Facts and Dates: Virginia GOP Delegate Selection Process

The Republican Party of Virginia’s delegate selection to the Republican National Convention is underway. Here are the facts about the Party’s process to help answer any questions and clear up any misconceptions.
Virginia can send 49 delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Under Party rules, all 49 delegates are bound proportionally by the results of Virginia’s March 1 primary.
On the first ballot, those delegates will cast:
  • 17 Votes for Donald Trump
  • 16 Votes for Marco Rubio
  • 8 Votes for Ted Cruz
  • 5 Votes for John Kasich
  • 3 Votes for Ben Carson
Under Virginia GOP rules, it doesn’t matter whether a candidate has dropped out, suspended his or her campaign, or asked for his or her delegates to vote for another candidate. On the first ballot, delegates are bound to those votes.
Those delegates are chosen at a series of 11 conventions in each of Virginia’s 11 Congressional Districts, and at the Republican Party of Virginia Convention in Harrisonburg.

Congressional District Delegates
Each Congressional District chooses 3 Delegates, for a net total of 33. District Conventions are composed of Delegates elected from each of its cities and counties. Voting at the district convention is weighted by “voting strength.” Cities and counties that produce more GOP votes in Presidential and Gubernatorial races have more votes at the convention.

Those wishing to be delegates to the state and national conventions file an application with the Congressional District committee as describe in each district’s convention “call”, the formal document announcing the convention and relevant details, such as the date, time, location, and filing requirements. Each District Convention has its own procedures within limits set by the Republican Party of Virginia’s Plan of Organization, better known as the “Party Plan.”
District Convention Dates and Filing Deadlines for Delegate candidates are as follows (in chronological order):
  • 10th CD: Convention April 16th – Filing Deadline Jan. 23rd
  • 1st CD: Convention May 7th – Filing Deadline March 1st
  • 3rd CD: Convention May 7th – Filing Deadline February 28th
  • 8th CD: Convention May 7th – Filing Deadline February 12th
  • 5th CD: Convention May 14th – Filing Deadline March 31st
  • 11th CD: Convention May 14th – Filing Deadline March 11th
  • 4th CD: Convention May 21st– Filing Deadline March 18th
  • 6th CD: Convention May 21st – – Filing Deadline February 1st
  • 7th CD: Convention May 21st – Filing Deadline March 1st
The 9th District held their convention on April 9th. A date for the 2nd CD Convention has not been finalized as of this writing.

All convention calls – Local Unit, Congressional District, and State – are listed on the RPV Convention website, http://www.virginia.gop/2016convention/


At-Large Delegates

An additional 13 “at large” delegates will be elected at the Republican Party of Virginia Convention on April 29-30 in Harrisonburg, Va., for a net total of 46.

Just as with the Congressional District conventions, the call for the state convention includes an application for those who wish to run for the 13 available Delegate positions, with a filing deadline of March 1.

The Party’s Nominations Committee, made up of representatives from all 11 Congressional Districts, will publish a proposed list of Delegates to be elected, which the Convention as a whole will either approve or disapprove. If the convention does not adopt the nominating committee’s recommendation, it may elect another list of delegates.

Automatic Delegates
Virginia’s final 3 delegates are Virginia’s sitting members of the Republican National Committee – the Chairman, National Committeeman, and National Committeewoman. All three are bound on the first ballot, just like all other delegates.

Additional Voting Rounds
If the Republican National Convention in Cleveland does not nominate a candidate on the first ballot, Virginia’s 49 delegates are unbound and may vote for the candidate of their choice