• Chairman Mullins: Gillespie’s Energy Plan a Stark Contrast With Mark Warner’s Anti-Energy Record

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement: 


    Warner said he would be an independent voice in the Senate. But when it
    comes to serious energy policies that would help us grow our economy
    and bring down costs, he sides time and time again with Harry Reid.  


    “Just look at his record. He continues to refuse to take a position on new job-killing EPA Carbon Rules”


    “I’m going to be looking to look at the rules, and then specifically look at the comments.” (Daily Press, June 2, 2014)

    “Warner says he’s for the Keystone XL Pipeline, but voted against it in 2012 when Jim Webb and other Democrats voted for it.” (March 8, 2012)


    “He ran on Cap and Trade in 2008, calling it the ‘long-term solution’ on his campaign website.”


    “And in 2009 Warner said ‘The
    most significant thing we can do is send the market signal that either
    directly through a carbon tax or indirectly through Cap and Trade, we
    are going to put a price on carbon.'”


    “Earlier this year Warner reaffirmed his support for a ‘straight carbon tax’, adding that he wished the United States had signed on to the Kyoto Protocol.”


    Mark Warner: All In For A Carbon Tax
    Mark Warner: All In For A Carbon Tax

    “Ed Gillespie’s
    plan would create jobs, bring down costs, and help make us more energy
    independent. Mark Warner continues to be a road block to more affordable
    energy. The choice in November is clear.”


  • Chairman Mullins: McAuliffe Must Explain How His Promised Expansion of Medicaid is Not Illegal

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    analysis from former Solicitor General Clement is absolutely clear:
    there is only one way Medicaid expansion can happen, and that is with
    the express permission of the General Assembly.”

    McAuliffe is free to bluster, to threaten, and whine like a small child
    sent to bed without dessert. But in the end it is the Constitution and
    Code of Virginia that hold sway, not the fits of pique and impotent rage
    rolling forth from the Executive Mansion.”

    “Virginia is not
    Kentucky, nor is it Ohio. Our laws are clear and distinct, and any
    effort to go around them would simply be further evidence that Terry
    McAuliffe is unprepared – and unqualified – to hold the same office
    once held by Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry.”

    “If he truly
    intends to go forward, Terry McAuliffe must lay out the legal framework
    for doing so, and do so immediately. Every day that goes by in which he
    doesn’t proves either that he has no plan, and is simply bloviating to
    mask his own weakness, or his intentions are so lawless that they would
    not stand up to public scrutiny.”

  • Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on General Assembly Budget Veto Actions

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    me be the first to congratulate Speaker Howell, Leader Norment, and the
    rest of the Republican-led General Assembly for their hard work on the
    state budget. What Democrat obstruction held up for months, Republican
    lawmakers accomplished in days.”

    “And thanks to our GOP team in
    the House of Delegates, Virginians now have a budget – signed by the
    Governor himself – that takes Medicaid expansion off the table unless
    specifically authorized by the General Assembly. “

    “But these
    votes this evening in the House of Delegates shouldn’t have been
    necessary at all. Had Terry McAuliffe and his team actually taken the
    time to learn how Virginia’s process works, they would have known that
    these vetoes were improper. Had Terry McAuliffe had more self control
    and less of a temper, many of these vetoes would never have even been

    “These actions speak to the inexperience and frankly,
    the immaturity, that Terry McAuliffe has brought with him to the
    Executive Mansion. Indeed, these invalid vetoes prove that Terry and his
    team desperately need remedial Governor training.”

    “Even more
    disappointing, however, was the vote by Senate Democrats to uphold Terry
    McAuliffe’s temper-tantrum veto of funding for an ethics commission – a
    commission which they helped pass into law. It’s clear now that the
    Democrat Party of Virginia stands for whatever Terry McAuliffe says it
    stands for.”

    “Fortunately, we have a Republican-controlled
    General Assembly that is willing to do the hard work to clean up the
    messes created by an inexperience and ill-tempered executive.”

  • Chairman Mullins: McAuliffe’s Tantrum a Display Unworthy of Governor’s Office

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    we saw today from Governor McAuliffe was no less than a temper
    tantrum, a display unworthy of the office once held by Patrick Henry and
    Thomas Jefferson.”

    “Everyone expected him to veto the
    Medicaid-related language in the budget, even if it’s on shaky legal
    ground. But refusing to fund more judges at a time when our courts are
    over capacity is wrong. It’s bad policy born of a fit of impotent

    “In regard to the Governor’s efforts to expand Medicaid
    unilaterally, his disregard for the rule of law is striking, and

    “However, speaking as the Chairman of a party
    that aim to elect Republicans, I welcome Democratic Governor
    McAuliffe’s efforts to expand an unpopular Democratic program in a
    swing state in an election year. And I’m certain Democrat Mark Warner is looking forward to standing up for Obamacare expansion, too.”

    “See you in September, Terry.” 

  • RPV Chairman Pat Mullins Files Ethics Complaint With U.S. Senate Over Mark Warner TV Ad

    — Warner ad makes use of an image from a Senate Committee hearing in violation of Senate Rules —

    Republican Party of Virginia
    Chairman Pat Mullins today filed an ethics complaint with the U.S.
    Senate regarding the inappropriate use of images from official Senate
    proceedings in a recent TV ad.

    In his letter to the Senate Committee on Ethics, which can be found here,
    Chairman Mullins notes that not only is this use of official images
    against Senate standing orders, the rules were of such concern to
    fellow-embattled Democrat Mary Landrieu that she actually re-enacted a committee hearing to avoid violating them.

    this year, one of Senator Warner’s Senate colleagues, Senator Mary
    Landrieu (D-LA), was so concerned with complying with this Standing
    Order that she went to the extreme length of reenacting her statement at
    a United States Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing
    in order to include “footage” of the statement in a campaign television
    ad. Carrie Dann, “Landrieu Camp: Ad Reenactment Done to Comply with
    Senate Rules,” NBC News, April 15, 2014, available at:

    http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/elections/landrieu-camp-ad- reenactment-done-comply-senate-rules-n81046.

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    I realize that Mark Warner is desperate to do anything to create the
    illusion of a record that’s not 97 percent in line with President Obama,
    it’s deeply concerning to me that he and his team have taken such a
    cavalier attitude toward Senate rules.”

    “Apparently Mark Warner
    spent just as much time reading Senate rules as he did reading the
    Affordable Care Act. Virginians deserve better — on both counts.”

  • Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on Mark Warner’s List of ‘Republican’ Endorsements

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    This is what he’s got? This is Mark Warner’s list of ‘Republican’
    endorsements? This list is almost a carbon copy of Terry McAuliffe’s
    list from 2013 – and Barack Obama’s list from 2012. It’s made up of
    people who share Mark Warner’s love of higher taxes, and various other
    folks who more than likely haven’t supported a GOP nominee since Linwood
    Holton was governor.”

    “I expected better from Mark Warner. But then again, so did the Virginians who voted for him.”

  • Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on Completion of 2014 GOP Ticket

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    to Congressman Rob Wittman and Dave Brat on their wins in the
    Republican primaries tonight. I look forward to working with both of
    them this year as we work to grow our Republican majority in the House
    of Representatives!”

    “I also want to thank Majority Leader Eric
    Cantor – my Congressman for all of his 14 years in office – for his
    service to Virginia. During his legislative career he has been a
    tireless advocate for the Commonwealth and his constituents, and I hope
    he remains a strong and active member of party.

    “With the
    conclusion of these two races, our ticket for 2014 is complete. I can
    say without reservation that each of our candidates is highly-qualified,
    dedicated, and committed to the Commonwealth of Virginia and her
    people. And for our 4 challengers, they’re all going to make much better
    public servants than the Democrats they’re going to replace!”

    I said at the conclusion of our 2014 Convention in Roanoke, a unified
    Republican effort is all but unstoppable. With our ticket completed, we
    move on to the General Election unified, and ready to work.”

    “One team, one fight, with one goal – victory!

  • Chairman Mullins: New Warner Ad Latest Attempt to Hide His Liberal Record

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins made the following statement:

    “Once again, Mark Warner has
    put on his ‘conservative’ Halloween Costume, complete with a Ronald Reagan mask.
    For the last five years,
    he’s voted with Barack Obama
    97 percent of the time and
    advocated for policies that
    will put more Virginians out
    of work. He won’t even take
    a position on the new power
    plant rules from the EPA.
    But Virginia voters know a
    vote for Mark Warner is a
    vote for Barack Obama’s
    anti-job agenda, plain and

  • Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on 2014 Convention Results

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    to Ed Gillespie on his victory today at the 2014 RPV Convention. Ed and
    his team ran a great campaign, and I’ll be proud to join them on the
    campaign trail along with candidates for the House of Representatives.”

    also to our three other candidates and teams who worked so hard.
    Standing for public office is never easy, but this year our party had
    four qualified people who put themselves out there for the betterment of
    our Commonwealth and our country. All would have made a U.S. Senator
    far superior to Mark Warner.”

    “Thanks also to the thousands of
    Republicans who participated in the process, and thanks to the City of
    Roanoke of the Sixth Congressional District for being such great hosts.

    have emerged from this convention unified, with one purpose – taking
    back the U.S. Senate, and returning Mark Warner to the private sector.”

    “One team, one fight. Mark Warner is scared. And he has good reason to be.”

  • Chairman Mullins: New Obama Global Warming Rules Are A Disaster for Virginia

    Democrat Mark Warner is trying to walk a tightrope between Southwest Virgina votes and his radical environmentalist base

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    “The EPA’s new rules to limit carbon dioxide emissions from coal fired power plants will be nothing short of a disaster for Virginia. A typical family of four would spend an additional $1,200 per year on energy under these rules. Nationally, these rules will destroy more than 200,000 jobs each year over the next 15 years, at a time when our economy is already having trouble creating enough jobs.”

    “Virginia’s coal fields are already in trouble. This will reduce aggregate demand for coal even more. More coal and coal related jobs will disappear, doing more damage to an already tough economy in Southwest Virginia.”

    “Mark Warner says he can’t make up his mind about these new rules until he sees 120 days worth of public comments. If Mark Warner really represented Virginia, and not Barack Obama with whom he votes 97 percent of the time, he’d know these rules are bad news for the Commonwealth. Instead, he’s trying to walk a tightrope between the votes he needs in Southwest Virginia and the radical environmentalists who make up his base.”

    “We can stop these rules, but we need a Republican U.S. Senate, working with a Republican House of Representatives to make it happen. And that process begins with sending Mark Warner back to the private sector this November.”

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