Luria Remains Silent on Pelosi

Over the past few months, Elaine Luria has been running a decidedly left-wing campaign; her foremost issue is a promise to repeal the wildly successful Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. One issue on which she still won’t comment is for whom she would vote Speaker of the House if the Democrats somehow take the majority. Specifically, she has not joined Democrats across the country and in Virginia by refusing to vote for Nancy Pelosi.
While Luria won’t say anything in public on whether or not she would vote for Nancy Pelosi, it is very easy to follow the money. Elaine Luria’s campaign has accepted $7,000 in contributions directly from Nancy Pelosi.
“Why won’t Luria answer simple questions about whom she does and doesn’t support,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “Luria’s campaign has accepted $7,000 of Pelosi’s SuperPAC bribe money, so I suppose there’s your answer.”
“About the only thing the RPV and Luria agree on is that Scott Taylor is a fantastic Congressman. She voted for him twice, people forget that.”

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  1. I found this link when searching whether Luria voted for Pelosi. If there is anything I have found since moving to Virginia, it is the Republican Party is the most disorganized and segmented group ever.
    Please take a step back and look at the whole and honestly evaluate what you have been doing and how someone like Luria cleaned your clock. Fix it.

  2. I found this the same way as the previous commenter. Just have to ask… Why should Luria have to declare support one way or another for Pelosi when Scott refused to do so for Corey Stewart?

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