For VA Democrats, Resistance > Racism

When Governor Ralph Northam told the world he appeared in blackface in the 1980s, Democrat were all but unanimous in their verdict: Northam must resign. When Attorney General Mark Herring told the world he appeared in blackface in the 1980s, Democrats were much more reticent. Now we know why: without Herring, they can’t sue President Trump.

Herring joined 15 other states yesterday in suing to block President Trump’s effort to secure the southern border. Herring has sued the President over Obamacare multiple times, the travel ban, the 2020 census, and offshore drilling, to name but a few. Apparently resistance to the President is more important than standing up to racism.

Democrat Don Beyer said it well on Face the Nation: Democrat’s can’t call on Mark Herring to resign, because he’d be replaced by a Republican. Virginia Democrats are more than willing to let racist behavior slide, provided they can continue their resistance to President Trump.” — Garren Shipley, RNC spokesman

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