Chairman Mullins: Lots of Donor Payback, Little Substance in McAuliffe Budget Amendments

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

“Terry McAuliffe has made it very clear that he will take care of the donors to his campaign.  Anti-2nd Amendment zealot Michael Bloomberg gave him $1.7 million during his run for Governor. Radical environmentalist Tom Steyer gave another $1.7 million, in addition to millions more in TV attacks on his opponent.”

“Now two of the top priorities in the Governor’s legislative agenda include an attack on Virginia’s coalfields and gun control. It’s no coincidence. Terry had yet to make any move to pay back Bloomberg, and he must do something to stay in Tom Steyer’s good graces to keep the money flowing for 2015.”

“That’s just how Terry McAuliffe operates. Virginians deserve better.”