Mark Herring Defends Commonsense, Pro-Life Legislation

As Virginia Democrats fall apart, Herring stands out, stalwartly defending Virginia’s pro-life legislation.

Richmond, VA – In an unexpected break from his party’s norms, Democrat AG Mark Herring did his job last week and filed a motion to dismiss a federal lawsuit challenging Virginia restrictions on abortion. Previously unaware that the Democrat party was capable of anything but #resisting, the RPV commends Herring for his commitment to pro-life policy.

Herring even went so far as to say that “a federal courtroom is not the proper venue for debating the wisdom of these policies.” As a member of a party that traditionally believes that federal judges should legislate from the bench, could Herring finally be coming around?

Virginia Democrats are already in extreme disarray. The party is divided over which direction their leadership should take them; both at the state and national level. The war for minority leader in the House of Delegates is raging between Boysko and Toscano, and Herring’s apparent departure will not calm tensions.

“Mark Herring’s defense of life comes as a surprise,” said RPV Communications Director B.T. March. “I’m glad he broke with his party on this particular issue. It is always good to see a politician put country over party, and I hope other Democrats will follow his lead.”