• Denver Riggleman: $15 Minimum Wage Would Cripple Small Business

    — Republicans must be united to defeat Northam or Perriello in November–

    Denver Riggleman: $15 Minimum Wage Would Cripple Small Business

    Remarks as prepared for delivery:

    “Hi. I’m Denver Riggleman owner of Silverback Distillery, former CEO of a Department of Defense contracting company, and a former candidate for governor of this great Commonwealth.”

    “Thanks for having me today. I’m honored to be asked to do this, but before I even begin I want to thank my campaign volunteers, the Republican Party of Virginia, and especially my staff for their belief in me and all that they did for me. This two and a half month sprint was a lot of fun. I tell you, I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying here to help.”

    “Why would I do that? I would do that because of unity.”

    “I believe right now that unity is the most important thing that we have in defeating the Democrats in this election. No name-calling. No going after each other with the aggression that we should be going after the Democrats with. I think right now we need to realize the importance of this election is about us fighting on the battlefield of ideas, and fighting with ideals. That is why it’s so important.

    “We have Tommy Perriello, we have Ralph Northam- two people that are saying this – two Democratic candidates we had fifteen dollar minimum wage on small business where the effects of that on real small business owners?”

    “I am one. Fifteen dollars an hour is not just $15 an hour. You have insurance, you have overhead, you have fringe costs. Really what you’re talking about a $15 minimum wage is $20 to $25 an hour per person. Now obviously we want to have a living wage for everybody, but destroying small business to try to get an artificially mandated living wage from two Democratic candidates who’ve never run a small business just goes to show you that their pandering for votes.

    “It just goes to show you that bad policy equals a really bad economic environment, as you can see with GDP growth since Terry McAuliffe has been governor. That’s why we have to do this. That’s why we have to have unity, and fight on the battlefield of ideals and ideas, because we have two Democratic candidates over the horizon that are looking at us and they’re going to use our very words against us to fight us. Let’s go with unity. Let’s go with us going in one direction. Let’s make sure that we support whatever primary candidate we have and go to war with them.”

    “Thank you again. I’m Denver Riggleman, and on behalf of Republicans everywhere, thanks for watching and have a great weekend.”


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