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Gov. Youngkin Is Right to Send National Guard Troops to the Border

Richmond, Virginia – May 31, 2023

The Republican Party of Virginia applauds Governor Youngkin’s decision today to deploy Virginia National Guard troops to Texas to address the rapidly worsening crisis at our southern border. As Governor Youngkin has said, under Joe Biden, every state is a border state.

We have seen the tragic consequences of this completely avoidable crisis right here in Virginia. Last year, over 2,600 Virginians died of an opioid overdose. Most of these deadly drugs came through our southern border.

Despite this, Democrats in Washington and Virginia have shamefully failed to act to protect our communities. Earlier this year, Virginia Senate Democrats killed a bill that would have created stiffer penalties for fentanyl dealers.

Governor Youngkin and other Republican leaders around the country are doing what is necessary to secure our border and clean up the mess that Democrats’ open-borders policies have created.