FACES OF THE GOP: Keith Flanagan and Buddy Bishop in Goochland Co.

Four years ago, the voters in Goochland County elected conservative reformers to change how the County was being run. Now two activists are running to build on previous successes:

Keith Flannagan, Republican candidate for Clerk of Court

In 2011, Goochland County selected a new slate of Supervisors, Treasurer and School Board with real private sector expereince. Using the application of new thinking and modern business principles the reformers improved government services, cut debt and dramatically improved the County’s bond rating. Keith Flannagan is now running to help complete the work that started four years ago.

Keith is an Air Force veteran and small business owner. He has lived in Virginia for over 20 years, earned his Masters Degree at Virginia Commonweatlh University and is actively involved in local politics and civic activities. Keith is proudest of his fiancee, Sandy, three daughters, and two grandsons.

Keith wants to bring his private sector expereince to government. If elected as Clerk of Court, Keith wants to promote and build a strong team environment by evaluating the staff induvidually on each person’s abilities, training and outlook. His main goal is to bring increased transparency and efficiency to the Clerk of Court’s office and looks forward to working with the rest of the Goochland County elected officials to make its government smaller and more efficient.

Keith Flannagan, Congressman Dave Brat, Buddy Bishop 

Buddy Bishop, Republican candidate for Commissioner of Revenue

Buddy Bishop is a life long Virginia resident. He has been active in politics for over a decade, fighting for lower taxes and limited government. For nearly twenty years, Billy has worked in the private sector in the field of information technology. He lives in Gum Spring, VA with his wife, Colleen and two dogs.

Buddy’s main goals are to bring the Commissioner’s office into the 21st century by upgrading the technology and focusing on improved customer service. He looks forward to the opportunity to work with the conservative majority governing Goochland County to create synergy and promote a culture of transparency in government.

Let’s Be Republican First!

John Whitbeck