• Whitbeck: For Democrats, Rural Voters Need Not Apply

    — Northam, Democrat ticket abandon decades-long tradition of Labor Day parade —

    If there was any doubt that Virginia Democrats have written off any part of Virginia outside Virginia’s urban crescent, Labor Day weekend put them to to rest. Rather than march in the traditional Labor Day parade in Buena Vista, all three Democrats decided they needed to be somewhere more urban – and more friendly – citing ‘a tight schedule.’ After helicoptering in for a cameo appearance in front of a handful of Democratic supporters, they were gone in a flash to Rep. Bobby Scott’s annual picnic in Norfolk.

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “Ralph Northam and the rest of the Democratic ticket have made it clear: if you’re more than a few minutes from the urban crescent, they don’t care about you or your concerns. Winning the nomination over Tom Perriello has pushed the entire Democratic ticket so far to the left that even attempting to appeal to voters outside of liberal city centers will cost them votes from the party’s base.

    “Ralph Northam has made it clear that he’ll be there for rural Virginia, provided it’s convenient to his schedule. Just ask the Center for Rural Virginia Board, where the only thing you count on Ralph Northam to do was not show up.”

    “Our Republican ticket is taking their ideas to ALL Virginians, not just those in areas plush with Democratic votes. Virginians have taken notice and are excited to elect a GOP Executive Branch in November.”


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