Eerie Elaine Luria Haunts Second District

Richmond, VA – Elaine Luria’s campaign is run like the Jaws movies, you’re never sure what’s going on until it’s too late.

Luria has already come out in favor of huge tax hikes for the middle class, but what other far-left policies does she stand for?

In an eerie, Jaws themed ad, the NRCC dives into Luria’s support for a government takeover of healthcare, one that would add $32 trillion to the deficit.

Elaine Luria is also a major benefactor of Nancy Pelosi’s political bribe money. House Majority PAC, owned and operated by Nancy Pelosi and her ilk, has bought over $520,000 of air time for Luria this cycle alone.

“It’s what we don’t know about Elaine Luria that should scare us the most. Elaine Luria can try her best to hide her radical agenda from the people of Virginia’s Second, but they’re smarter than that,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “Nancy Pelosi is bankrolling Luria’s campaign, it doesn’t get much more radical than that.”

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  1. I have a question regarding Virginia’s 3rd district. How come the Republicans never have a candidate to run against Bobby Scott. I’m appalled that I never have had a choice in my district. Can anyone answer this? Why won’t Republicans run against Bobby Scott?

    1. Its been Redistricted so many times that a conservative candidate has no chance at winning at all… This needs to be taken to the Supreme Court an changed back to the way it use to be!!!

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