FACES OF THE GOP: John Guevara, Candidate Sully District, Fairfax County

The son of immigrants, John Guevara is proof that the American Dream still exists. John is dedicated to making sure that dream continues to be possible for his children and future generations.

From an early age John’s father, taught him that “education, hard work, and faith,” were the keys to success. After growing up in poverty, John joined the Army Reserves at 17, eventually becoming a commissioned officer. John proudly served his country for 15 years before transitioning to the private sector. 

As an executive at AT&T, John oversees budgets in excess of $120 million to ensure they come in on time and under budget.  As Sully District Supervisor, John will use that same experience and dedication to improve our county government, making it more efficient, effective, and responsive.

John’s actions are driven by the belief that service to others and service to your community is the highest calling. As a Sunday school teacher, baseball coach, soccer coach, PTO board member and homeowners association President, John strives to improve our community every day. Ever working to improve his community, John has also created SullyStreets.com which empowers Sully Resident’s to report dangerous intersection and roads that need repair. Each pothole that is filled is proof that John Guevara is the kind of candidate that doesn’t need to win an election before making a difference in his community.

In the past few months a coalition of community leaders, including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, have rallied together to support John’s candidacy. He was recently endorsed by the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce’s NOVABizPAC, the Virginia Police Benevolent Association, the League of Conservation Voters, Latinos con Terry Steering Committee Member Carlos Castro as well as current Sully District Supervisor Michael Frey who has held the position since it was created 24 years ago. Guevara also has the support of Supervisors Cook and Herrity as well as the support of Delegates Jim LeMunyon and Tim Hugo.

John is a dedicated husband and father. He lives with his wife and high-school sweetheart, Marilyn in the Fair Woods neighborhood of the Navy Precinct where they raise their two sons, Peter and Nathan.

Visit John’s website for more information or follow him on Twitter and Facebook.  

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John Whitbeck

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