• Chairman Mullins: Jim Webb Would Be Obama’s Third Term

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    “Mark Warner went to Washington riding a 30 point margin. After voters got a chance to see how he voted in the U.S. Senate, a majority of Virginia voters said it loud and clear — they wanted Mark Warner out. The ‘strongest elk in the herd’ is now ‘Senator Plurality.'”

    “Jim Webb went to Washington on a margin that makes Mark Warner’s latest effort look like a landslide. Webb worked tirelessly to see that Barack Obama was elected. He voted with Barack Obama time after time, casting a vote that let Obamacare become law. He would be Obama’s third term.”

    “Just as with Mark Warner, every lost insurance policy, every higher deductible, and every lost physician can be laid squarely at Jim Webb’s feet.

    “There’s a very good reason Jim Webb didn’t run again in 2012 — he knew his record of support for Barack Obama’s policies was indefensible. If he chooses to run again statewide in Virginia for President or any other statewide office, he will be held accountable for that record.”

    “Senator Webb, Mark Warner had a pro-Obama voting record and 30-point head start. You just have a pro-Obama voting record. Do the math.”

  • Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on the Conclusion of the U.S. Senate Race

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    “There aren’t proper words to describe how proud and grateful I am for the campaign run by Ed Gillespie. While the press and the polls gave him no chance at all — and many scoffed at him for even trying — Ed pressed on, ran his own race, and came within an eyelash of toppling a giant.”

    “Ed Gillespie presented a positive message for Virginians to rally behind, a belief that our best days are ahead of us — a belief sorely missing during the last six years. All the while, he managed to finally break the spell, finally showing Virginians that Emperor Warner was in fact wearing no bipartisan clothes at all, and was instead a naked partisan. It will be some time before Mark Warner can say one thing in Virginia and do the opposite in Washington.”

    “But more than anything, Ed Gillespie proved that when Virginia Republicans stand united, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. I have no doubt that Ed Gillespie is far from done in Virginia politics, and that gives me great hope for the future.”

    “Thank you, Ed. Job well done!”

  • Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on U.S. House Results

    Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins:

    “Let me be among the first to congratulate our GOP House ticket on their amazing slate of victories tonight:

    * Congressman Rob Wittman
    * Congressman Scott Rigell
    * Congressman Randy Forbes
    * Congressman Robert Hurt
    * Congressman Bob Goodlatte
    * Congressman-elect Dave Brat
    * Congressman Morgan Griffith
    * Congresswoman-elect Barbara Comstock

    “Each of these candidates ran a great, issues-centered race. They worked with their ticket-mates, the grassroots, and other Republican allies, and the results speak for themselves. Virginia voters chose wisely in voting to send these Republicans to the House of Representatives.”

    “Let me also congratulate Suzanne Scholte and Micah Edmond for the races they ran. Both of these candidates were among the best standard bearers for our party we could have asked for, and while they may have come up short tonight, they have been true path breakers for our party.”

    “They were the among the first Virginia Republicans to make inroads into a number of communities to which we’ve paid too little attention for far too long. They most certainly won’t be the last.”

  • Mark Warner called out on negative ads in cringe-worthy interview

    Mark Warner just gave at truly cringe-inducing interview with Jimmy Barrett on WRVA.

    Warner spent about 2 minutes trying explain how he’s different from President Obama, and how he has opposed the man he stumped for in 2012.

    Then things got… awkward.

    Host: “Why haven’t those [differences with Obama] been a part of your campaign ads, though?”

    : “They have been, Oh Jimmy, they have been!”

    Host: “None of the ones that have been airing here in Richmond.”

    : “No, well, I don’t know which ones you’re looking at…”

    Host: “The only ones we see are the Ed Gillespie used to work for Enron ads.”

    Warner: Well, (awkward laughter) there are those, they got me facing the camera and saying it’s time to get past the silly season and elect people who are truly bipartisan, that have been able to show how to read a balance sheet and get things done.

    Warner then goes on to complain about how Washington is broken before evading several other questions.

    Even Warner’s allies have taken notice of how bad Warner’s ads have been. John Chichseter, the former Republican and former legislator who appears in ads as 33% or more of Warner’s bi-partisan bona fides, had this to say in the Washington Post:

    The whole interview is worth a listen… if you can handle the cringe factor.

  • Fairfax Dems Circulate Fake Endorsments for John Foust

    Our friends at the Fairfax County Democratic Committee are so desperate to help John Foust’s flailing campaign that they’re distributing a mailer that false claims an endorsement from the Washington Post.

    Here’s the (worst) offending section:

    As you are all undoubtedly aware, the Post pointedly did NOT endorse Foust. Smart money says the committee (whose contact information is conveniently included in the mailer) tries to play this off as a mistake… sure.

    The rest of the mailer is designed to look like endorsements from publications… but it turns out to be just and endorsement from … the local Democrat committee!

    This is what desperation looks like.
    Barbara Comstock is going to Congress, and she’s going to do it by a very comfortable margin.
  • Mark Warner’s Record: 100% Obama in 2014

    The news just keeps getting worse for Mark Warner.

    First the Washington Post writes about his new ad, and throws some serious shade at it’s primary accusation — and in the process, gets Mark Warner’s staff to admit that the ad is essentially true.

    Next, his bizarre “dictator” attack ad gets 3 Pinocchios from a fact checker.

    Now, Congressional Quarterly has tabulated all the U.S. Senate votes for the year and compared them with President Obama’s preferred votes… and Mark Warner lines up with Barack Obama 100 percent, 117 out of 117 votes.

    As with the previous 97 percent number (which reflected previous years), don’t take our word for it… ask Congressional Quarterly.

    Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins:

    “Not once this year did Senator Warner break with President Obama on votes in Congress. That’s not independence, it’s partisanship in the extreme.”

    “Voters have a simple choice this year. If they like the direction Barack Obama and Harry Reid are leading the country, they should vote for Mark Warner. But if they want a new direction — economic growth, patient- and market-centric health care, and real prosperity, they’ll vote for Ed Gillespie.”

  • Going Dark: Mark Warner Disappears Following Perilous Puckett Problem

    — Since the story broke last week, Warner has been on the run from the press corps —

    Have you seen Mark Warner lately? We haven’t.

    Warner Carton

    Neither has most of the press corps since the news broke that he was “brainstorming” a way to keep Phil Puckett in the state Senate.

    In addition to keeping his public schedule a closely guarded secret, Mark Warner has bolted from the last two forums (one in Danville, one in Newport News) without waiting to take questions from the press or voters.

    So if you see Mark Warner, send up a flare… lots of people would like to ask him questions, provided the can find him.

    Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins:

    “Come home, Mark. Nothing is so bad that you can’t talk it out with the press. Unless you’ve been advised by an attorney to avoid doing that. In which case hiding from the media is about the smartest thing you could do.”

    “But of course, that hasn’t happened.”

    “Has it?”

  • Chairman Mullins: Mark Warner’s Evasive Debate Answers Just Raise More Questions

    Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on tonight’s debate:

    “Mark Warner’s opaque answers (or lack thereof) about his involvement with the Phil Puckett affair raise far more questions than they answer. Just why was he involved in this process in the first place? And what does he mean when he says he was just ‘brainstorming’ ideas for Phil Puckett’s daughter?”

    “Appointing a Federal judge to the bench — or even just recommending one, as U.S. Senators do — is a huge responsibility. Mark Warner owes us all more answers.”

    “In fact, just about the only place Mark Warner was clear tonight was his desperate warning to all Virginians that Ed Gillespie will NOT vote to raise taxes. Time and again, Senator Warner looked in to the camera and told Virginians that there was only one vote for tax hikes on that stage, and it was Mark Warner.”

    “If Virginians want a U.S. Senator who will play politics with judicial appointments and raise taxes, they should vote for Mark Warner. But if they want a new direction of economic growth and prosperity, they should vote for Ed Gillespie. ”

    “It’s that simple.”

  • Chairman Mullins: Debate makes it clear, Mark Warner has lost his way in Washington

    Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on tonight’s debate:

    “We learned a great deal about Mark Warner at tonight’s debate. We learned that:

    * Mark Warner opposes making birth control pills available to women without a prescription.
    * Mark Warner still won’t take a position on new EPA rules that will devastate Virginia’s economy.
    * Mark Warner has been in Washington so long that he actually thinks the ‘recovery in Southside Virginia is something to brag about.
    * By his own definition, Mark Warner is just not a very good U.S. Senator.”

    “Senator Warner likes to talk. A lot. But he never gets anything done. It’s true: Governor Warner wouldn’t recognize Senator Warner.”

    “Ed Gillespie won this debate by presenting a positive, uplifting vision for the future of our Commonwealth and country. As Mark Warner fumed, Ed Gillespie smiled.”

    “I’ve never been more proud of Ed Gillespie. He’s going to make a fantastic U.S. Senator.”

  • Warner’s negative ad? Fish in a barrel…

    A note from the Communications Department that just went out to Virginia and national media:


    Just saw Mark Warner’s new negative ad attacking Ed Gillespie. The fact that Mark Warner feels the need to shoot the messenger re: his record in the U.S. Senate is a pretty solid indicator that the race is moving toward Ed Gillespie.

    Warner knows his record is a liability.
    Otherwise, why would he resort to lying about it?

    To that end, I think it’s worth pointing out how the citations that Mark Warner is using to attack Ed’s ad as false are themselves being used in a dishonest fashion.

    Let’s got to the tape:
    Let’s break down these cites one at at time.

    * “Simply False” from PolitiFact, dated Sept. 28.
    You all may have noticed I had a small problem with this when it came out. I won’t belabor the point here, lest I be accused of holding a grudge against Warren Fiske. But you can read my take down of that entire piece here.

    Bottom line, this story flips PolitiFact’s own logic on its head. It’s a lie when Barack Obama said it, but not when Mark Warner said it.

    * “Misleading”, cited from PolitiFact on April 25.
    Not only is this not talking about Ed Gillespie’s campaign ad, it finds that Warner did in fact vote with Warner 97 percent of the time. It’s rated TRUE.  Just click for yourself.

    * “Completely Made Up,” citing
    the Daily Press from Sept. 22.

    The phrase here isn’t even talking about Ed Gillespie’s campaign ad! The quote in question is from Doug Gray of the Virginia Association of Health Plans. He was speaking about his level of confidence int he 250,000 Virginians would lose their coverage due to Obamacare.

    And while Doug Gray might not have an exact number, he does say that “Lots of people will have to be transitioned.” Translated from PR-speak, that means “Yes, Obamacare is going to cause lots of people to lose their plans, but I don’t have an exact number.”

    Don’t take my word for it.

    * Ask Mark Warner and David Turner how many people are losing insurance in Virginia due to Obamacare.
    * Ask Mark Warner to name an Obama administration appointee he’s opposed.
    * Ask Mark Warner if he regrets saying he wouldn’t vote for a plan that would take away health insurance we liked.

    You won’t get a straight answer.
    Because they don’t have one.

    That’s why they’re lying in this new ad.
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