Northam to Democrat Base: I Don’t Care What You Want

— After months of fence riding on pipelines, Northam takes $10k from pipeline co. —

The primary is over, and Ralph Northam thinks he doesn’t need the tens of thousands of Democrat voters who are adamantly opposed to the Mountain Valley Pipeline anymore.

Northam spent months refusing to take a position on the issue, before finally coming out in favor of the project after the Democrat primary. Today we learned that Northam took a $10,000 check from a company helping to build the project.

Sorry pipeline voters, you’re no longer useful.

RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

“When Ralph Northam needed the far-left, environmental vote, he billed himself as a ‘progressive champion.’ But now that Tom Perriello has been defeated, Ralph has decided he needs corporate money more than he needs environmental voters.”

“Sorry, anti-pipeline voters. Ralph doesn’t need you anymore. But if you’re willing to write a $10,000 check, I have no doubt he tell you what you want to hear.”