Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Rouse Running for SD7 to Take Kiggans Seat

Richmond, Virginia – November 17, 2022 Virginia Democrats’ nomination of Aaron Rouse to fill the state senate seat vacated by Congresswoman-elect Jen Kiggans is more evidence of their war on police and utter disregard for law and order. Rouse’s soft-on-crime message and anti-police rhetoric are disturbing and dangerous. On June 26, 2020, during the Chronicles Unity Rally at the New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ, Rouse openly compared law enforcement to “modern-day slave traders.” Rouse himself consistently runs afoul of the law, showing that he has no respect for the rule of law and is unfit to represent the

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Legal Victory in Prince William County

Richmond, Virginia – November 2, 2022   Today, the Republican Party of Virginia secured an important legal victory in its lawsuit against the Prince William County Elections Office and Registrar for violating a Virginia law stating that all precincts must allow representatives chosen by both parties to serve as chiefs and assistant chiefs of polling locations. Some officers the Board had designated as “Republicans” had not been nominated by the Republican Party. The order will require that those designations be corrected.   The court correctly ruled that the Prince William County Elections Office may not exclude Republicans from both chief

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on the Virginia NAACP’s Political Hit Job Press Conference

Richmond, Virginia – November 1, 2022   Just one week out from Election Day, the Virginia NAACP is shamelessly and irresponsibly attempting to manufacture a crisis in a desperate last-ditch effort to save Democrats from defeat. This transparent media stunt is yet more evidence that this storied organization with a proud legacy has sadly become just another political arm of the Virginia Democratic Party.   Attorney General Miyares has been clear that the Election Integrity Unit will provide legal advice to the State Board and Department of Elections, investigate violations of Virginia election law, work to protect voting rights, and

Republican Party of Virginia’s Statement on Del. Elizabeth Guzman’s Proposal to Prosecute Parents that don’t Affirm Their Child’s Gender Identity.

Richmond, Virginia – October 20, 2022   Parents play a valuable role in their children’s upbringing. Still, Virginia Democrats think it is okay to charge them with felonies if they do not give in to the left’s definition of gender conformity. Earlier this week, Democratic Delegate Elizabeth Guzman announced that she intends to introduce a Bill that will broaden the Commonwealth’s definition of child abuse and abuse to include parents not supporting gender changes with their children.   Let the Republican Party of Virginia be clear: Parents should always have the choice to do what they think is best for

Republican Party of Virginia’s Statement on Spanberger Pulling out of Debate with Yesli Vega

Richmond, Virginia – October 20, 2022   This week, voters in the 7th Congressional District were prepared to attend a scheduled debate between Republican Nominee Yesli Vega and her opponent Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger. At the last minute, Abigail Spanberger pulled out of the debate, possibly the last opportunity the voters will have to hear from both candidates at the same time and place. In case anyone needed further proof that Spanberger is running from her disastrous voting record (100% with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi), she has chosen to deny voters one of the last opportunities to hear from her.

Republican Party of Virginia’s Statement on Spanberger’s “Bipartisan” Ad

Richmond, Virginia – October 11, 2022   In the closing days of her failed campaign for Congress, Abigail Spanberger has reached the point of desperation at which she has to turn to a former Congressman who announced in June to a nationwide audience on Jake Tapper’s “State of the Union” that he is “no longer a Republican.” As Spanberger scours the land for endorsements, pushes false narratives, and struggles for relevance in her losing campaign, Republicans everywhere know that she’s trying to burnish the false veneer of bipartisanship that she has been pushing.   In reality, Spanberger is no moderate

Republican Party of Virginia Hosts Evening Reception Honoring and Welcoming Sheriffs and Commonwealth’s Attorneys

Abingdon, Virginia – September 27, 2022   The Republican Party of Virginia hosted an evening reception at the Martha Washington Inn to honor and welcome the Republican Sheriffs and Commonwealth’s Attorney’s that recently joined our Party.   Eleven Sheriffs and Commonwealth’s Attorneys have switched to the Republican Party and we had the opportunity to celebrate them and commemorate the continued fight against the extreme anti-Law Enforcement agenda of the Democrats.   Executive Director, Ken Nunnenkamp gave the following statement, “We are thrilled that we were able to host this event and even more excited to stand with our new Republican

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Hispanic Heritage Month

Richmond, Virginia – September 15, 2022   During Hispanic Heritage Month, we are proud to celebrate the many contributions of Hispanic Americans to our culture and our society. Nearly 1 million Hispanic Americans call Virginia home – including our great Attorney General, Jason Miyares, the first Hispanic American ever elected to that post, and Yesli Vega, the Republican nominee for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. Their leadership has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on our Commonwealth, and we are grateful for their hard work and dedication.   We also know that Hispanic Americans want strong families, safe communities, and economic opportunity.

Republican Party of Virginia Honors Heroes of 9/11

Richmond, Virginia – September 11, 2022 Today, we remember the thousands of innocent lives taken from us by the tragic act of violence on September 11, 2001. We honor the bravery and heroism of the first responders who put their lives on the line, and grieve with the families who lost a loved one that day.  Our Nation continues to show resilience and perseverance to unite us as one under God. We pray for the families of victims and our country as a whole. The courage and selflessness that are shown each day to rebuild our Nation never go unnoticed.

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on the Creation of an Election Integrity Unit at the Office of the Attorney General

Richmond, Virginia – September 9, 2022   Today, Attorney General Jason Miyares is taking another important step toward securing our elections by establishing an Election Integrity Unit within the Office of the Attorney General. This bold initiative will increase transparency in our elections, restore confidence in our democratic process, and better ensure that every vote is counted in accordance with the law.   Just this week, we saw the need for stronger protections for our elections system when a former top Prince William County election official was indicted on fraud charges related to the 2020 election. By prosecuting this individual,