• Dear Ralph, Sorry You Missed Us!

    Lt. Governor Ralph Northam
    PO Box 16249
    Arlington, VA 22215


    Dear Ralph,

    We hope all is well with you. We missed you yesterday at the 47th annual Buena Vista Labor Day Parade. The event used to be one of Virginia’s longest standing bipartisan political traditions, a forum for candidates from both parties to personally share their messages with the voters of Western Virginia, but because you failed to attend this year, it just wasn’t the same. Honestly, it felt a little one-sided.

    Since you were busy flying around in your helicopter to other events with Senator Tim Kaine and the rest of the Democratic ticket, we took plenty of pictures so you could see all that you were missing.

    When Ed arrived on scene he was immediately met by a bunch of passionate young volunteers and supporters who had been up since the early hours of the morning setting up lawn signs and getting the parade ready to go.


    Next, Jill Vogel, John Adams, Congressman Goodlatte and their teams joined him for this great shot in front of his campaign RV. It’s shame Mark Herring and Justin Fairfax couldn’t have made either. It’s ok, Jill and John had enough energy to make up for them not attending.

    After that, Ed did a great interview hit with WSLS and WSET.

    The parade then got started and Ed took his place in the lineup right behind the local boy scouts and the outstanding bagpipers from VMI, your own alma mater.

    Ed made sure he shook twice as many hands for you…

    And he was having so many great conversations with attendees, that he often had to hustle to catch back up to the rest of the parade. (Running for governor isn’t just a figure of speech!)

    It was a beautiful day, and Virginians of all ages were out in full force.

    Local law enforcement members did a fine job making sure everyone was able to march safely.

    It was then time for candidate speeches and our side of the pavilion was filled with excitement.

    We did happen to see some of your supporters there as well. Look! It seems like they even saved you some seats in case you changed your mind about coming at the last minute.

    When it was Ed’s turn to speak he knew he had a difficult task. It’s not easy headlining for a crowd that is expecting to hear from both political parties. Good thing he’s running a campaign for ALL Virginians and has 14 detailed policy proposals that provide substantive solutions for Virginians in every corner of the Commonwealth. Ed talked about getting Virginia’s economy growing again after four years of anemic economic growth, rebuilding our public schools, fixing our transportation system and keeping Virginia safe. He made sure all who were in attendance knew that if he’s entrusted to lead the Commonwealth of Virginia he will be an honest, ethical, hardworking, principled, faithful, servant leader worthy of Virginia – because we could use one of those right about now.

    Then it was time to gas up the RV and head to the next stop. Ed has a lot of work to do and a lot of people to talk to over the next couple of months.

    Again, sorry you couldn’t be with us yesterday, Ralph. Although we’re still confused why you didn’t show up, and we’re sure the voters of Western Virginia feel the same way.

    -Republican Party of Virginia


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