• Del. Todd Pillion: GOP is Committed to Combating Heroin Addiction and Opioid Abuse

    Remarks as prepared for delivery:

    “Hi, I’m Delegate Todd Pillion and I represent the 4th District in the Virginia House of Delegates. It is an honor to serve in the Virginia General Assembly as we work on behalf of the Commonwealth and her citizens. I am proud to represent the counties of Dickenson, Russell, Washington, and Wise which make up the heart of Southwest Virginia.”

    “We just wrapped up our fifth week of session, which means we are almost done with our 45-day session. As this session winds down, I want to share with you a few of our accomplishments this year.”

    “Our legislative priorities focused on important issues facing Virginians. We passed bills that encourage and incentivize economic growth, reform the regulatory process to protect small businesses, and most importantly foster private-sector job creation.

    “We passed legislation to improve our educational system by increasing accountability, promoting school choice, and holding down the cost of tuition at Virginia’s colleges and universities. Republicans also remained committed to meaningful healthcare reform by increasing access to quality care and controlling skyrocketing costs.”

    “We took major steps this year to combat the ongoing opioid and heroin addiction. On average, nearly three people die every day from a drug overdose. In 2014, more people died from opioid overdoses than fatal car accidents. Thousands of Virginians and their families are struggling. It is important that we do everything we can to combat addiction by prevention and intervention. I was proud to sponsor a comprehensive legislative package that will immediately help put a dent in this devastating epidemic. But there is still more to do. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues to fight this problem”

    “We work every day to live up to our principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government. As we finish session, our most important work left is to adopt an amended state budget. Last week the House passed our version of the budget that strategically invests in the core functions of government while protecting precious taxpayer resources. We understand the need to invest in priorities, but we must do so in a fiscally prudent manner.”

    “Our budget is now in conference to work out differences with the Senate. I am confident that our final budget package will reflect the priorities that matter most to you. I encourage you to stay in touch with your elected officials over the last week of session to have your voice heard. Government works best when citizens take part.”

    “I’m Delegate Todd Pillion. For the entire House Republican caucus, thanks for watching and have a great weekend!”

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