Nancy Pelosi’s Clone Nominated in VA10

Handpicked by DCCC and their ilk, Jennifer Wexton unsurprisingly wins Democrat Primary.

Richmond, VA – It looks like the party bosses in the Democrat establishment ruling class won this round. Jennifer Wexton was anointed by the DNC a long time ago, and her primary win is no surprise. The good news is, she emerges from the primary substantially weakened and drained of campaign funds.

As with her mentor Nancy Pelosi, Jennifer Wexton promises to bring San Francisco values to Virginia’s Tenth District. A self-proclaimed “tax and spend liberal,” Jennifer Wexton has promised to do everything she can to repeal historic tax reform that is already saving Americans money and has exceeded all expectations. Like all of the other Democrats running in 2018, Wexton has no platform. She is running on #resist, Trump hatred, and the mistaken belief that European-style socialism is what Americans want.

Also known for using fake police officers in her comedic ads and insulting combat veterans, Wexton has shown a shocking amount of disrespect for our men and women in uniform.

If you want a proven leader, and one that consistently puts the people of Virginia first, vote for Barbara Comstock this November.