• Chairman Whitbeck: Dems Must Denounce McAuliffe Rights Restoration Incompetence

    Hillary Clinton is on the air in Virginia with an ad buy focused on children. But thanks to massive incompetence by her top surrogate in the state, at least 132 sexual predators too dangerous to be released have had their rights to vote, serve on juries, and hold public office restored.

    The Washington Post reports:

    “Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s sweeping order to restore voting rights to ex-felons may have had another unintended consequence: giving the right to vote to at least 132 sex offenders who have finished their sentences but remain locked up because they have been deemed too dangerous to release.”

    “In Virginia, such individuals can be sent through a civil court proceeding to the Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation in Nottoway County, southwest of Richmond.

    Nottoway Commonwealth’s Attorney Terry J. Royall said Wednesday that 176 of the center’s 370 residents have regained the right to vote, run for public office and serve on a jury.”

    “She said she was told by the facility director that there are 176 residents who ‘meet the governor’s criteria for restoration …Today his staff ran those 176 names through the database and 132 came up as having actually been restored.’

    Where is Hillary Clinton on this issue? Squarely behind her good friend Terry McAuliffe:

    HRC Tweet

    Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “Every day it becomes more clear that Terry McAuliffe did little to no due diligence before he issued his blanket rights restoration order. Despite his assurances that those with their rights restored were nonviolent offenders who had served their time, we later learned that many still in jail had their rights restored. Now we learn that the worst of the worst sexual predators were included on the list. There’s no excuse for this. Hillary Clinton, Ralph Northam, Mark Herring, LuAnn Bennett, Jane Dittmar and every other Democrat should repudiate Terry McAuliffe’s incompetence.”

    “Every day that passes before they denounce this ham-handed grab for votes is more proof that the care more about getting votes than justice and public safety.”

  • The Real Clinton National Security Record: Failure

    — Secret servers, the Iran nuclear deal, and Libya are all her ‘accomplishments’  —

    Del. Scott Lingamfelter, R-Woodbridge, a retired U.S. Army Colonel, gave the following statement:

    “It would be impossible for Democrats to find a nominee less qualified to discuss the subject of national security than Hillary Clinton. For years, she left classified information open to hackers and foreign intelligence services simply to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests. Her foundation took millions from repressive regimes like Saudi Arabia while giving lip service to human rights. From the Iran nuclear deal to the disaster in Libya, Hillary Clinton’s record is one of failure, deception, and hypocrisy. When it comes to national security, Hillary Clinton is a continuing disaster who has no place anywhere near the White House.”

    State Sen. Bryce Reeves, R-Spotsylvania, a retired Army Ranger, gave the following statement:

    “Hillary Clinton’s record on national security is awful, to put it mildly. Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Iran is closer than ever to having nuclear weapons, jihadists are spreading across Libya, and foreign intelligence services from Beijing to Moscow likely know our most sensitive intelligence secrets. Virginians aren’t going to support someone who used her position as our top diplomat to funnel money into her private slush fund foundation. That’s why they’re going to elect Republicans up and down the ballot in November.”

    “Virginians know better than to listen to Clinton, Inc.”

  • Del. Lingamfelter: Hillary Clinton is “A Disaster For National Security”

    Del. Scott Lingamfelter, R-Woodbridge, a retired U.S. Army Colonel and Chairman of the House Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety, issued the following statement:

    “Government has no more important function that ensuring the security of our nation from attack. Hillary Clinton has done more to damage that security than any official in living memory. Any of my former comrades in arms who handled secure information with such blatant disregard for basic security procedures, as Secretary Clinton did with her secret server, would likely already be in prison. She advocated for the Iran deal which the Obama administration has admitted will put more money into the hands of terrorists. Libya is now a jihadist wasteland thanks to her bad decisions. Hillary Clinton has been a disaster for national security. I shudder to think what she would do as Commander-in-Chief.”  
  • Chairman Whitbeck: Voter Lawsuit Key to Stopping McAuliffe Executive Overreach

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck offered the following statement following today’s announcement:

    “I applaud the suit filed by Speaker Howell, Majority Leader Norment and other voters today. Terry McAuliffe has proven time and time again that he is willing to abuse the powers of his office in his effort to elect Hillary Clinton.  No governor, regardless of party, has the power to re-write Virginia’s laws unilaterally.”

    “We’ve already seen unintended consequences from this poorly-thought out effort. Defense attorneys are already attempting to stack juries with felons. Violent criminals now have a much easier time getting access to firearms. I’m optimistic that the courts will act quickly to overturn this blatantly unconstitutional attack on the rule of law.”

  • Chairman Whitbeck: Kaine’s VP Audition Unbecoming a Virginia Senator

    After being left at the altar by President Obama in 2008, Tim Kaine has decided to be more proactive in 2016. Over the past two days, he has sharply criticized Senate Republicans’ decision to let the American people have their say at the ballot box before filling the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck offered the following statement:

    “Tim Kaine’s attacks are worse than nonsensical. They’re a blatant attempt to prove to Hillary Clinton that’s he’s ‘tough’ enough to take on our Republican ticket this year. His preferred method? Implying that Republicans oppose President Obama’s decision to violate precedent and appoint a new Supreme Court Justice in the midst of an election is based on race.”

    “Impugning the motives of Republicans in the most disgusting way possible might make him a more attractive Clinton attack dog, but it’s unbecoming of a Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Senate Republicans are simply honoring the Biden Rule, laid out by the sitting Vice President when he was a Senator. Yet Senator Kaine is happy to make baseless charges in hopes of impressing a scandal-plagued candidate who has lost 21 elections to a socialist from Vermont.”

    “Virginians expect better from their U.S. Senators, regardless of their aspirations for higher office. Tim Kaine should be ashamed of himself.”

  • Statement of RPV Chairman John Whitbeck on McAuliffe Rights Restoration Order

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “It was a Republican governor who began the long overdue work of restoring the rights of nonviolent felons. Few if any disagree that those who have paid their debts to society should be allowed full participation in that society. Mercy requires that we as Virginians be a Commonwealth of second chances. But there are limits.”

    “Governor McAuliffe could easily have excluded those who have committed heinous acts of violence from this order, yet he chose not to.  His decision to issue a blanket restoration, without regard to the nature of the crimes committed doesn’t speak of mercy. Rather, it speaks of political opportunism.”

    “This blanket action, undertaken for such blatant political purposes, sullies the hard-won second chances of those who have worked so hard to overcome their mistakes. Restoration of rights should be a celebration of overcoming, not a transparent effort to win votes.”

  • Facts and Dates: Virginia GOP Delegate Selection Process

    The Republican Party of Virginia’s delegate selection to the Republican National Convention is underway. Here are the facts about the Party’s process to help answer any questions and clear up any misconceptions.
    Virginia can send 49 delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Under Party rules, all 49 delegates are bound proportionally by the results of Virginia’s March 1 primary.
    On the first ballot, those delegates will cast:
    • 17 Votes for Donald Trump
    • 16 Votes for Marco Rubio
    • 8 Votes for Ted Cruz
    • 5 Votes for John Kasich
    • 3 Votes for Ben Carson
    Under Virginia GOP rules, it doesn’t matter whether a candidate has dropped out, suspended his or her campaign, or asked for his or her delegates to vote for another candidate. On the first ballot, delegates are bound to those votes.
    Those delegates are chosen at a series of 11 conventions in each of Virginia’s 11 Congressional Districts, and at the Republican Party of Virginia Convention in Harrisonburg.

    Congressional District Delegates
    Each Congressional District chooses 3 Delegates, for a net total of 33. District Conventions are composed of Delegates elected from each of its cities and counties. Voting at the district convention is weighted by “voting strength.” Cities and counties that produce more GOP votes in Presidential and Gubernatorial races have more votes at the convention.

    Those wishing to be delegates to the state and national conventions file an application with the Congressional District committee as describe in each district’s convention “call”, the formal document announcing the convention and relevant details, such as the date, time, location, and filing requirements. Each District Convention has its own procedures within limits set by the Republican Party of Virginia’s Plan of Organization, better known as the “Party Plan.”
    District Convention Dates and Filing Deadlines for Delegate candidates are as follows (in chronological order):
    • 10th CD: Convention April 16th – Filing Deadline Jan. 23rd
    • 1st CD: Convention May 7th – Filing Deadline March 1st
    • 3rd CD: Convention May 7th – Filing Deadline February 28th
    • 8th CD: Convention May 7th – Filing Deadline February 12th
    • 5th CD: Convention May 14th – Filing Deadline March 31st
    • 11th CD: Convention May 14th – Filing Deadline March 11th
    • 4th CD: Convention May 21st– Filing Deadline March 18th
    • 6th CD: Convention May 21st – – Filing Deadline February 1st
    • 7th CD: Convention May 21st – Filing Deadline March 1st
    The 9th District held their convention on April 9th. A date for the 2nd CD Convention has not been finalized as of this writing.

    All convention calls – Local Unit, Congressional District, and State – are listed on the RPV Convention website, http://www.virginia.gop/2016convention/


    At-Large Delegates

    An additional 13 “at large” delegates will be elected at the Republican Party of Virginia Convention on April 29-30 in Harrisonburg, Va., for a net total of 46.

    Just as with the Congressional District conventions, the call for the state convention includes an application for those who wish to run for the 13 available Delegate positions, with a filing deadline of March 1.

    The Party’s Nominations Committee, made up of representatives from all 11 Congressional Districts, will publish a proposed list of Delegates to be elected, which the Convention as a whole will either approve or disapprove. If the convention does not adopt the nominating committee’s recommendation, it may elect another list of delegates.

    Automatic Delegates
    Virginia’s final 3 delegates are Virginia’s sitting members of the Republican National Committee – the Chairman, National Committeeman, and National Committeewoman. All three are bound on the first ballot, just like all other delegates.

    Additional Voting Rounds
    If the Republican National Convention in Cleveland does not nominate a candidate on the first ballot, Virginia’s 49 delegates are unbound and may vote for the candidate of their choice
  • Save the Second Amendment. Stop Judge Garland.


    With the nomination of Judge Garland for the U.S Supreme Court President Obama is working to strip Americans of their individual right to keep and bear arms. The Second Amendment is hanging by a thread.

    Add your name to our petition and tell Sen. Tim Kaine and Sen. Mark Warner that Second Amendment rights aren’t negotiable. Judge Garland must not be confirmed to the Supreme Court!

    Fill out my online form.

  • Thank you for your application

    Thank you for submitting your application to the 2016 Republican Party of Virginia Quadrennial Convention, held April 29-30, 2016 in Harrisonburg, VA.

    We will be in contact with you shortly to confirm.

    RPV Communications

  • Sen. Amanda Chase: Engaged Citizens are the Key to Good Government

    Sen. Amanda Chase, R-Chesterfield, delivered this week’s Virginia Republican Address.

    Remarks as prepared for delivery:

    “Hello, I’m Senator Amanda Chase, of Virginia’s 11th Senatorial District, which includes most of Chesterfield County, all of Amelia County and the City of Colonial Heights.

    This is my first session as a State Senator and my two top priorities are to be accessible and approachable to my constituents. In an effort to be accessible, I co-founded the Virginia Transparency Caucus this session. The purpose of this caucus is to focus on bringing the government to the people and making it more accessible.

    I know before I got into politics, one of my frustrations, as a mom of 4 children and a small business owner, was that I was very busy and didn’t have time to go to the General Assembly and lobby on issues that were important to me, and that left me feeling disconnected from my government.

    The Virginia Transparency Caucus encourages its members to agree to record the committee and subcommittee meetings where their bills are heard as a means of providing more information to constituents. Many times, the majority of work on legislation is done in committee, not on the Senate floor. I believe that by providing this perspective to constituents, it not only keeps them better informed but encourages their participating in the process.

    My desire is to create an atmosphere of transparency where citizens can easily see what goes on in all committee and subcommittee meetings during session and even access past archives of meetings, so that the everyday average citizen can come home after a hard day at work and see what happened to a bill that they are interested in and follow that bill through the legislative process.

    Also, in an effort to provide a three-dimensional perspective as to what’s going on in the Senate, I regularly post on my Facebook page to let constituents know what issues we are considering in committee and on the floor. I have often asked for their feedback as I’m preparing to vote on legislation and I love to interact with constituents in this way.

    I encourage you to follow your elected officials on Facebook and engage with us through emails, phone calls and visits. You the people elected us to represent you in the General Assembly, and I believe that needs to be an ongoing conversation. So please reach out to us with your concerns, and we will do our best to keep you as informed as possible.

    I’m Senator Amanda Chase. Thank you for watching and have a great weekend.”

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