• Ralph Northam Goes Full T-Mac

    — Brazenly oversells Medicaid expansion at last night’s NAACP forum —

    Ralph Northam made a doozy of a promise last night at the NAACP forum. Expanding Medicaid in Virginia would bring $10 billion in to the Commonwealth for things like pre-K education, transportation, and first responders – in addition to expanding Virginia’s Medicaid program.

    When asked how he’d accomplish this magical financial feat, Northam dismissed the question.

    “Because Medicaid is one of the largest costs to the Commonwealth of Virginia. So if you add $10 billion to our coffers so that we can pay for Medicaid, that frees up a lot of other money in the General Fund that we can use for education, transportation, first responders. Simple math.”


    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “I honestly don’t know what’s more shocking: the possibility that Ralph Northam is either terribly ill informed about the mechanics of Medicaid expansion, or that he’s willing to be so brazenly dishonest about it.”

    “Calling Northam’s ‘simple math’ statement wrong doesn’t go far enough. Money for Medicaid expansion is set aside to do just that — expand Medicaid to new patients. Virginia wouldn’t be getting $10 billion in free federal cash to spend as it pleases. To promise the Commonwealth otherwise is deeply, deeply dishonest. Ralph should be ashamed of himself.”


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