Virginia Democrats Are the Abortion Extremists

Richmond, Virginia – September 27, 2023 In official votes in Richmond and in public comments, Virginia Democrats have fought to make unlimited, unrestricted, taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand up until the moment of birth the new standard under Virginia law. They are the abortion extremists. We all well remember former Democrat Governor Ralph Northam’s infamous comments that suggested he supported infanticide “if that’s what the mother wants.” And who could forget Democrat Delegate Kathy Tran’s ghastly admission that a bill supported by a majority of Virginia Democrats would allow elective abortions at 40 weeks.  Just this past term, Radical Democrats in the Virginia State Senate killed multiple bills

Senator Monty Mason Must Answer for His Racist “Slave Auction” Frat Event

Richmond, Virginia – September 22, 2023 State Senator Monty Mason has previously claimed that he had no knowledge of an alleged “slave auction” event held by the William & Mary chapter of Pi Lambda Phi while he was president of the fraternity in 1989. But according to new evidence reported by The Daily Wire, Senator Mason lied. Senator Mason alleged that the description of the event in question as a “slave auction” was merely an inexplicable mistake by the college’s newspaper. But a recently unearthed flier (pictured below) proves that the event was indeed advertised as a “slave auction.”  

Republican Party of Virginia Demands Transparency from Rep. Abigail Spanberger on Susanna Gibson Controversy

Richmond, Virginia – September 21, 2023 Does Abigail Spanberger still stand with Susanna Gibson? Voters deserve an answer. Following news reports last week that Democrat nominee for the 57th House district Susanna Gibson had been live-streaming sex acts in exchange for money, Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger deleted two Twitter posts supportive of Mrs. Gibson. Both posts, captured earlier and included below, have now been scrubbed from Gibson and Spanberger’s accounts.     The fact that these images were removed would seem to indicate that Rep. Spanberger has pulled her endorsement of Mrs. Gibson. Moreover, Rep. Spanberger was previously listed as

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Kamala Harris’s Visit to Hampton College

Richmond, Virginia – September 14, 2023 An NBC news poll earlier this summer revealed that Kamala Harris is the most unpopular Vice President in history. Following that brutal poll, the White House announced that Vice President Kamala Harris will visit Hampton University on Thursday to speak to college students. Students can expect that Vice President Harris will offer her normal ramblings and more empty promises, but here’s what they will not hear: Inflation due to Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s reckless economic policies are crushing college students: If you need to fill up your car to drive to class, it

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Passage of 2023 Budget Amendments

Richmond, Virginia – September 7, 2023 The budget bill passed by the state legislature yesterday is a reminder that while we have made great progress over the past two years thanks to Governor Youngkin and Republican leadership, we can still do more to help Virginia families thrive. The amendments include several major wins for everyday Virginians that Republicans have championed from the beginning, including more than $1 billion in tax cuts and significant investments in our public schools and mental health care. Our Republican leaders in Richmond should be commended for holding firm on these important issues. However, Virginia Democrats

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Budget Agreement

Richmond, Virginia – August 28, 2023 On Friday, leaders in the General Assembly agreed to a budget deal that ends months of Democrat obstructionism. This deal provides $1 billion in tax cuts along with targeted funding for public education – proving that Virginia can both cut taxes and invest in vital programs. While this agreement does not represent the full scope of what Republicans had hoped to provide with our Commonwealth’s $5.1 billion surplus, it nonetheless shows that, even in divided government, the leadership of Governor Youngkin and Virginia Republicans can deliver real results for Virginia families.   ###

Gov. Youngkin Is Right to Send National Guard Troops to the Border

Richmond, Virginia – May 31, 2023 The Republican Party of Virginia applauds Governor Youngkin’s decision today to deploy Virginia National Guard troops to Texas to address the rapidly worsening crisis at our southern border. As Governor Youngkin has said, under Joe Biden, every state is a border state. We have seen the tragic consequences of this completely avoidable crisis right here in Virginia. Last year, over 2,600 Virginians died of an opioid overdose. Most of these deadly drugs came through our southern border. Despite this, Democrats in Washington and Virginia have shamefully failed to act to protect our communities. Earlier

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Joe Biden’s “Fantasy Land” State of the Union Address

Richmond, Virginia – February 7, 2023   Tonight, Joe Biden once again showed the American people why he is unfit to lead and why voters elected a Republican House majority last November.   President Biden continues to live in a fantasy land, ignoring the real problems plaguing everyday Americans and denying his role in creating the many crises our country now faces. From record-high inflation to the ongoing humanitarian and national security catastrophe at the southern border, the president and congressional Democrats appear content to claim ignorance or double down on the same failed policies.   The state of our

The Republican Party of Virginia Celebrates Black History Month

Richmond, Virginia – February 1, 2023   During Black History Month, we honor the many contributions of Black Americans to our Commonwealth and our country. Black Americans have held a central place in the history of our Commonwealth since the very beginning. In 1619, a Dutch trading ship carrying African slaves arrived in Point Comfort, Virginia, marking the beginning of the wicked and evil practice of slavery in what would become the United States. 246 years later, it was also in Virginia, near the tiny village of Appomattox, that the bloody conflict to end slavery finally came to an unofficial

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on RNC Elections

Richmond, Virginia – January 27, 2023   The Republican Party of Virginia congratulates Ronna McDaniel on winning another term as Chair of the Republican National Committee. Virginia Republicans also thank Harmeet Dhillon of California and Mike Lindell of Minnesota for stepping forward to offer themselves in selfless service to our party.   In 2021, the RNC played a critical role in partnering with Virginia Republicans to deliver historic victories with the election of Governor Glenn Youngkin, Lt. Governor Winsome Sears, and Attorney General Jason Miyares, accompanied by return of the Virginia House of Delegates to Republican control. In the months