Anti-Semite Leslie Cockburn’s Fake Outrage

RPV responds to Anti-Semite Cockburn, demands she denounce out her co-author’s anti-Semitic statements.

Richmond, VA – Last week, the Republican Party of Virginia sent a mail piece detailing Anti-Semite Leslie Cockburn’s well-documented connections with white nationalists and anti-Semites.

In response, Anti-Semite Leslie Cockburn released a statement from several left-wing clergy, nearly all of whom have a history of voting in Democrat primaries and/or donating to Democrat candidates, claiming to be offended by RPV’s communications without refuting any of the charges in the mailer.

A copy of the mailer is printed below. Among the issues it touches upon are:

*The fact that Cockburn’s book Dangerous Liaison is listed as a source on 3 separate white nationalist/anti-Semite websites.

*The fact that Cockburn’s co-author and husband was quoted at a public debate in 2007 as saying the “Israel-lobby” controls the legislative branch, the executive branch, the media, and US foreign policy.

*The fact that Cockburn had a friendly dinner with Saddam Hussein’s sons shortly after their father’s regime was launching missile attacks against Israel.

“Neither Anti-Semite Leslie Cockburn nor any of her supporters deny the fact that her book is listed as a resource on three separate white nationalist websites” said RPV Executive Director John Findlay. “Are J Street or Cockburn’s surrogates disturbed that Cockburn’s book was featured on at least three white supremacist blogs? Are they offended by the assertion by Leslie’s co-author that the “Israel Lobby” control Congress, the executive branch, and U.S foreign policy? RPV calls on Leslie Cockburn to condemn her co-author’s awful statement and her anti-Semitic book.”