FACES OF THE GOP: Alexandria Town Council – Monique Miles & Fernando Torres

Monique Miles brings her business owner experience to the race for Alexandria City Council.

Monique A. Miles is running for an at-large seat on the Alexandria City Council in the upcoming November general election. She also received numerous endorsements including from the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors, Former First Lady Susan Allen, Former Councilman Frank Fannon, and the Virginia Federation of Republican Women. In her professional role, Miles is a small business owner and lawyer. Miles opened up her own law office two years ago where she advises individuals, small businesses, and low-income clients. She is an alumna of the University of Virginia (B.A. in Foreign Affairs and Philosophy) and Regent University School of Law (Juris Doctor).

Miles proposed a 3-point business plan to strengthen Alexandria’s economy, which involves diversifying revenue sources through business recruitment, reducing the business and professional licensing tax (BPOL tax) to remain competitive in the region, and addressing the current ballooning deficit.

Miles is proud to be a minority female business owner. The Virginia State Bar Young Lawyers Conference gave her an Outstanding Service Award in June 2012 for her service as Chair of the Women and Minorities in the Profession Commission. She is especially proud of Alexandria’s recent ranking of 13 out of 406 of the best cities in America for women entrepreneurs to start businesses. “I understand the challenges that small business entrepreneurs face when running their businesses,” said Miles. “I’m proud that Alexandria promotes entrepreneurship in its diverse community. As a member of the City Council, I will work to ensure that Alexandria maintains this pro-growth environment.”miles

An entrepreneur and community advocate from a young age, Miles has been actively involved in community service for the past 20 years.  She has been a reading tutor and mentor to girls from low-income areas.  She also served on the Alexandria Towing Advisory Services Board as a Citizen Representative. In that position, she sought revisions to the Alexandria Code to prevent predatory practices by towing companies and worked with City officials, including the police department, parking authority, and representatives from local towing companies. Miles will bring her collaborative and results-based style to the Alexandria City Council.

Miles needs your support to keep her strong momentum leading up to the general election in November!  Please volunteerdonate , and spread the word about her campaign, so she can win a seat on council and bring responsible and accountable leadership to Alexandria!

For more information on Monique Miles and her campaign, visit her website at http://www.moniquemiles.com or contact Monique’s campaign at supporter@moniquemiles.com to learn about how you can help.


Fernando Torrez born and raised in Bolivia. His family decided to migrate to the Unites States in 1994 to achieve the American Dream.

His family settled in Arlington, Virginia and immediately began taking English classes during summer school. By the time he reached 15 years old, he had finish his private pilot’s training. After graduating from Washington Lee High School he joined the U.S. Air Force.

Fernando Torrez fits the profile of such a leader. Since early in his life, Fernando has always put others’ needs before his own. He is a natural born leader who proudly and honorably served in the United States Air Force for almost nine years. During his service, Fernando gained a myriad of knowledge in the areas of DOD standards and logistical infrastructure while on worldwide deployments.

Fernando is the proud small business owner of NanoTech, an IT company which supports small and mid-size companies in Alexandria, Virginia and can thoroughly relate to the hurdles and joys of starting and owning a small business. Fernando is also aware of how local government policies affect business owners.

Fernando serves as a Board Member on various organizations such as the United Way, Alexandria Sheriff’s Office Correctional Services Advisory Board, and the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce.  He also serves as a City Commissioner on the Alexandria Commission on Employment, Department of Community and Human Services and Center Economic Support.

Fernando’s campaign has focused on the “Business mindset” – to improve the quality of life for Alexandrians by strengthening our city’s infrastructure, creating jobs, improving our education system, and most importantly restoring the voter’s trust in City Council.  Through the value and impact of a business mindset, our city will be able to achieve great success.

Fernando, a proud family man, resides in the heart of Old Town with his lovely wife, Kamila and recently born baby named Alexandra, after the city. Fernando loves his city and therefore, has decided to undertake his civic duty and run for office. As a business-minded and socially forward resident of Alexandria, Fernando is very outspoken about the well-being of his beloved city and if granted the opportunity, he will always put his best foot forward to represent the best interests of the residents, businesses and the city.

“We need an economy which appreciates small-businesses, provides the opportunity to work in scalable jobs, and residents can afford and retire in their home”

Fernando Torrez and his team are doing an outstanding job and need your support. Please contact the campaign to volunteer friends@fernandotorrez.com . For more information about Fernando and his campaign, visit www.fernandotorrez.com

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John Whitbeck

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