Investigative Journalist Misses Story Right Beside Her

The charitable thing to say about Leslie Cockburn’s new ad attacking Denver Riggleman would be to call it a lie. The ad claims that Riggleman wants to repeal coverage for pre-existing conditions, and Riggleman has said time and time again that he would do no such thing.

Here’s Cockburn’s Ad:

Here’s what Denver said:

RIGGLEMAN: “I absolutely think that we have to have minimum standards for health care, I do, especially pre-existing conditions. Here’s another thing, too: I absolutely believe that we need to cover our children up to 26 years as we have right now.

The uncharitable thing to say would be to point out that this Award Winning Investigative Journalist™ missed what someone said who was sitting right beside her.

Either Leslie Cockburn is lying, or she can’t be trusted to get the facts right from someone literally sitting right beside her. Neither is good for an Award Winning Investigative Journalist™.” — Garren Shipley, RNC spokesman

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