• VA Democrats Embrace Government-Run Healthcare and Massive Tax Increase

     16 Democrat candidates for the House come out in support of single payer in Virginia —

    Today, a group of 16 Democrat candidates for the House of Delegates announced their support for the both the largest tax increase and most sweeping expansion of government in Virginia history – the abolition of private health insurance and the creation of a single-payer health care system in Virginia.

    Led by Democrat Lee Carter, the group has called for what is – by their own admission – a “staggering” tax hike. From their proposal:

    “Bringing the function of health insurance wholly under the purview of the Commonwealth of Virginia will thus require an exercise of the General Assembly’s taxation authority on a scale not seen before, an estimated increase of at least $23 billion per year.”

    Ralph Northam campaigns with single payer supporters Justin Fairfax and Lee Carter.

    The current biennial budget spends around $100 billion over two years. A $23 billion tax increase would add to total government spending by 46 percent! It would also put unelected bureaucrats in Richmond in charge of health care – regardless of what happened to Obamacare.

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “This is without a doubt the most extreme, far-left proposal I’ve ever seen from any candidate in Virginia, let alone a group of 16 candidates working together. Similar attempts at establishing a single-payer system have failed miserably in both California and Vermont. The Democrats’ plan would destroy the private insurance market in Virginia, add a new layer of bureaucracy between patients and their doctors, and then make Virginia taxpayers foot the bill!”

    “If it wasn’t clear to every Virginian before, it should be now: a vote for Ralph Northam, or a vote for a Democrat in the House of Delegates is a vote for government-run health care with taxpayers footing the bill.”

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