• Whitbeck: Northam is Out of Touch

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement in response to a statement made by Ralph Northam:

    RALPH NORTHAM: “There are other regressive taxes, let’s think about the grocery – the food tax. Think about people – most people won’t even go to the grocery store. Five and three quarters, six percent, you don’t think about it a whole lot but those people that perhaps are living on minimum wage, that means a lot to those individuals so we have proposed to scale back – to get rid of – the grocery tax…”

    “This statement makes me wonder if Ralph Northam is even aware of what the current grocery tax is in Virginia.  He has an excellent ability to generate policies which translate to political talking points, but fails when it comes to substance.  While Northam claims the tax is between 5-6%, the reality is that the tax is currently set at 2.5%.”

    “This leaves us wondering if Northam is out of touch, or just not listening at all.”

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