General Counsel Rulings

Pursuant to Article X, Sec. A, sub. 4 of the RPV State Party Plan:

All rulings and interpretations by the General Counsel, and the final determination on any appeal of such, shall be posted on the State Central Committee and Unit Chair sections of the website of the Republican Party of Virginia.  Further, notice of each ruling and determination of any appeal shall be provided by electronic mail to each member of the State Central Committee and to each Unit Chairman.

The following is a list of RPV General Counsel Rulings and Opinions issued in reverse chronological order. As many of these documents are in image format (PDF), staff has done their best to summarize the topics of the rulings and opinions in the title.


2021-02-15 | Building Means Structure or Facility (PDF)


2020-05-10 | Notice of Convention Changes (PDF)


2019-06-12 | Notice to State Board of Change in Committee Chairs (PDF) Overturned on 2019-6-15 w/ instructions (PDF)

2019-05-29 | Removal Petition Notice and Signature Requirements (PDF)

2019-05-21 | Congressional District Consideration of Appeal from LDC (PDF)

2019-05-10 | Chair Has Sole Authority to Appoint LDC Rep (PDF)

2019-04-21 | Magisterial District Nominations (PDF)

2019-02-24 | Absence Rule Special Meeting Calls (PDF)

2019-01-22 | Attendance-Only Proxy Not Counted for Quorum (PDF)


2018-12-18 | Contest of Unit Action Must Be Heard By Unit Before Appeal to District Committee (PDF)

2018-08-30 | Qualifications of District Committee Officers (PDF)

2018-03-26 | Resolution of the Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee Concerning the Deciding of Appeals(PDF)

2018-03-26 | State Central Committee Appeal Cover Sheet (PDF)

2018-02-09 | Unit Chair Eligibility (PDF. 248lb)


2017-01-17 | State Central Committee Attendance Requirement (PDF, 162kb)


2016-08-31 | Refusal to Support a Republican Nominee (PDF, 146kb)
2016-08-31 | Contests and Appeals Revisited (PDF, 145kb)
2016-08-31 | State Central Consideration of GC Determiniation (PDF, 154kb)
2016-07-01 | Refusal to Support a Nominee(PDF, 145kb)
2016-07-01 | Determination of Method of Nomination(PDF, 146kb) Overturned on August 14th, 2016 via Appeals Committee (AppealBrief Opposed to AppealMinutes)
2016-06-10 | Contests and Appeals(PDF, 142kb)
2016-05-13 | Military Participation and Military Delegation Voting at Conventions(PDF, 158kb)
2016-04-19 | Signatures on Filing Forms (PDF, 140kb)
2016-04-19 | Delegate Certifications Not Invalid for Lack of Phone Number (PDF, 143kb)
2016-03-11 | Statement of Intent Must Relate to Nominating Process (PDF, 158kb)
2016-03-11 | Calculating At-Large Membership(PDF, 260kb)
2016-03-11 | Uncontested Election Not Held Pursuant to Call Takes Immediate Effect(PDF, 215kb)
2016-03-09 | Pre-Filing May not be required to participate in Mass Meetings or Canvasses  (PDF, 210kb)
2016-02-22 | Qualifications for Participation Under Article 2 (PDF, 148kb)


2015-11-16 | Support of School Board Candidate may not Trigger Automatic Removal (PDF, 135kb)
2015-11-10 | Failure of Member to Disavow Write-in Campaign Triggers Automatic Removal (PDF, 145kb)
2015-10-22 | Narrower Residency Requirements than Party Plan (PDF, 145kb)
2015-10-7 | Calculating Meeting Notice Requirements (PDF, 241kb)
2015-07-15 | GCO Appeals Procedures (PDF, 217kb)
2015-05-12 | Proxy Voting in Elections by Official Committees (PDF, 135kb)
2015-04-27 | Military Delegation Voting at Conventions (PDF, 136kb)
2015-03-16 |
Classes of Membership and Attendance Requirements (PDF, 145kb)
Regarding Requirements for a Party Call (PDF, 184kb)
2015-01-21 |  
Regarding 3rd Party Opposition to Republican Nominees [Overturned] (PDF, 173kb)
2015-01-18 |
  Concerning Activity In Support of 3rd Party Candidates (PDF, 108kb)


2014-12-07 | Duties and Potential for Liability for a Legislative District Committee (PDF, 9kb)
Regarding Campbell County (PDF, 89kb)
2014-11-06  |
Multiple Issues Regarding Convention Resolutions (PDF, 155kb)
2014-09-24 Finality of State Central Rulings (PDF, 73kb)
Status of Unit Membership After The Biennial Organizational Meeting (PDF, 79kb)
 | Unit Chairman Concurrently Seeking Public Office (PDF, 216kb)
Expiration of Terms of Office For Unit and District Committee Officers (PDF, 173kb)
Impact of District Committee Decisions in Other District Committees (PDF, 81kb)
 | Regarding the Binding Effect of General Counsel Rulings (PDF, 158kb)
Seating Prefiles in Campbell County (PDF, 188kb)
Duty to Disclose Lists After a Convention (PDF, 88kb)
Voting Rights  on District Committees (PDF, 154kb)
2014-04-21 Voter Statement of Intent in a Mass Meeting (PDF, 105kb)
2014-04-08 | Seating Delegates to a Convention or Mass Meeting (PDF, 266kb)


2011-08-12 | Conduct Required for a Legislative District Committee (PDF, 67kb)


2010-12-10 Voting Rights on District Committee (PDF, 1,019 kb)
2010-05-07 | Party Officials Only Able To Carry One Vote (PDF, 568 kb)
2010-03-24 | Term Limits for Chairman and Retroactive Application (PDF, 3506kb)
2010-03-23 | Ex Officio Members and Removal of Ex Officio Members (PDF, 993kb)



2008-05-07 | Dues and Attendance as Additional Qualifications(PDF, 1230kb)


1998-02-16 Imposing Conditions For Membership As Improper (PDF, 1,162 kb)


1996-07-29 | Bylaws Restrictions, Dues, and Qualifications of Proxy Holders(PDF, 1329kb)


1989-04-28 | Nominations in a Magisterial District Performed By Duly Qualified Voters Only (PDF, 111kb)


1987-05-19 | Conditions for Participation in a Party Canvass (PDF, 283kb)


1982-06-14 | Officers Ability To Vote After Elected and the Role of Roberts Rules (PDF, 567kb)
Resolving Disputes Within a Unit or District Committee (PDF, 666kb)
1982-05-19 |
 Regarding Prefiles Not Elected as Delegates (PDF, 1,430kb)
1982-05-14 | Call Published With Errors Complying With Spirit and Intent of Party Plan (PDF, 1,430kb)
1982-04-02 | Mass Meeting Participants Within Newly Drawn Precinct Lines (PDF, 1,303kb)


1980-04-08 Proxies to a Mass Meeting (PDF, 516kb)


1978 Regarding Poll Books and the Results of an Election (PDF, 6,995kb)