Jennifer Wexton’s Record

Jennifer Wexton’s record is so heinous that those three words in a row should provoke nightmares.

There are so many bad things about Jennifer Wexton we could talk about that by the time you got done reading this it would need to be a Christmas themed release. She’s an apostle of Nancy Pelosi, has pledged to raise taxes, and has a healthcare plan that would add $32 trillion to the deficit.

But all of that pales in comparison to Jennifer Wexton’s record, specifically, as the Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for Loudoun County.

  • Jennifer Wexton dropped charges for an illegal immigrant accused of abduction and rape.

Wexton had a very simple job as Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney: put violent criminals behind bars. However, Wexton failed, miserably, at doing her one job.

Jennifer Wexton’s record as prosecutor: pleading down violent criminals, and dropping charges against rapists so they serve mere months in prison,said NRCC Communications Director Matt Gorman. “Now that voters know the truth, she may want to stop touting her former career on the campaign trail. Jennifer Wexton failed to keep Virginia families safe — she should not be given the chance to do any more damage.

“I can’t understand how Jennifer Wexton sleeps at night, knowing how much she’s helped rapists get off scot-free,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson.

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