New Ad highlights Kaine’s Lack of Accomplishments, Stewart’s Pro-America Vision

Richmond, VA – The Republican Party of Virginia released the following ad to highlight Tim Kaine’s abhorrent record in the U.S. Senate:

The ad’s script is as follows:

Tim Kaine’s priorities? Not Virginia.

A win for Kaine is a win for the Democrats’ agenda.

Rescinding tax cuts, opening our borders, abolishing ICE.

Kaine would join the obstructionists, block Federal appointments.

Kaine’s done it before, shutting down the government and services to our military and veterans to give amnesty to illegal aliens.

On November 6th, vote for Trump-backed Corey Stewart, an America-first jobs agenda, not more resistance.

I’m Corey Stewart, and I approve this ad.

“Tim Kaine has thrown Virginia under the bus every day for the last six years,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “From shutting down our government and leaving our military and CHIP recipients out to dry, to voting against the tax cuts, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh, to turning his back on Virginia to run with Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine is bad for our Commonwealth. We look forward to retiring him on Tuesday.”


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  1. I do not appreciate Kaine what he stands for,higher taxes,abolish ICE,sanctuary cities,under table deals for his wallet,and he has bragged alot about his record and thats shameful non job producer if he has done everything he said he has then Virginia would be crime free no unemployment the perfect state he’s just another politician who will say anything to get elected another career politician!!!!
    Corey Stewart I believe needs a chance to prove himself,we already had enough of Kaine and his unkept campaign promises!!!!!!!!

  2. Tim Kaine is an unhinged Liberal who cares nothing about Virginia Values..Hell he has never had a job in Virginia since he moved here how would he know what we want in this state??? He is Anti-Country anti-God an Anti flag!!!!! He ran with The Devil in the last Presidental election lets put Tim Kaine on unemployment!!!!

  3. I personally requested assistance from Kaine with the VA. His office would not lift a finger to help this 31 year Veteran. Thankfully the DAV stepped up when my senator refused to help. Corey has a proven track record in PWC and we should give him a chance to fill the void of all words, no action, Kaine, for the State.

  4. Tim Kane like the rest of the liars is going to Hell….those aren’t my words…those are Gods words. Read your Bible if you have one.

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