FACES OF THE GOP: Sang Yi, Candidate 37th District House of Delegates

Sang Yi’s life story is an example of the American Dream.

Sang Yi immigrated to the United States from South Korea in the 1980’s. With humble beginnings in their new lives in America, Sang’s parents sought out success to improve their family’s station in life. Sang’s parents worked hard and were able to start their first small business, a neighborhood market.

Witnessing firsthand how the American Dream can become a reality, Sang developed a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities our great nation had to offer. With a sense of pride and desire to give back to the country that has given his family so much, Sang enrolled in the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. Upon graduation, he received his commission in the U.S. Navy Reserve and he currently serves as a Lieutenant Commander. He continued his education at the U.S. Naval War College for graduate school, and received his law degree from George Washington University Law School.

Sang is also active in his community, having served as the President of his Homeowners Association, Second Vice Commander of American Legion Post 177 in the City of Fairfax, and as a member of the Lions Club and Freemasons. He is an appointed policy board member for the Fairfax Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP) and is a member of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce. Sang’s dedication to better his community will make him the best possible Delegate to represent the 37th District.

Face_sangyi_profileHaving worked in the executive branch at a Defense Department intelligence agency as well as in the legislative branch on Capitol Hill, Sang has the experience and qualifications to represent the 37th District in Virginia’s House of Delegates. We need people with Sang’s experience who are devoted to serving their communities.

Sang’s dedication to his family, the Commonwealth, and to the nation has led him to seek public office. He has the courage to take on an entrenched incumbent and I know that he has the work ethic, community ties, and background to win in November. I am excited and proud to support Sang, and I ask that everyone else do the same.

For more information, you can visit Sang Yi’s website, www.SangYiForDelegate.com or you can contact his campaign at Andrew@SangYiForDelegate.com. To get recent updates on the campaign, LIKE us on Facebook, follow us Twitter, and Instagram. Also, visit our YouTube page to learn more about why Sang is running.

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John Whitbeck

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