FACES OF THE GOP: Chuong Nguyen Candidate 87th House of Delegates

Chuong Nguyen brings an impressive professional background to local politics in Virginia as he aims to represent the 87th District of the Virginia House of Delegates.

Chuong, along with his parents and three older brothers escaped communist Vietnam in 1978. After being tossed about at sea, avoiding pirates and staving off dehydration, their small fishing boat carried them to safety on Pulau Bidong, Malaysia. Surviving nearly 6 months on the island, Chuong and his family sought asylum to the United States and eventually settled in Northern Virginia.600Chuong

Watching his family seek the American Dream to in their new country, Chuong embraced a work ethic that allowed him to pursue his education to the highest level. Attending Phillips Exeter Academy, Harvard University and the University of Richmond T.C. Williams School of Law, Chuong knows intimately the opportunities this country can provide with hard work and perseverance.

Since completing his education, Chuong has served as an educator, prosecutor and even a lacrosse coach. He believes that each community begins with its children and that we must ensure these young individuals receive the best education possible.

Chuong is running to protect and expand opportunities not only to the people in his district, but to everyone striving for their dreams in Virginia.

“I have been blessed to live the American Dream- escaping communist Vietnam as a child, graduating from Harvard and becoming a successful attorney in Loudoun. But I feel that those opportunities are beginning to dwindle for our future generations. I am looking to serve Virginia by bringing common sense solutions and conservative principles to Richmond on behalf of the people of Loudoun and Prince William Counties and of the Commonwealth.”

With Delegate David Ramadan retiring from office, the 87th District is a battleground between the Republicans and the Democrats. Chuong and his team are doing an excellent job leading the fight but they need our support! Donate $5, $10, $25 or $50 now. Or, contact the campaign at Info@ChuongForDelegate.com to volunteer today.

For more information about Chuong and his campaign, visit www.ChuongForDelegate.com.

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John Whitbeck

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