Democrats Continue to Live & Breathe Hypocrisy

Richmond, VA – If nothing else, at least Virginia Democrats are consistent. Consistently hypocritical, but consistent in that. Over the last year, Democrats have: Called for Ralph Northam’s resignation (then forgave him) Called for Justice Kavanaugh’s head on a platter (then ignored Justin Fairfax) Stopped taking donations from Dominion Energy (but were fine with Dominion donating to the Way Ahead PAC) Pledged to tighten up campaign finance restrictions (with the exception of the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner Blue Commonwealth Gala). N.B. – The Democratic Party of Virginia’s Chairwoman mentions Donald Trump three times in as many sentences in what is supposed to

Democrats Officially Do Not Support an Individual’s Right to Bear Arms

Richmond, VA – Today, the Virginia Democrats officially declared that they do not support an individual’s right to bear arms. House and Senate Democrats overturned more than a decade of policy and voted to ban all firearms from the Capitol and office buildings in preparation for supporters of the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution (read: Second Amendment) to come to Richmond. Please do not let any Democrat elected official lie to you and tell you that they do not want to ban all firearms and disarm Virginia’s citizenry. To reiterate, Democrats will ban/take/confiscate/criminalize the firearms of law abiding citizens.