• Even The Washington Post Knows Ralph Northam Is In Trouble

    On yesterday’s WAMU’s ‘Weekly Politics Wrap’, Matt McCleskey and Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney took stock of what was a busy week on Virginia’s campaign trail. Driving their discussion, was Governor McAuliffe’s most recent flip-flop on historical monuments (his second, for those counting) and the political mess it leaves Ralph Northam.

    Matt McCleskey: Where does that leave the Democratic gubernatorial candidate and McAuliffe’s lieutenant governor, Ralph Northam?

    Robert McCartney: Northam’s staked out a tough position on this, in favor of removing them. Now McAuliffe’s sawing off the tree limb that he’s sitting on.

    And despite doing all he can to distract Virginians from his unpopular and hastily thrown-together policy pronouncement, Ralph Northam has pledged to do all he can to take down Virginia’s historical monuments.

    It’s getting lonely on that limb for Ralph Northam.



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