• Ed Gillespie’s First Ad!

  • Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on Aug. 19th Special Election Results

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    “Congratulations to Senator-elect Ben Chafin on his amazing win tonight in Senate District 38! Ben and his team ran a fantastic campaign, and I look forward to working with Majority Leader Tommy Norment and Speaker Bill Howell to advance our shared conservative values for years to come.”

    “Tonight’s results also mark a major milestone in Virginia history. Due in in no small part to the liberal policies of President Obama and Mark Warner, there is no longer a single coal country Democrat in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Mark Warner and other Democrats long ago abandoned the coal fields. Now, voters have returned the favor.”

    “But tonight also gives the first tangible evidence of a coming Republican wave in November. In both Southwest and Northern Virginia, Republicans have outperformed expectations.  Even in deep blue Arlington County, our Republican team has put up numbers that many would have thought impossible — outperforming even the results of the GOP tidal wave in 2009.”

    “Virginians are tired of the malaise that President Obama, Mark Warner, Terry McAuliffe, Dick Saslaw, and Don McEachin have delivered. And come November, they’re going to make that abundantly clear — again.”

  • VIDEO: Guard the Change?

    During Saturday’s debate, Mark Warner did he best to run from President Obama – and the fact that he voted with Barack Obama 97 percent of the time. Time and again, Warner said that statistic doesn’t reflect his true record — that he’s actually opposed President Obama from time to time.

    But there’s no hiding from Mark Warner’s record of support for Barack Obama.

    * Politifact: “Warner’s presidential support rating, however, is what it is: 97 percent. So we rate the GOP’s statement True.”

    * A Pro-Warner Democrat Super PAC: “The Senator has voted with President Obama over 97% of the time.”

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement: “Actions speak louder than words. Virginia needs a check on Barack Obama, not Mark Warner’s blank check.”

  • Mike Hymes: “I do believe you ought to register handguns”

    Democrat Mike Hymes has made a lot of noise about firearms in the past few days. When Republicans questioned his views on guns, he issued an indignant press release, in which his campaign wrote:

    “Mike Hymes is on the record with both the National Rifle Association and the Virginia Citizens Defense League in opposing any form of gun registration or any type of gun ban.

    But what does the candidate actually think?

    Mike Hymes On the Second Amendment


    Hymes: “I
    don’t think you ought to be able to sell somebody an AR-15,
    either. Because, law enforcement should have those kinds.  We’ve
    had to give our law enforcement in Tazewell County AR-15s because,
    you know, they go up a holler, some guy’s got one. He’s bought
    one. Virginia’s gun laws are pretty doggone liberal.”

    “I do believe you ought to register
    handguns, we ought to have something. If they had not let that
    assault rifle ban drop, then that probably  wouldn’t be a problem.
    So that’s kinda where I am.”

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    could say something snarky here, but this is too serious. Once again, a
    Democrat is trying to hide his anti-Second Amendment views. Fake right,
    run left.”

    “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a candidate do
    something quite this two-faced. Mike Hymes is telling the world that
    he’s pro-Second Amendment and against gun registration, but as soon as
    the TV cameras are off, he tells people the exact opposite.”

    “Folks it’s simple: if you support the Second Amendment, if you support liberty, vote for Ben Chafin.”

  • Chairman Mullins: Ed Gillespie Demolishes Mark Warner in First Debate

    — ‘After this performance, I doubt we’ll see Mark Warner agree to any more meetings’

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    no two ways about it: Ed Gillespie absolutely demolished Mark Warner
    during today’s debate. After this, I strongly doubt Warner will even
    agree to another debate. One more outing like this one would end the

    “Mark Warner simply could not, can not, and will not
    answer for his record. Warner is stuck between keeping his radical
    liberal base happy and not alienating the vast majority of Virginia
    voters. That’s why we get this ridiculous theme of how he doesn’t like
    Obamacare, but voted for it anyway.”

    “That’s why we get
    performances like today’s, where Warner attempts to walk the razor’s
    edge between renouncing his support for Obama and Obama policies, and
    embracing them just enough to keep the base happy.”

    “But it’s a
    losing battle. The more people learn about Mark Warner’s real record,
    the less they like it. And that’s why he’s about to return to the
    private sector.”

  • Chairman Mullins: Halbig Decision Confirms Words Have Meanings, Despite Wishes to the Contrary

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    having meanings. Wishing that words didn’t mean what they say isn’t a
    good foundation for legislation or jurisprudence  – something our new
    ‘modern Attorney General’ Mark Herring has failed to understand.”

    is broken, and it has been from the very start. No amount of tinkering
    or patching can repair it. Obamacare must be scrapped, and replaced with
    a true market-based set of reforms that puts people, not government, in
    charge of their health care.”

    “Said simply, this is what happens when we have to pass a bill to find out what’s in it. And it’s not pretty.”

  • Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on the Life and Legacy of Leo Wardrup

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement: 

    all of Virginia mourns the loss of Delegate Leo Wardrup. As his
    colleagues, friends and, family gather to remember his life and legacy,
    we are reminded of his unique and towering legacy – a passion for
    politics, but always with the wisdom not to take it too seriously.”

    “As others have
    noted, Leo Wardrup was one of a kind, but our Commonwealth would do well
    to have a thousand more like him. He is sorely missed.”

  • Can the FBI Keep Up With Terry McAuliffe’s Appointments?

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement: 


    starting to wonder if the FBI is going to be able to keep up with all
    these appointments that Terry McAuliffe is making from the General


    these two appointments on the biggest news-dump day of the year make
    perfect sense, given the outcry that I’m sure is going to follow from
    our Democratic friends. Indeed, if Democrats stay true to form, I expect
    the statements of denunciation and outrage to start flowing

    “The Puckett precedent is clear: resigning General Assembly to take a
    government job — or even to consider taking a government job —  is
    worthy of empaneling a grand jury.”

    “And on the off chance that the outrage from Democrats doesn’t
    materialize, then that says all you need to know about the ‘outrage’
    over Phil Puckett: Phil Puckett made Terry McAuliffe look stupid, and
    these other Democrats didn’t.”

  • Chairman Mullins:When Does the Investigation Start?

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement: 


    was surprised to learn that Del. Bob Brink had resigned his post to
    take a government job. After all, after listening to our Democratic
    friends in recent weeks, resigning an elected post to take a government
    job is apparently worthy of a Federal investigation.”  


    after the hue and cry that went up from Democrats after Phil Puckett
    resigned – with the possibility of taking a government job – I would
    have expected the U.S. Attorney to immediately launch an investigation
    into the circumstances surrounding Del. Brink’s departure. Following the
    Puckett precedent, a grand jury must be convened immediately.” 


    “I said all that to say this: If alleged violations of the law aren’t
    investigated consistently, we are no longer a nation of laws. We are a
    nation where one man’s whim is the law, and that is the antithesis of
    principle our nation was founded upon.”

    “Thwarting a Democrat Governor’s policy goal — and making him look stupid in the process — shouldn’t be a Federal offense.”

  • Chairman Mullins: Liberty Wins at the Supreme Court

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement: 


    “In clear and unambiguous terms, the U.S. Supreme Court smashed the very
    heart and soul of Obamacare today.  It was a victory well overdue.”

    “This ruling
    translates into one resounding message for conservatives across America:
    we win, they lose!  Obamacare has now been rejected by the American
    people, by the economy, and today by the highest court in the
    land. Obamacare was, is, and will be the most harmful and invasive
    legislation ever passed by Washington — and Virginians are in a mood
    to punish Mark Warner for his deciding vote in passing what today was
    proven to be an unconstitutional mandate on the rights of religious

    “The people, the economy, and now the courts have spoken. Mark Warner
    and Barack Obama are today staring down a complete and total
    repudiation of their agenda.  The path to full repeal runs through the
    U.S. Senate, and a statewide referendum on Mark Warner’s deciding vote
    on Obamacare is coming on November 4th.  Virginians are ready to hold
    Warner accountable for his deciding vote.”

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