• Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on the 13th Anniversary of 9-11

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    “It seems like so very long ago that we all woke up on a beautiful, clear September morning and watched our world change forever. No one who saw that day with their own eyes was ever the same.

    “And yet the scars, physical for some, mental for many, and emotional for us all, remain fresh and unchanging. I watched as classmates from Columbia vanished in a flash of tragedy, huddled with an assistant and dear friend as we waited to learn if her husband’s meeting at the Pentagon had left her a widow.”

    “The windows rattled at our Annandale church as the day reached its awful climax, as a memorial service for one of our fallen veterans yielded to the day’s events – a funeral on hold as we all waited to see how many more funerals this horror would create.”

    “Time has passed. Broken buildings have been repaired, and memorials now mark what became hallowed ground, a pilgrimage made by many of us more than once. But the pain of that day will never completely heal, even as the memories of those we lost will never truly be absent. We remember those who left for work but never came home, and those who ran toward the sound of danger, hoping to save lives, only to lose their own. We remember a day when uncommon heroism was common, with thankful hearts and tearful eyes.”

    “Those who would do us harm sought to destroy the fabric that knits us together as a nation — what Lincoln called the ‘mystic chords of memory.’ They sought to hurt us, wound us, and make us weaker. And while they did hurt us, they failed utterly. They made us stronger. For the first time in many of our lives, all differences were set aside. We were neighbors, even if we’d never met before. ”

    “When the call went out for help, we responded as one. In attempting to destroy us, they reminded us of who we are. They showed us that underneath all of our differences, we are one people, who were and remain ready to answer the calls of our country, our Commonwealth, and our neighbors.”

    “We are all Americans. And we will always remember. “

  • Ed Gillespie Commends Scott Rigell for Bipartisan Resolution Condemning Unlawful Taliban Leader Transfer

    Ed Gillespie issued the following statement after the House of Representatives passed Scott Rigell’s resolution condemning the unlawful transfer of five senior Taliban leaders earlier this year.

    “The President’s actions were unlawful and I commend Scott Rigell for his bipartisan resolution holding him accountable for the release of five senior Taliban leaders. As Senator, I will partner with Scott Rigell and our Virginia delegation to hold the executive branch accountable for any actions that could threaten our national security.”

  • Robert Hurt Votes for Resolution of Disapproval of the President’s Unlawful Prisoner Exchange

    Congressman Robert Hurt, R-5th, released the following statement after voting in favor of H.Res. 644, a resolution of disapproval of the Obama administration’s failure to comply with the lawful statutory requirement of notifying Congress 30 days prior to the release of detainees from the United States Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba:

    “In transferring five senior members of the Taliban to the government of Qatar and failing to give Congress the appropriate notice, the Obama administration broke the law.  The administration’s failure to notify Congress of the prisoner exchange was not only unlawful but also a clear and present danger to our national security.  Unfortunately, this is an example of the President’s acting unilaterally and disregarding laws and Constitutional constraints.  I was proud to cosponsor this resolution and see it pass the House with bipartisan support as a signal to the President that Congress will not tolerate the administration’s efforts to ignore U.S. law.”

  • New Website, New Grassroots Club!


    For months now, I’ve been telling you that there are exciting things coming here at RPV.

    In the spring, we launched our new data system and new grassroots advocacy tools. Last week we announced that our cutting edge data tools have been integrated with Republican efforts nationwide. Today, we’re launching our new website.

    We’re putting the pieces in place to make sure that our shared conservative values carry the day — not only this year, but for decades to come.

    But the last piece of the puzzle is still missing — you, as a card-carrying, pin-wearing, active member of our GOP grassroots club!

    When grassroots Republicans work together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. I’ve seen that truth illustrated time and time again over my political life.

    Whether it’s breaking a Democrat stranglehold on the General Assembly with George Allen, or electing sending 8 Virginia Republicans to Washington to give Nancy Pelosi her pink slip, when the Republican Party of Virginia moves as one, we win elections.

    With a strong, energized grassroots base, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish — building our majorities in the state Senate and House of Delegates in 2015, and casting Virginia’s 13 electoral votes for our GOP nominee in 2016.

    Nothing is beyond the reach of an energized Republican Party with an active grassroots base — not even party registration and the end of our perennial debate of primaries versus conventions!

    But to do the big things, we need everyone on board.

    Click here and sign up for an $8.95 per month recurring donation. We’ll send you an exclusive “Growing the Grassroots” pin to let everyone know that you’re helping build the foundations for victory!

    Then, get 10 of your friends to sign up, too. Once they’re on board, we’ll give you a complimentary ticket to the 2015 RPV Advance! Sign up 10 more and we’ll give you another ticket. And if your friends sign up 10 people, they’re in for free, too!

    That’s it! With you and tens of thousands like you joining the fight, we can build the grassroots army we need to win in 2014 — and beyond!

    I know I can count on you. I look forward to seeing you at the Advance!

    Let’s go win!





    Pat Mullins, Chairman

    Republican Party of Virginia

  • The Education of Terence Continues

    Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on Terry McAuliffe’s Medicaid expansion plan:

    “Now, as before, Republicans stand ready to work with the Governor to improve access to health care in Virginia. But the idea of putting Virginia taxpayers on the hook for funding a fundamentally broken program – especially when the state is facing it’s own financial problems, and funding from the Federal government looks more shaky than ever – is simply a non-starter.”

    “Terry McAuliffe is still just learning how to be governor. And it’s not pretty.”

  • Why Lie To Us?


    Warner promised voters: There is no plan being proposed that I will support that will force people out of their existing plan if they have it and they like their existing doctor.

    Man in audience: Why lie to us?

    Warner: Folks, you can say whatever you want, but I’m not supporting any plan that gets rid of those kinds of choices.

    Two months later, Mark Warner voted for the Affordable Care Act.

    Last year, PolitiFact dubbed, ‘If you like your health care plan, you can keep it’ the “Lie of the year.”

  • Rep. Robert Hurt’s Monthly Video Address

  • Pipeline Project Shows Tom Steyer’s Investment in Terry McAuliffe Was for Naught

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    “Today’s announcement of a $5 billion natural gas pipeline is great news for Virginia. The project promises to bring jobs to our Commonwealth, help ensure electrical reliability, and help to bring more our country’s domestic resources into the energy market – resources newly made available through technological developments like fracking – to produce lower energy prices for all Virginians.”

    “But it also shows that environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer’s investment in Terry McAuliffe was for naught. Steyer who spent more than $1.6 million on Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for Governor. He and other radical environmentalists flocked to McAuliffe because the Democrat parroted the right lines about energy, refused to stand up for Southwest Virginia coal jobs, and unlike his Republican opponent, refused to promise to oppose EPA overreach.”

    “Given the Governor’s new-found interest in working with the energy sector, I’m forced to wonder if the environmental movement has a home in the Virginia Democrat party any more.”

  • Chairman Mullins: Apparent Voter Fraud in Fairfax Demands a Full Investigation

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    “The discovery this week that 17 people in Fairfax County apparently voted twice in the last Presidential election is disturbing. Time and time again we hear that voter fraud is myth, and naysayers argue that those who express concerns about the integrity of our elections have only the worst of intentions. Yet once again we find that voter fraud is real.”

    “Even one instance of fraud is too many. I call on the Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office and Attorney General Mark Herring to investigate these 17 cases, and if multiple votes were cast in the same election, to prosecute the offenders to the fullest extent of the law.”

    “Just weeks ago, Democrats asked for an investigation into alleged fraud in a party nomination contest. Voter fraud is a bipartisan concern. The integrity of our elections is too important to allow even one case of fraud to go undiscovered — or unpunished.”

  • Ed Gillespie’s First Ad!

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