In an Apparent Endorsement of Blackface, Klobuchar Comes to Virginia

Known salad eater and 2020 Presidential comic relief hopeful Amy Klobuchar (D – MN) will speak at the Virginia Democrats’ 2019 Blue Commonwealth Gala. An interesting move for Klobuchar, who called for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s resignation (wait, he’s not leaving? In that case we just “have to move on.”)

If you’re covering Klobuchar’s impending trip to our Commonwealth, consider asking her some of the following questions:

  • Why do you think we just “have to move on” from Ralph Northam’s blackface scandal? Is racism on the left acceptable?
  • Despite your Minnesota “moderate” persona, why do you support the radical ‘Green New Deal’ with it’s desire to eliminate air travel and costly price tag?
  • Presidential contenders like Beto O’Rourke​ and Kirsten Gillibrand​ have called for the removal of existing border barriers. Would you support tearing down existing border walls?
  • You’ve cosponsored an abortion bill similar to Delegate Kathy Tran’s that “would override state restrictions on third-trimester abortions.”​ Do you support late-term abortion?
  • You’ve been rebuked by Harry Reid for the treatment of your staff and are said to create a “chaotic environment” where staff has to work to control your “unpredictable anger.” Why should anyone trust you to govern the country?
  • You’re calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United to get PAC money out of politics, despite accepting more than $2.3 million in PAC and candidate committee contributions from 2013-2018. Does this make you a hypocrite?

“Well for the Virginia Democrats’ sake, I hope they have enough salad forks,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “Amy Klobuchar is just one of twenty-three and counting left-wing Democrats feebly running against the stellar record of President Trump. We look forward to defeating her or whomever is unlucky enough to win the nomination.”

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