• Chairman Whitbeck On Governor McAuliffe’s appearance on WTOP today:

    If you missed Ask the Governor on WTOP today, you missed quite a show.

    Time and time again, Governor McAuliffe was asked just what people who pay his $17 toll on I-66 inside the Beltway will get in exchange for their money. Time and time again, he couldn’t answer the question.

    Instead, he came across with a slightly unhinged-sounding rant about how Republicans could have the audacity to oppose his liberal policies.

    When asked point blank where the money from tolls would be spent, McAuliffe admitted that more lanes weren’t in the cards unless his first plan failed — and then refused to elaborate on just what those plans were. (Hint: Governor McAuliffe may deny it, but his plan has a lot to do with making Alexandria a much nicer place to ride a bike.)

    “Governor McAuliffe had an absolute meltdown live on the radio this morning and demonstrated a temperament completely unbecoming of the Governor of Virginia. He levied a series of insulting personal attacks against the Speaker, House leaders, legislators and Republican candidates that demonstrates he lacks the self control Virginians expect and deserve of their Governor.

    The Governor should apologize for not only his comments, but for embarrassing the Commonwealth of Virginia today with a frat-boy like temper tantrum.” Chairman John Whitbeck

    Listen to one of the Governor's Rants:


  • Virginia Republicans React to Hillary Clinton’s Dismissive Comments on the Plight of our Veterans

    October 28, 2015 – Richmond – Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton told an interviewer that problems at VA Hospitals around the country – including wait times for care as long as 30 days in Virginia, and more than 100 days elsewhere – were “not as widespread as it has been made out to be.”

    As of this morning Clinton has yet to apologize for the remarks. Below are statements from two veteran members of the General Assembly and RPV Chairman John Whitbeck.

    Del. Scott Taylor, R-Virginia Beach
    “Hillary Clinton’s statement about our veterans’ care is beyond disrespectful and deceitful, it’s disqualifying. When 300,000 men and women who served our country may have died due to bureaucratic ineptitude, it’s a national tragedy, not a partisan talking point. Her comments make it clear that she’s not qualified to be honored with the title of commander in chief.”

    Del. Rich Anderson, R-Woodbridge
    “Recently, Hillary Clinton incorrectly said that ongoing failures at the federal Veterans Administration (VA) are not that bad. After the documented deaths of thousands of our comrades in arms from bureaucratic incompetence, neglect, and falsification of records, this incorrect assertion reflects a grave misunderstanding of America’s military and her veterans.”

    “As a retired 30-year Air Force colonel and chair of the General Assembly Military and Veterans Caucus, I have crisscrossed Virginia to meet with military veterans and Veteran Service Organizations who serve the Commonwealth’s 800,000 veterans. Universally, Virginia veterans express to me-repeatedly and emphatically-that the ongoing failures of the VA represent an appalling neglect of the nation’s warriors that has intensified since 2009. Recently, I moderated a roundtable discussion in Northern Virginia with 50 VA patients who had served in combat in four major wars, and their fury over continuing VA failures was loud, clear, and intense.”

    “Ms. Clinton’s wholesale misunderstanding of defense matters and veteran needs calls into question her capacity to serve as Commander in Chief. One only need look to her statement about VA failures as proof.”

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck
    “When Americans put on the uniform of our country, they take an oath to defend all that we hold dear. That oath isn’t a one-way street. Our country pledges to take care of them in return. As Lincoln said, our pledge is ‘to care for him who shall have borne the battle.’
    The fact that Hillary Clinton can dismiss the massive problems at the VA – which is nothing less than a national disgrace – as a mere partisan talking point demonstrates just how little she understands the problems facing our nation. If Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand the seriousness of this problem and implications this broken promise to our veterans, she’s not qualified to be commander in chief.”
  • VA Dems Can’t Spell Their Leader’s Name

  • Glen Sturtevant Hits Back at Bloomberg/McAuliffe Ads

  • RPV Letter to Gov. McAuliffe re. State Plane

  • VA GOP Chairman Questions Delegate’s Stated Desire To Skip Out on District to Run Against Representative Comstock

    Last year at this time the DCCC dropped out of the Comstock-Foust congressional race and pulled their promised $2.8 million in funds to Foust. To date, the Democrats have not fielded a candidate against Rep. Comstock for 2016 despite the DCCC targeting her back in February of this year.

    Last Friday, current Delegate Kathleen Murphy, who is in a highly contested state delegate race, confirmed that she is looking at running. Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck released the following statement:

    “The Democrats are getting desperate. Eight months after the DCCC targeted Congresswoman Comstock, the Democrats are still in search of a candidate.  Comstock bested the DCCC handpicked recruit last year by 16 ½ points. Now they are turning to someone who has already lost to Congresswoman Comstock in the Delegate seat in an area that was much more friendly to Democrats than the 10th District at large.

    Kathleen Murphy is a extremely partisan member of the House of Delegates who hasn’t passed a substantive bill during her time in the General Assembly and is currently involved in a highly contested state delegate race. Yet, she is apparently plotting her next political move. If Murphy is going to turn around immediately and run for Congress so she can lose again to Congresswoman Comstock, why is she running for Delegate?

    Republican Craig Parisot – who would serve in the majority in the General Assembly -has committed to serving his complete term and fighting for jobs, roads and transportation solutions for his constituents. Unlike Murphy, Parisot would be in the majority and an effective advocate for his District and Northern Virginia.”

  • VA GOP Calls For Leadership By Governor McAuliffe And Democrat Party In Response To Racist Statement By Democrat Elected Official

    October 7, 2015 – Richmond, VA – Yesterday an article and video in the Richmond Times-Dispatch highlighted Democrat Dinwiddie Sheriff D.T. Adams usage of racial epitaphs during an interrogation. Chairman John Whitbeck released the following statement:

    “I am sure I speak for all Virginia Republicans when I say how hurtful and unacceptable the use of this reprehensible word is by any person, whether they are an elected official or otherwise.  Not only is this type of conduct unbecoming of a law enforcement officer like Sheriff Adams, it is a direct and horrific affront to Virginia’s African-American community which is so valuable to our Commonwealth.”

    “This is not a partisan issue.  It is time for Governor McAuliffe and DPVA Chairwoman Swecker to call on Sheriff Adams to resign from office and apologize for using hate speech while on duty.  Anything less than that would be a failure of leadership similar to what we have seen from the Governor giving ‘100% backing’ to a candidate who has practiced ‘Stolen Valor’ recently in Hampton Roads.”

    # # #

  • RPV asks SBE to review potential in-kind contributions to Gary McCollum

    Today, RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued two letters regarding the potential reporting violations for the State Senate Candidate Gary McCollum and his campaign committee, Friends of Gary McCollum. The first letter is to the State Board of Elections and the second to Cox Communications.

    Mr. McCollum is, by his own statements, on “paid leave” from Cox Communications. Section 24.2-946.3 of the Code of Virginia indicates that this situation and the lack of reporting on Mr. McCollum’s financial submission to the State Board of Elections are a potential violation of the Campaign Finance Disclosure Act of 2006.

    RPV letter to the State Board of Elections:


    Further, Chairman Whitbeck sent a letter to Cox Communications asking them how they plan on handling this situation.


    RPV is very hopeful that this potentially significant lack of disclosure is rectified quickly so the people of Virginia’s 7th Senate District have the full picture of their candidates ahead of this critical November 3, 2015 election.



  • VA GOP Call on Democrat Leaders to Denounce Gary McCollum’s Lies and Withdraw From Campaign

    September 16, 2015 – Richmond, VA – Yesterday, news reports proved that Democrat State Senate candidate Gary McCollum had repeatedly lied about remaining a Major and a current member of the Army Reserve for over 14 years. Immediately, the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) called on Gary McCollum to withdraw from the race. In contrast, Democrat leaders from across the state have been silent on McCollum’s actions.

    “Less than a week ago Democrat Party of Virginia was touting Gary McCollum as ‘one of three top-tier Democratic Senate candidates’ in the state in a press release, but now they have no comments on Mr. McCollum’s misrepresentations,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “Both Governor McAuliffe’s Common Good VA PAC and Lieutenant  Governor Northam’s Stronger Together PAC have given thousands of dollars in contributions to Gary McCollum’s campaign, but today neither can be reached for comment. Frankly, that is an outrage.”

    Whitbeck continued, “For over 14 years, Gary McCollum has profited off the lie that he was a current Major in the Army Reserves. Governor Terry McAuliffe, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam and Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker all need to step up and join our calls for Gary McCollum to leave this race. I cannot imagine that they are actually proud to have this type of candidate running as one of three top-tier candidates for State Senate under their party label.”

    Gary McCollum_VADems_Highlight

  • VA Senate 7 Candidate Gary McCollum backs down to military service claims

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