• Whitbeck: Mark Herring’s Salary Shuffle is Disqualifying

    Sleazy doesn’t begin to cover it. When Abbott Labs settled a major Medicaid fraud case, Virginia received millions of dollars. Federal rules are clear: that money can’t be used for salary increases. But Mark Herring found a loophole – and rewarded his favorite staffers with raises as high as 30 percent.

    RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

    “Mark Herring’s back door pay hikes are worse than unconscionable. They’re disqualifying for anyone who wants to serve the Commonwealth and enforce the rule of law. Rather than use this money for its intended purpose — the public good — Mark Herring found a way to put it into the pockets of selected staff, including his former campaign manager.”

    “Mark Herring has shown time and again that he will put his personal views and interests ahead of his duty to the Commonwealth. It’s time for Herring to go.”

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