• Tim Kaine Votes Against Pompeo in Senate Foreign Relations Committee

    Virginia Senator Tim Kaine prioritizes partisan politics over national security.

    Richmond, VA – Today, Senator Tim Kaine voted against Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This vote comes as the United States faces a myriad of diplomatic challenges across the globe.

    “Tim Kaine put his party over his country today,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “The Democrats complain and complain that the administration lacks diplomacy, yet refuse to confirm a Secretary of State. This position is one that is traditionally confirmed with overwhelming bipartisan support. However, in the “Age of Trump,” we have seen the Democrats offer no support for the administration or the United States. It is my sincere hope that Kaine and his Democrat colleagues change their tune and vote to confirm Mike Pompeo when that vote comes before the full Senate.”

  • What Do Prince William Democrats Stand For?

    The Republican Party of Virginia responds to ridiculous claims from Prince William County Democrats.

    Richmond, VA – On March 30, 2018, the Chairman of the Prince William County Democratic Committee released the following statement regarding the Republican Party of Virginia’s #Extreme15 campaign. The original tweet can be found here.

    In typical fashion, the PWC Democrat Committee has retreated to accusing the RPV of personal attacks rather than policy critiques. In response to that claim, the RPV asks the PWC Democrats and the Democrat Party of Virginia to answer the following five policy questions, each relating to actual legislation supported by the five Prince William area Delegates in question:

    1. Do you agree that illegal immigrants should be allowed to obtain driver’s licenses?
    2. Should illegal immigrants be eligible for in-state tuition, necessarily putting legal, Virginia citizens at a disadvantage?
    3. Virginia citizens have some of the highest health insurance premiums in the country. Should they be forced to subsidize sex-change surgeries?
    4. One of your Delegates is a proud socialist. Do you think that employees should be able to double-dip on worker’s compensation claims?
    5. Should businesses be forced to rewrite all of their employees’ contracts to comply with burdensome red tape regulations?

    These are very simple yes or no questions that the PWC Democrats and the DPVA should be able to answer easily.

    “The party of Jim Crow and segregation is attacking Republicans for being racist and sexist,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “We have always been open to having substantive policy debates. But as we all know, talking to extremists in the Democrat party usually ends in name calling and hyperbole like we have seen from the Prince William Democrats. If Democrats want to have a substantive policy debate, then they should have the courage to answer the questions posed. The #Extreme15 is obligated to defend their record, and our pointing out their extremist policies is in no way a personal attack. The RPV is simply letting the people of Virginia know how extreme the 15 Democrat freshman Delegates are in preparation for the 2019 election cycle.”

  • Stewart, Freitas, Jackson Qualify for GOP U.S. Senate Primary

    Corey Stewart, Nick Freitas, and E.W. Jackson complete the necessary requirements to appear on primary ballot.

    Richmond, VA – The deadline to file for the U.S. Senate primary in Virginia was Thursday, March 29th at 5:00 PM. Corey Stewart, Nick Freitas, and E.W. Jackson will appear on the primary ballot on June 12th.

    “We’ve got a great group of Republicans ready and able to take down Tim Kaine this November,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “I am incredibly impressed with what these gentleman have been able to accomplish to get to this point. I would also like to recognize those that did not make the ballot this year; thank you for your commitment to Republican principles. I am inspired by your drive and dedication.”

  • E.W. Jackson to Appear on Ballot for U.S. Senate

    Republican for U.S. Senate collects sufficient number of signatures to appear on primary ballot.

    Richmond, VA – The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) announced today that U.S. Senate Candidate E.W. Jackson has successfully completed the “pre-check” process through RPV.

    The Jackson campaign’s signatures were reviewed by the RPV, and he obtained more than enough to meet the 10,000 statewide and 400 per Congressional District requirements to appear on the ballot per Virginia law.

    “Once again, the voters of the Commonwealth have shown their commitment to grassroots leadership,” said Jackson. “They have been superb in collecting the signatures needed to put me on the ballot as the next step to replacing Tim Kaine as Virginia’s next U.S. Senator. I will continue to demonstrate my gratitude by representing their concerns as a candidate and in the United States Senate.”

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck offered the following comment:

    “I want to congratulate E.W. and his team for a great grassroots effort. Our candidates understand the importance of activism at the local level, and I am sure that will continue through the election.”

  • RPV Introduces #Extreme15

    The Republican Party of Virginia Highlights 15 Freshman Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly

    Richmond, VA – Today, the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) released an extensive analysis of 15 freshmen Democrat Delegates in the Virginia General Assembly. Known as the “Extreme 15,” these legislators have a propensity to support and patron radical, far-left legislation. The RPV’s breakdown of these Delegates highlights some of their most extreme qualities.

    As we have already seen in just two short months, House Democrats don’t have the best interests of their constituents in mind. From vicious attacks on millennials and tech companies (see proposed taxes on Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, Airbnb, etc.) to shady, self-serving behavior (see Gooditis, Fowler), Virginians are beginning to realize that the Extreme 15 cannot be trusted to lead.

    The Extreme 15 have already become infamous in the Virginia General Assembly for their exceedingly liberal, self-serving, and ineffective representation of the Commonwealth. The list features the most egregious examples of incompetence put on display by the Extreme 15, who were elected for no other reason than their party affiliation.

    “We wanted to highlight what Virginia voters are getting with this group of Delegates who are far outside the mainstream of Virginia,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “These Delegates ran on the ‘hate Trump’ agenda, and unfortunately, many of them won. Letting Virginians know of these Delegates’ extremism will undoubtedly cause voters to reconsider their decisions and turn the tide in 2018 and 2019.”

    The #Extreme15 can be found here.

  • Nick Freitas to Appear on Ballot for U.S. Senate

    Delegate Nick Freitas Collects Enough Signatures to Appear on Ballot for U.S. Senate.

    Richmond, VA – The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) is excited to announce that Del. Nick Freitas has qualified for and will be on the ballot for U.S. Senate.

    The RPV reviewed the signatures required for approval, and the Freitas campaign had significantly more than the 10,000 statewide and 400 per Congressional District mandated by Virginia law.

    “Nick’s team has done an excellent job in attaining the necessary signatures to get on the primary ballot,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “He and his entire team should be very pleased with what they have accomplished. Our Republican candidates understand the importance of grassroots engagement, and are well on their way to victory in November.”

    Freitas offered the following comment:

    “We were always very confident that we would reach this milestone, and I would like to thank our volunteers for helping us reach that goal by day one. We are confident and excited to move forward.”

  • Ralph Northam Endorses Wexton for Congress, Pelosi, Warren Likely to Follow

    Governor Ralph Northam takes sides in contested primary, backs establishment Democrat Jennifer Wexton
    Richmond, VA – On Thursday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam endorsed Democrat state Senator Jennifer Wexton in the race for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. Northam’s endorsement comes during a contested primary in which eight candidates are vying for the Democrat nomination. Wexton, while lagging behind the pack in regards to fundraising, is the only elected official of the group.
    Wexton has also received endorsements from the likes of Rep. Gerry Connolly (VA – 11) and Rep. Donald McEachin (VA – 04); both of whom notably voted againt the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Wexton has railed against this legislation as well, despite over 4,000,000 Americans receiving bonuses and 80,000,000 Americans seeing lower utility bills as a direct result of the tax bill.
    “We saw this endorsement coming a mile away,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “It is only a matter of time before people like Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren come crawling out of the woodwork and endorse Wexton as well. Democrats love a rigged nomination process, and it looks like we’ll have a front row seat for one right here in Virginia.”
    “On the other hand,” concluded Whitbeck, “Congresswoman Comstock has done an incredible job representing the people of Virginia’s 10th, and I know she will continue to excel after her reelection.”
  • Following Recent Developments, the RPV Comments on the Current State of the FBI

    Richmond, VA – “The FBI leadership during the Obama administration damaged its reputation with its hyper-partisan activities,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “We have been talking about this problem since 2016, and the American people deserve accountability from the leadership of our country’s highest law enforcement agency. I applaud President Trump’s actions in handling this situation.”

    “With that said,” continued Whitbeck, “the most important thing for the American people is to recognize that the rank and file FBI employees are not the same as the leadership, and Republicans are very grateful for their service.”

    Virginia State Senator Dick Black, who defeated McCabe’s wife in a 2015 election, offered this comment:

    “Americans are distressed by corruption at the highest levels of the FBI. Nonetheless, my heart goes out to the McCabe family.”

  • RPV Applauds Congresswoman Comstock for Passage of Bill to Fund Gang Task Forces Battling MS-13

    H.R. 3249, the Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act, passes U.S. House of Representatives.

    Richmond, VA – Today, H.R. 3249, sponsored by Rep. Barbara Comstock (VA – 10), passed the U.S. House of Representatives. The Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act would direct additional federal funding towards regional gang task forces, such as the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force.

    “The Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force works in many communities throughout our region by directly engaging in enforcement, prevention, and educational programs to keep our communities safe from gangs,” said Congresswoman Comstock. “The Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act will help steer federal funding toward frontline regional gang task forces. There are an estimated 4,000 gang members from MS-13 and other gangs in the Washington Metropolitan/Northern Virginia region. The Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act will provide vital resources to established regional gang task forces like the one we have here in Northern Virginia so that these brave men and women can get MS-13 off of our streets.”

    MS-13 is a violent street gang that has taken over communities from the Washington, DC suburbs in Northern Virginia and Maryland to New York’s Long Island. They are the only gang designated by federal authorities as a transnational crime organization. The Washington Post has highlighted how the 2014 border surge contributed to the MS-13 problem, stating, “The violent street gang is on the rise in the United States, fueled, in part, by the surge in unaccompanied minors.” The unaccompanied minors, who often fled their native country to get away from violent gangs, arrive here only to find themselves targets by U.S. gang members who infiltrate our country via the same porous borders.

    “I would like to thank Congresswoman Comstock for her unwavering support of the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force,” said Jay Lanham, Executive Director of the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force. “She understands in detail the need for continued enforcement and intervention/prevention/education programs to combat the illicit gang activity in Northern Virginia. Her support is readily apparent in the introduction and passage of the Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act, which will provide much needed financial support for the Task Force. This funding is sorely needed to bring intervention/prevention programs back to counter our youth joining dangerous street gangs, such as MS-13 and to support ongoing suppression efforts. Rep. Comstock has led the way in returning funding to the Task Force and her leadership is very much appreciated!”

  • Republican Party of Virginia Touts February Jobs Report

    RPV highlights the more than 313,000 new jobs created in February, 2018.

    Richmond, VA – Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the February jobs report, revealing that the United States added at least 313,000 new jobs. This number outperformed estimates made by many economists, and is the biggest since July, 2016. It marks 89 straight months of positive jobs numbers as well.

    This stellar jobs report comes on the heels of thousands of stories about the positive impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Employers are finally able to expand and hire thanks to sweeping tax reform. The economy of the United States has performed well beyond expectations and has grown exponentially since President Trump signed tax reform into law. It is becoming more and more difficult to call for the repeal of this law, but many Democrats continue to campaign on exactly that.

    All Republican members of the Virginia delegation supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, in stark contrast to the Democrat members. Not one Virginia Democrat, House or Senate, voted in favor of a policy that immediately impacted the economy in a positive way.

    “We were very excited to see the numbers in the February jobs report,” said Virginia GOP Chairman John Whitbeck. “They reflect the stellar leadership and business mindset of President Trump. The voting public is beginning to realize that more jobs, bigger paychecks, and better benefits are real, tangible results of tax cuts and conservative economic policies. People will remember that, despite opposition from every single Democrat in Congress, Republicans were able to put more money in the pocket of every American. It will be interesting to see if any Democrats will come around and accept that President Trump and our Republican representatives are doing a stellar job.”

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