarters of Virginians. Photo ID laws have been upheld at the Supreme Court on multiple occasions. This will one will be no different. The only real question here is will Attorney General Mark Herring acknowledge the inherent conflict of interest in this case and step aside to allow outside counsel to defend Virginia law.”

  • New Website & Chairman’s Beach Party

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    Dear Virginia Republicans:

    The rejuvenation of the Republican Party of Virginia began with the Virginia Grassroots Challenge and continues on. 

    Today I am very excited to announce we are LIVE with our new website!  Please go immediately to Virginia.gop and check out the amazing new features, including: 

    Folks, this is great stuff.  The RPV is committed to making your interaction with the Party more professional, useful and fun.  Our website is only the first step!  We are working on a smartphone app, social media improvements and much more!


    Thank you for all you do for our Party and don’t forget to join me in Leesburg for my June 24 Beach party!

    Let’s be Republicans First,

    Chairman John Whitbeck

  • “Dead Broke”

    A year later and Hillary Clinton is still having trouble relating to Americans.

    Help us to STOP HILLARY >>

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  • RPV, Virginia Grassroots Smash Through Fundraising Challenge

    — $100K Threshold Exceeded With More Than 1,000 New Donors in the #VAGrassrootsChallenge —

    June 2, 2015 – Richmond, VA – Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck and Finance Committee Chairman Pete Snyder announced today that the RPV has shattered a key early fundraising goal for the Party.

    “We are thrilled to announce that when we needed it most, the grassroots of our Party came through in a big way to build a strong RPV just in time for the important 2015 elections,” said Whitbeck.

    Whitbeck and Snyder issued the Virginia Grassroots Challenge on March 14, 2015 with a goal of raising $50,000 by June 1 in increments of $1,000 or less from the RPV grassroots rather than high-dollar donors. A technology entrepreneur and former candidate for Lt. Governor, Snyder agreed to match the initial goal amount dollar for dollar. A few weeks later, Second District Republican Chairman Curtis Colgate pledged to match Mr. Snyder’s match if the grassroots of the Virginia GOP could raise $100,000.

    That goal of $100,000 was smashed by more than 1,044 donors that raised $145,396 through May 31, 2015 in support of RPV. With Pete and Curtis’ generosity, the RPV has raised $245,396 with almost one-third coming from donations of $25 or less and 62% from donations of $50 or less while quadrupling RPV’s donor base.

    “The unbelievable progress that RPV has made since January is a testament to the dedication of the grassroots, which is the true strength of the GOP in the Virginia,” noted Whitbeck. “When I became Chairman, all people could talk about were our financial challenges. Since then with the leadership and generosity of Pete Snyder and the dedication of Republicans across Virginia, I’m proud to say we’ve turned the corner and will be harnessing our grassroots firepower to hold the State Senate in 2015 and to expand our super-majority in the House of Delegates.”

    Beyond the Grassroots Challenge, the RPV has attracted several potential candidates for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, including former Texas Governor Rick Perry and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, an early front runner in the race. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also donated $10,000 to the Party. Overall, the RPV has raised $346,808 year to date, an exceptional amount without any major party events such as a state-wide convention.

    While the Virginia Democratic Party currently has more money ‘in the bank’ thanks to Governor Terry McAuliffe’s PAC and contributions from Leadership, RPV’s number of donors are more than eight and a half times as many donations, with 1,744 compared to only 203 for the Democrats (according to VPAP information). This is a strong indicator of the wide-spread support for the GOP in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    “The bottom line is, we have much more work ahead, but this is a terrific new start for Republicans,” said Snyder.

    Whitbeck concluded, “We are on the right track heading into the 2015 local and state elections. Our main goal is firing up the base and getting the vote out this November. Next year, all roads to the White House run through Virginia and we intend to deliver the Commonwealth for the Republican nominee.”

  • Gov. Scott Walker RPV Fundraiser

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    Dear Virginia Republicans,

    I am very excited and we are very honored to announce Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is coming to Northern Virginia! As you know, Gov. Walker is a likely candidate for the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination and he has graciously offered to come to Northern Virginia in support of the Republican Party of Virginia on May 18!

    Click here to join us on Monday, May 18 for this exciting event and please see the details below.

    Let’s Be Republican First!


    John Whitbeck


  • VA: State Run Primary vs. Party Run Process


  • On Del. David Ramadan Retiring

    It is unfortunate but understandable that Delegate David Ramadan (R-87 – Prince William and Loudoun) has decided to not seek reelection to the Virginia House of Delegates. As a small business owner, he knows the struggles everyday Virginians face as they work hard to provide for their families.

    Del. Ramadan has been at the forefront in the Commonwealth in bringing new votes and faces to the Republican Party – both in his days as a Delegate and before.  He has assured me he remains committed to expanding the Virginia GOP and we are thankful for his leadership.

    I wish him and his family well in their future endeavors and look forward to holding this Republican seat in the 87th House District.

    ~ Chairman John Whitbeck

  • RPV Statement on the 2016 Presidential Election


    APRIL 12, 2015
    From the desk of Chairman John Whitbeck


    As expected, Hillary Clinton is running for president.  Virginia voters will have clear and distinct choice between Secretary Clinton and the eventual Republican nominee, and we are confident our Party will win that debate.

    As we move forward into the 2016 cycle I ask our Republican candidates and our Party here in Virginia do three things:

    1While it is clear a Clinton presidency means four years of failed progressive policies, scandals, ethical lapses and failed foreign policy, let’s give the American people something more.  Let’s make the focal point of our campaign for the White House about the positive Republican agenda to move the country forward.  Let’s make it clear that we are the Party of fiscal responsibility, opportunity for all Americans and a strong foreign policy.  In short, let’s tell the American people why they should vote for our nominee and not just why they should vote against the other side.

    2It is time for us to bring the GOP message to new communities and finally convince non-traditional Republican voters while our vision for the Country is the right one for their community.  Let’s move beyond “outreach” and actually convince new voters to join our Party and support our presidential nominee. The future of the Republican Party is now.

    3Let’s never forget Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment.  There is no question that our primary voters need to know the differences between the candidates. But a united Party behind the eventual nominee is a critical part of our winning the White House again.  Let’s have a healthy debate about who is the best person to lead our Party to victory but let’s also be committed to putting our Party first and foremost.



    Media Contact:
    David D’Onofrio

  • 2016 RPV Presidential Straw Poll

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