Does Ralph Northam Agree With His Running Mate on Single-Payer in Virginia?

— Nearly a Third of House Dem Candidates Also Support Single-Payer —

 Richmond, VA- Recently, nearly a third of the Democrat Party’s House of Delegate candidates endorsed a socialized, single-payer government takeover of health care which would end private insurance as we know it for more than 5 million Virginians. The “plan” would amount to a $23 billion increase in spending per year and eliminate nearly all forms of private insurance. Given the current budget in Virginia, the only way to pay for such a large spending increase would require, as the plan’s authors write, “an exercise of the General Assembly’s taxation authority on a scale not seen before.”

While Ralph Northam has attempted to avoid this issue, his running mate for statewide office, Justin Fairfax, has openly endorsed the concept of single-payer at the federal level, as reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. In a survey filled out for Bernie Sanders-linked group Our Revolution, which endorsed Fairfax in June’s Democrat Primary, Fairfax clearly indicated he supports single-payer healthcare. Simply put, does Ralph Northam agree with his running mate?

Statement from Chairman Whitbeck:

“I understand why Ralph Northam doesn’t want to talk about the crazy single-payer government takeover that multiple House Democrats put forward. However, Ralph must answer this very basic question: Is his own running mate, Justin Fairfax, and nearly a third of Democrat House of Delegate Candidates horrifically wrong on the issue of healthcare in Virginia? 

As a doctor, Ralph must understand what a disaster a single-payer healthcare system would be for Virginia families. The issue is also horribly unpopular with the public.  Nearly 80% of voters in Colorado voted against single payer last year and attempts in both Vermont and California to implement such a system have gone up in flames.

Unfortunately, given Ralph’s repeated history of hiding from Virginia voters, it likely that Ralph will continue his record as No-Show Northam instead of answering a basic question.”