Mark Warner to appear with Ralph Northam?

Democrat Senator Mark Warner called for Ralph Northam’s resignation in no uncertain terms when it was revealed that the Governor had worn blackface in his medical school yearbook.

But Senator Warner has flip-flopped (as he is wont to do) on his call for Northam’s resignation. In a recent interview Warner said “When I called for his resignation along with Tim Kaine, we said the governor had lost the faith of the people of Virginia. He has a right to try to regain that faith.”

If the governor is to regain the faith of the people of Virginia as Warner says he should have a right to, then Warner should help him with that process by making public appearances with the Governor before Warner’s 2020 re-election contest.

“If Ralph Northam is to regain the trust of Virginians, who better to help him than Mark Warner,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “Will Senator Warner help his friend, Ralph Northam, or leave him out to dry on his own? Our call for Northam’s resignation is unwavering, but if Senator Warner wants to appear with him before November of 2020, he should go ahead and do that.”

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