2016 RPV Convention In The Books – United for November

The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) is pleased to announce the following results from the 2016 Quadrennial Convention:
Republican Party of Virginia Chairman: John Whitbeck
Republican National Committeeman: Morton Blackwell
Republican National Committeewoman: Cynthia Dunbar
Virginia At-Large Electors: Samuel Howe and Erich Reimer
Virginia National Delegates:
Ken Cuccinelli
Virginia Thomas
Anne Gentry
Cynthia Dunbar
Matthew Hurtt
Chris Shores
Subba Kolla
Bethany Bostrom
Kathy Byron
Del. Tim Hugo
Jack Salm
Ellen Nau
Leon Benjamin
Virginia Alternate National Delegates:
John Martin
Marie Quinn
Melissa Richmond
Fay Williamson
Ken Reid
Brandon Howard
Mike Belefski
Sean Lenehan
Michael Moodie
Del. Danny Marshall
Michael Amowitz
Courtney Mattison
Linda Kivi-Porter
RPV Chairman John Whitbeck noted, “We walk out of this convention unified in defeating Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. This was an excellent weekend for Virginia Republicans and we look forward to Cleveland and more importantly winning Virginia and the White House in November.”