• Democrat Donor/Insider Chosen to Head “Independent” Charlottesville Committee

    RPV Calls for Truly Independent Outside Counsel to Review the Protest Response

    Richmond, VA – Today, it was announced that Tim Heaphy was selected to lead an outside review
    of Charlottesville’s government response to the protests of August 11-12. Unfortunately, Tim
    Heaphy has several conflicts of interest which should disqualify him from leading up a review
    effort. Consider the following:

    • In 2015, Tim Heaphy donated $200 to now Mayor Mike Signer’s campaign
      fund. Now Heaphy is charged with providing an unbiased review of the Mayor’s actions.
      Given the donation history how is this possible?
    • This year alone Tim Heaphy has given $2,750 to Democrats running for office in
      Virginia, including $500 each to Ralph Northam and Mark Herring. If Governor
      McAuliffe or the Attorney General are at fault in any way would Heaphy actually be willing
      to blame either?
    • Tim Heaphy served as an Obama appointee for over 5 years and has contributed
      over $13,400 to Democrats running for office versus $0 to Republicans. Doesn’t
      this important review deserve a truly independent leader rather than a partisan warrior?

    After the tragic events in early August, the citizens of the Commonwealth deserve a review to
    deliver the truth, not a partisan white wash. With Tim Heaphy leading the effort, Virginia is likely to
    get the latter.


  • ICYMI: Statue Removal Would Cost RVA $3 Million

    — How will Ralph Northam Pay for Removing RVA Statues?–
    – City of Richmond to Lose Estimated $3 million in tax revenue –

    Does anyone think Richmond’s struggling public school system can afford to take a $3 million hit? Certainly no one who’s ever been inside any of the system’s ancient buildings.

    But that’s exactly what will happen if Ralph Northam and Terry McAuliffe follow through and remove Richmond’s Civil War monuments.


    The Republican Standard brings together two salient points from the Richmond Times-Dispatch and The Washington Post. No monuments means much lower property values, and lower property tax receipts.

    That’s $3 million sucked out of Richmond’s public education system, a system that is so dilapidated and underperforming that almost 150 positions remain unfilled as students start attending classes, according to one source.


    What’s worse, with buildings falling apart and Richmond unwilling or unable to take the hard steps required to fix these facilities, the argument over Confederate memorials betrays a certain conceit among liberals: Tearing down statues is a great way for people to feel better about the heavy lift they are totally unwilling to perform.


    Those who seek to remove the monuments are taking the easy way out, the Standard notes. It’s easy to remove a statue and say it’s about removing symbols of racism. It’s much tougher to actually correct the results of past injustice — such as failing schools (emphasis added).

    …Campbell goes over five distinct areas of institutional weakness where Richmond’s city fathers (and Virginia) have chosen to turn a blind eye and apply blame rather than address core needs and rectify past injustices, a sentiment picked up by the Wall Street Journal and seems to be coalescing among the thinkers and writers of America’s op-ed sections.


    The real problem isn’t how folks feel about Confederate monuments and gravestones. The real problem that too many are unwilling to face is that economic opportunity and educational opportunities are being squandered by those too callous or short-sighted to care; too willing to consume resources while holding vast constituencies hostage to the past.


    $3 million to Richmond City Public Schools seems like a good thing.  It would be entirely shortsighted to rob Richmond’s future for the sake of a mob too unwilling to tackle the harder problems of education, opportunity, and workforce development.


    Ralph Northam has promised to do everything he can to remove statues like Richmond’s Robert E. Lee memorial on Monument Avenue. Real estate appraisal experts estimate this will cost the City of Richmond $3 million in annual tax revenue.

    “What critical city services will Ralph Northam advocate cutting in order to make up for the annual budget gap created by this move?” asked RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “Will the cuts come from police and firefighter salaries? Or does he support eliminating new investments in our schools? Will he cut funding for Project Lifesavers that aids in tracking children with autism and elderly persons with Alzheimer’s or dementia?”


    “It’s more likely that Ralph Northam will want the city to raise taxes on residents to make up for the shortfall, as he has a long record of supporting tax hikes.”


    As they say, read the whole thing.
  • RPV Condemns Bigoted Remarks By Tom Perriello


    Over the past weekend former Democrat congressman and former gubernatorial candidate, Tom Perriello, made several disturbing statements directed toward Evangelical Christians in general and Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University, specifically. The statements are reproduced below:

    It is never acceptable to slander and smear a religious group. We demand that Tom Perriello immediately apologize to Jerry Falwell Jr. and Evangelical Christians. In addition, we encourage Governor Terry McAuliffe, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, Attorney General Mark Herring, and both of Virginia’s US Senators to

    unequivocally denounce Tom Perriello’s statements and call them what they are: bigotry.

    If similar words were used by members of any political party against members of any other faith group – such as Catholics or Muslims – such denunciations would have already happened. There is no reason that Democrat leaders should falter now in their moral obligation to defend ALL of Virginia’s religions and religious leaders – regardless of their political affiliation.

    Virginia Republicans are already speaking out:

    “At a time when the nation and our Commonwealth needs adult, serious and thoughtful leadership, Tom Perriello once again proves he has none. Tom’s wholesale attack on Christians is just the latest indication that he is not prepared for leadership and he will say anything to stoke his ultra-left base. He should be denounced by all Christians and non-Christians alike for his hate filled comments. Christians are loving and peaceful people and this wholesale attack on them should never be forgotten.” – Senator Steve Newman, Virginia President Pro Temp

    “As a graduate of Liberty University and past constituent of the one-term Congressman, I found the recently published comments by Tom Perriello to be outrageous. Not only do his statements defame Jerry Falwell, they insult Evangelical Christians and many of the Southside Virginians he represented in Washington. While illustrative of the angry far left, this discourse is beneath the dignity of Virginians from any party who should reject such efforts to further divide our country.” – Delegate Les Adams, 16th House District
    “Tom Perriello’s unprovoked attacks on the faith of millions of Virginians is truly beyond common decency. If he has any fiber of human decency left, Mr. Perriello will unequivocally apologize. I urge our statewide elected officials to join our call to condemn these anti-Christian comments.” – Delegate Terry Kilgore, 1st House District
    “Implying that a leader like Jerry Falwell, Jr. is under the control of Satan is disgusting and repugnant. Jerry Falwell Jr. is a caring and compassionate father and husband, whose stewardship of Liberty has strengthened its status as an innovative, world-class institution of higher learning. His leadership has opened the doors of education to hundreds of thousands of Christians across the country. It is shameful that Tom Perriello slandered Jerry in such gross terms. The silence by Democrat leaders regarding this incident – and Mr. Periello’s failure to apologize – speaks volumes about their views on evangelical christians and people of faith.” – Delegate Kathy Byron, 22nd House District

  • Chairman John Whitbeck Statement on Events in Charlottesville

    “The Republican Party was created to end slavery in the mid-1800’s and our Party today continues to stand for equality for all persons regardless of their race or ethnicity. We condemn the hatred and racism on display today in Charlottesville and note that there is nothing conservative about messages of that nature.”

    “Virginia Republicans, Democrats and Independents are all unified in rejecting their message.”
    Boost Post

  • UNANIMOUS: Vogel Dominates in Lt. Governor Debate

    The verdict on today’s debate is in, and it’s not even close.

    House of Delegates Speaker-designee Kirk Cox:

    “We couldn’t be more proud of Jill Vogel’s performance in today’s debate. Time and again, Jill not only demonstrated that she stands for mainstream, common-sense solutions, but also that Justin Fairfax is simply too far out on the left fringe for Virginia. There’s only one choice for Lt. Governor, and that’s Jill Vogel.”

    State Sen. Ryan McDougle, R- Hanover:
    “Congratulations to Senator Jill Vogel on her victory in today’s forum. Jill is an accomplished and effective member of the Senate Republican Caucus and I know she’ll be a great President of the Virginia Senate.”

    State Sen. Richard Stuart, R-Stafford
    “Congratulations, Jill Vogel! Jill’s performance today shows she is ready to continue leading Virginia as our next Lieutenant Governor.”

    State Sen. David Suetterlein, R-Roanoke County

    “Jill Vogel again demonstrated she is the only candidate with the experience needed to deliver results for Virginia families.”

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck:

    “I could not be more proud of Sen. Jill Vogel for her performance in today’s debate. Time and again she showed a mastery of the issues facing Virginia, and her record of working with her colleagues to get things done. That’s a stark contrast to Justin Fairfax who showed just how inexperienced and far-left win he really is. Virginia needs someone with a record of accomplishment, not a Bernie Sanders clone, presiding over the Senate of Virginia.”
  • Whitbeck: Mark Herring’s Salary Shuffle is Disqualifying

    Sleazy doesn’t begin to cover it. When Abbott Labs settled a major Medicaid fraud case, Virginia received millions of dollars. Federal rules are clear: that money can’t be used for salary increases. But Mark Herring found a loophole – and rewarded his favorite staffers with raises as high as 30 percent.

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “Mark Herring’s back door pay hikes are worse than unconscionable. They’re disqualifying for anyone who wants to serve the Commonwealth and enforce the rule of law. Rather than use this money for its intended purpose — the public good — Mark Herring found a way to put it into the pockets of selected staff, including his former campaign manager.”

    “Mark Herring has shown time and again that he will put his personal views and interests ahead of his duty to the Commonwealth. It’s time for Herring to go.”

  • Whitbeck Applauds Gillespie’s Plan to Keep Virginia Safe

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “Our GOP ticket is working together on genuine policy reforms that will enhance the lives of the citizens of the Commonwealth. I applaud Ed Gillespie’s proposal to ensure a safer Virginia through his focus on first responders, cybersecurity, and gang prevention.”

    “Our Republican nominees are uniquely qualified to tackle the issue of public safety. Attorney General Nominee John Adams was endorsed by 47 Sheriffs from all across the Commonwealth just this week. Senator Jill Vogel has been leading from the front in the state legislature on public safety issues ranging from the law enforcement compensation crisis to the opioid epidemic. I look forward to working with them to implement their agenda for a safer, more prosperous Virginia.”

    For more information regarding Ed Gillespie’s policy initiative, please visit his website.


  • Whitbeck: Ed Gillespie Dominates in Gubernatorial Debate


    Whitbeck: Ed Gillespie Dominates in Gubernatorial Debate

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “Congratulations to our Ed Gillespie on his resounding win in today’s Gubernatorial debate. The contrast was clear. From Ed’s concrete plans to make life better for our military, veterans, and their families, to his policy proposals for economic growth, Ed proved he is the leadership we need in the Governor’s mansion. The Commonwealth looks forward to his leadership and plans to get our economy back on track.”


  • Chairman Whitbeck Applauds GOP Ticket Policy Plan to Combat Opioid Epidemic

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “Every portion of the Commonwealth of Virginia has been impacted by the deeply personal, destructive affects of the opioid and mental health crisis we are now facing. This silent crisis is tearing apart families, leaving lasting emotional scars on children across Virginia and the rest of the country. It is time that our elected officials provide a clear focus on this important issue.”

    “The policy proposals include: education and prevention training for law enforcement, tackling drug trafficking, and providing support through employment and recovery meetings for addicts, as well as many other positive focused opportunities. I applaud the work of our nominees: Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel, and John Adams on their plans to combat the opioid epidemic and enhance mental health services. Their complimentary plans are what the Commonwealth needs to combat the crisis.”

  • Whitbeck: Adams Substance Abuse Policy Shows True Leadership

    — Virginia deserves an Attorney General with an agenda for service, not sanctimony —

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “I want to commend John Adams and his team on the Substance Abuse policy they released today. As an attorney, I spend many of my days in and around our Commonwealth’s courthouses and justice centers. It’s difficult to put into words the suffering and heartache heroin and opioid addiction causes.”

    “Substantive, detailed policy proposals like the one John Adams and his team rolled out today are the kind of true leadership we need in an Attorney General. For John, it’s not about a rush to the TV cameras — it’s about saving lives and ending suffering. I’m proud to stand with John, and look forward to helping him implement this important agenda.”

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