• Will Downticket Dems Go with McAuliffe or Northam on Historical Statues?

    — As McAuliffe backs away from removal, Northam remains steadfast —
    – Fairfax, Herring stuck between party leadership and ticket loyalty –

    The 2017 Democratic ticket is in quite a bind. Just yesterday Governor McAuliffe hit the brakes on efforts to remove Virginia’s historic Civil War monuments, citing the need to put school funding ahead of statue removal.

    Meanwhile, Lt. Governor Northam has pledged to do everything that he can to remove statues at the state level.

    That puts Justin Fairfax and Attorney General Mark Herring in quite a bind. Do they stick with Ralph Northam, and support statue removal at all costs — including the cost of more teachers in the classroom — or do they break with their ticket leader and support Governor McAuliffe’s newfound financial pragmatism?

    School Funding, or Statute Removal? Virginia voters need to know where these two Democrats stand.


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